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Antichrist Candidate Erdogan Is Taking Over Turkey

In the wake of Friday's failed 'coup', President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey is quickly taking over the country.  He has long been one of our antichrist candidates and he is now looking even more likely.

It is being reported that Erdogan's government has arrested over 20,000 political opponents from around the country including regional governors, judges, soldiers, and other government officials.  After years of unsuccessful attempts to try and ram dictatorial constitutional changes through Parliament, it looks as if Erdogan is finally making his move.  In fact, Reuters is reporting that Erdogan's "arrest list" was prepared before the coup even began, which begs the question: was the coup just a big set up?

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  1. Truly. Frightening thatno one has commented on this. Since when did someone get over a million people in one square let alone others in a country and tens of thousands in another country (germany) who can leverage 80 million visa free invaders at any time or millions more illegal immigrants who has the second largest army in the so called free world 28th 50 nuclear weapons easily seized on an American base and allied with RussiA and other nations and who proposes a deal with Israel as well as being called God and in charge of virtually all traffic to Isis?

  2. When you read the article "Will Islam Rule The World," you realize that Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey is not the Antichrist. Erdogan is the false prophet/muslim jesus who are one and the same. The article gives some very good information, but comes to the wrong conclusion as to who the antichrist and false prophet are when revealed in the 7 year tribulation period. Dan. 9:26,27 says that the antichrist comes from the western capital of the Roman Empire. That would be the pope at the time of the beginning of the soon coming 7 year tribulation. The false prophet is coming from the Eastwrn capital of the Roman Empire, Constaninople. Today that is modern day Istanbul, Turkey, paving the way for Erdogan being revealed as the false prophet. Bible prophecy's antichrist and Islam's Hamadi are one and the same. The Bible's false prophet and Islam's muslim jesus is one and the same. In the article, bible prophecy is the mirror image of islamic prophecy. The bible's bad guys are islam's good guys. Tge right conclusion is that Pope Francis is the antichrist/hamadi and Erdogan is the false prophet/muslim jesus. The article's conclusion says the exact opposite. I would ask, how could Pope Francis be the false prophet when he is not Arab or muslim? Erdogan is both!



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