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Big picture - it'll just go away (not)

Political polarization
Inequitable treatment actual or perceived

Unsustainable - way over the top - way past the point of no return with fiscal abandonment

Ecological disaster

Deepwater Horizon - BP oil spill


Fukushima (this is still a bigger problem than most people realize)

Racial tension and lawlessness

Racial tension and lawlessness

Exxon Valdez

The racial tensions, ecological disasters, astronomical debt, quantitative easing, Brexit, Greece debt, Puerto Rico default, Spain debt, Venezuela collapse, Ireland debt, drug wars, terrorism, Middle East tensions, E.U. instability, moral collapse, polarization, justice inequality, increasing separation between the few that have and the great majority who do not, the automation of jobs, the explosion in regulation, the explosion in the numbers of the incarcerated, the rise in disease (Ebola, SARS, Zika...), loss of freedom and privacy, globalization, lies passed off as truth, good - evil, evil has become good, and the rise in tumultuous weather, fire, tsunamis, volcanoes, tornadoes, meteors, earthquakes (Haiti, Christchurch, Nepal), drought and pollution (Pacific garbage patch) - all spell UNSUSTAINABLE IN THE VERY NEAR TERM.

Amazing how much great chaos is happening all around.  The warnings are palpable and yet we all sit here powerless, bewildered, and numbed.

"There's nothing we can do" is the constant refrain, so we blindly go on through the day.

God is shouting His warning and with great fervency and volume.

God's timing is perfect, but I ask myself more and more - God is bringing the urgent tempered refrain of His soon return as a Father weeping and calling His children to come home, but is anyone listening?  Is there any repentance?

I wonder if when we meet Christ in the air and are ushered into Heaven, if in the midst of great celebration, there might be great weeping, because God's heart is broken, rejoicing and angry all in one.

The collapse must be close.

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