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Christian Teenager In England Mocked, Beaten, And 'Crucified'

A teenage intern for U.K. company Direct Interior Solutions was mocked and bullied for his Christian faith by four male coworkers from July 2014 until April 2015.  His harassment ultimately resulted in a mock crucifixion in which the teenage boy was tied to a wooden cross.  He was also tied to a chair and paraded down a street.  Aside from the incessant harassment, he also suffered injuries to his backside, cuts, and possibly burns.

From The Telegraph:

A church-going teenager was "crucified" by four workmates in a catalogue of bullying which included being attacked with a lit aerosol because of his religious beliefs, a court heard.

Four men are on trial accused of religiously aggravated attacks on their work colleague, which they allegedly dismissed as "banter".

They are said to have allegedly mocked his Christian faith by tying him to a "crucifix" and having crosses daubed over his face and body.

Andrew Addison, 30, Joseph Rose, 21, Christopher Jackson, 22, and Alex Puchir, 37, allegedly carried out a sustained campaign of bullying against a teenage boy between July 2014 and April 2015.

In other incidents, the victim, now 18, was allegedly tied to a chair with duct tape and had a dummy forced into his mouth before being paraded out into the street and was also given a "wedgie" by Addision which gave him cuts and bruises to his backside.

From an early stage with this team he was subjected to acts of bullying that went beyond anything that could be described as banter or hi-jinx in the workplace.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had begun an apprenticeship with Direct Interior Solutions, a shopfitting firm managed by Addison in July 2014.

As part of working for the firm, the youngster was required to travel across Yorkshire, the South East and London to work on shop refittings with a team that included Addison, Rose, Jackson and Puchir.

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