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Numbers of Christian Converts Rising in Saudi Arabia

According to Open Doors, there are now 1.2 million Christians in Saudi Arabia, out of a total of 30 million people who make up the population of that country. That's a pretty substantial number, and according to Open Doors, the population of Christians is growing bigger, particularly among the youth and those angry with the Saudi regime.

From the Christian Times:

A growing number of Muslims are turning to Christianity in the Sunni Islamic state of Saudi Arabia, a Christian non-profit organization said.

Open Doors, a non-profit organization that works for persecuted Christians in 60 countries for more than 60 years, has ranked Saudi Arabia as 14th in its list of countries with highest incidences of Christian persecution.

On the other hand, the organization also reports that there is an increasing number of citizens converting from Islam to Christianity "along with their boldness in sharing their new faith." Open Doors describes the country's population as largely young, majority of which is under thirty, and growing with social discontent.

In Saudi Arabia's 30 million population, Open Doors records 1.2 million Christians in an environment where religious persecution is categorized as "severe" brought about by Islamic extremism.

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