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Young Men in the UK Refuse to Identify as Masculine

A YouGov study and documentary has found that only 2% of British young men even consider themselves masculine, with the majority believing themselves to be something in between manly and feminine. Apparently, most view the word masculine as a sort of dirty word. 

From YouGov:

Younger generations of British people don't see themselves as completely masculine or feminine - and 'masculinity' tends to be seen as a negative word by young men

In a new three-part documentary artist Grayson Perry explores British masculinity in some of its most extreme locations – cage-fighters in the north east, in the police and among bankers in the City. With suicide now the biggest killer of men under 50 in Britain, one conclusion of the programme is that men (like cage fighters) who most inhabit their masculine identity can actually be the most comfortable talking about their feelings. In an era when defined roles for men such as mining have fallen by the wayside, it may be necessary to embrace masculinity in other ways.

New YouGov research reveals the scale of the generational shift in terms of how young people perceive their own masculinity, and to a lesser extent femininity. On a scale of 0-6, where 0 is completely masculine and 6 is completely feminine, only 2% of young men (aged 18-24) define themselves as totally masculine, compared to fully 56% of men over 65. 
Of most interest is the implication that men who identify themselves as masculine actually live more psychologically healthy lives. "Psychologically" in the sense that they aren't killing themselves, as suicide is the biggest problem facing UK young men. The words of the study, that they are willing to "talk about their feelings" more, probably indicates an increased confidence level among self-identifying masculine men. While the feminine men, who find masculinity a dirty word, are probably very insecure. This matches up with my personal observations as well.

 In the USA, more than 40% of American young men view themselves as completely masculine, which is at least better than 2%. I believe I have read different studies that say suicide, however, is a very serious problem here too.

I've never been one to thump my chest about how macho I am, since generally, among Hispanics, Machismo is closely tied with lechery and adultery. (This is why, if you ever hear of a Latino politician being accused of having an affair, it is probably true.) But obviously men need strong male role models and to embrace their maleness and all that that implies, at least according to the Biblical definition. Trying to live as something else other than what you are only invites mental disease and hardship. Young boys should be trained to be confident, honorable and strong. A failure to do so only leads to dysfunction, as seen with what has happened to the British.

Which reminds me that mental illness is rampant in the homosexual/transsexual community, though modern day psychologists not only underestimate rates of mental illness, but typically blame this on a bigoted society that drives them to madness. However, these results are the same in every country, even in places like Sweden that are very gay friendly.

My personal experience is that almost every single homosexual or transsexual I have met (and there are a lot in the English department at my old university) frequently speak of their suicide attempts or of the fact that they visit a therapist. I even met a girl once who openly spoke about being diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. Some days she dressed like a girl, other days she dressed like a guy. As a "man" she was very rude and anti-social, barely speaking more than a word in classes that required group discussion. As a girl she was very rude but a little more social. That was the difference between her two personalities. I feel sorry for them, but their instability and mental issues are the dirty little secret of the "LGBTQ" world.

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  1. More for me.

  2. How many self identify as "ginger"?

  3. European males have stood by and watched as moslems raped their sons and daughters... at least they have no illusions about their masculinity.

  4. Good report. 1 Corinthians 6:9 not only speaks of homosexuality, but separately it speaks of those who are "effeminate". Clearly God had the foresight to see the spread of homosexuality in the latter days, as well as transgenderism.

  5. The figures are actually 28% of all British men consider themselves completely masculine but 2% of 18 to 24 year olds. Amongst all American men it is 42% who consider themselves completely masculine which suggests that far fewer 18 to 24 year old Americans consider themselves completely masculine either https://yougov.co.uk/news/2016/05/13/low-young-masculinity-britain/



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