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Bill and Hillary Clinton - Modern Ahab and Jezebel

“There was none who sold himself to do what was evil in the sight of the LORD like Ahab, whom Jezebel his wife incited” (1 Kings 21:25)."

Bill and Hillary Clinton - Modern Ahab and Jezebel
 “Ahab did more to provoke the LORD, the God of Israel, to anger than all the kings of Israel who were before him” (1 Kings 16:33)."

"The queen went on to plot against Naboth, the innocent owner of a vineyard that Ahab coveted. Jezebel had Naboth killed so the king could confiscate his land (1 Kings 21)."

After her marriage to Ahab, her first recorded action was cutting off the prophets of the Lord (1 Kings 18:4).

"Yet if the reader looks carefully at the Bible’s characterization of this king, he will find that Ahab is described as obeying the words of the prophet, of complying with God’s requests at times, much more than other kings before him who are considered less wicked than he. Why is this so?

History shows that Ahab was quite a military leader and politician. He strengthened positions in his kingdom and doubled urban centers. His attention to the army gave him distinction among his peers. But this is not what God wished Israel to be known for." (source)

King Ahab knew his wife was wicked and yet stood by silently.  He enjoyed the fruits of her murder and corruption.  This was a great sin in the eyes of the Lord.  Jezebel has gone down in history as a wicked murderous woman, her spirit we find through the ages.  The evil spirits that possessed these prominent figures are alive and well and active on the Earth today, it is evident in Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Bill the Predator
A careful study of their lives reveal a pattern of corruption, murder, and theft.  Bill, like Ahab, seems to have moments and times where he is not completely evil; if the truth be known at some point he may have at least had some sort of relationship with the Lord.  Hillary, like Jezebel, has little or no redeeming qualities.  The number of books that have been written by insiders about her wickedness is astounding.  The quotes from her and the disrespectful way that she has spoken to those protecting her and the nation give a glimpse into her heart.

Hillary the Jezebel
I ended up down this horrific rabbit hole when I stumbling upon the mysterious deaths of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, collectively referred to as "The Train Deaths". This led to the elder Bush's CIA black op running guns to the Contras and paying for it with illegal drug money (perhaps with a GWB and Jeb Bush pictures/black mail thrown in to keep it interesting).  This sordid tale called The Mena Connection was the beginning of a whole lot of money, scandal and corruption flowing through DC and Little Rock.

The Clinton Chronicles start at the University of Arkansas, to Oxford, to Little Rock, to Washington DC and stops at his Impeachment.  The Clintons leave behind them a trail of rape, corruption, and death that is unbelievable.  I do not know as many people who have died as the Clintons have had around them "commit suicide"!  The body count is astounding, obviously we take these with a healthy dose of skepticism but if even a fraction of their alleged crimes are true we are indeed dealing with a modern Ahab and Jezebel.

This dynamic duo went global when Bill won the White House but spread their filth at an even greater scale while Hillary was the Secretary of State.  The expose' that premiered on Sunday called Clinton Cash shows a reckless contempt of two human beings that are operating on this Earth with impunity.  As the recent "non-indictment" by the Justice Department and the FBI is just the latest of a long line of crimes these two wicked people have committed.

For your viewing pleasure, please take some time and watch Clinton Cash to see the latest scandal involving these two...

In the end, we all know that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.  "For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open." Luke 8:17

Consider also, "It is enough for a disciple to be like his teacher, and servant like his master. If the head of the house has been called Beelzebul, how much more the members of his household! So do not be afraid of them. For nothing is concealed that will not be uncovered, or hidden that will not be made known."  Matthew 10:25-26

But I tell you that men will give an account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”  Matthew 12:36-37
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  1. Jezebel led Israel astray in the worship of Baal involving child sacrifice and Hillary does the same by empowering women with the choice to murder their unborn through abortion.



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