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Trump's Major Speech Attacking Clinton

So, we can finally say that the Trump campaign has begun in full force against Hillary Clinton after a brief foray focusing on the Orlando terrorist attacks, and whether a La Raza member is biased because of his "Mexican heritage" and association with racist organizations (the simple answer is: yes, he's biased, and it's for those two reasons). Trump launched a full scale assault on Hillary today, hitting her for not only her lax email security, but nailing her for her record of lies and personal enrichment off of mega corporations and foreign countries.

You can see the whole speech for yourself here, or read the transcript here.

Trump makes the point in the speech that the future of this election will determine whether America stays on a globalist path or moves to an American path. This is without doubt true. There really isn't a conservative or liberal divide in this country. It's a divide between the globalists and those who want a better future for their own country. If you notice, all of Trump's "Conservative" opponents are committed to the continued disintegration of our national borders and the signing of international treaties that will move American sovereignty overseas. Once Trump is out of the way, it doesn't really matter who is in charge, whether it's Hillary Clinton or Paul Ryan in 2020. Both parties will always put their love of personal enrichment over the interests of the nation.

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