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Bernie's Toast: It's Now Trump Vs. Clinton

Last night Bernie Sanders made his last stand - in California.  That is not to say he will quiet down now, the man has a lot of bark and some pretty crazy supporters planning to disrupt the Democratic Convention, yet for all intents and purposes the man's toast.  California was his last chance and Hillary won the state 56 to 43.  Simultaneously, she won New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota.

The race is now unquestionably Hillary vs The Donald.  The question is, how will this play out prophetically?

If Hillary manages to win, I believe after eight years of Obama paving the way, you will see the fastest move towards a global government in all of human history - after all, she supports the World Federalist Association, which calls for a true global government.

I don't think nationalism will survive another Democrat in the White House, especially after Trudeau's win in Canada and the nationalist loss in Austria.

If Trump manages to pull through and if he keeps his word on immigration, trade, and globalization, we might have a bit of reprieve, at least in the United States.  But of course the ultimate game changer is the rapture, which I believe is on the very, very near horizon.

A third, and more imminently frightening possibility is if Obama performs some executive magic and Clinton is indicted after the convention... what happens then?  As far as I know there is no historical precedent.  Would Obama hand pick a puppet?  Would he call off the election entirely?

We are living in some very interesting times, at the very edge of human history.

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