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BREAKING: At least 5 Cops Murdered by Snipers in Dallas

UPDATE 4:11am CT: 5 cops confirmed dead, possibly a sixth cop just passed away. 4 suspects in custody. One shooter yelled out "The end is near!" and claimed he planted bombs throughout garage and city. He committed suicide around 2am. No fly zone declared over Dallas. There was also a small riot that occurred. A group tried to break into a convenient store but were dispersed by police. There is currently rioting in California as well. The world is starting to resemble a Judge Dredd comic.

At least 4 cops have been murdered tonight in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter protest. Racist rhetoric against whites and police officers coming from the universities, the administration and BLM, watered by three recent shootings done by police officers on resisting suspects over the past couple of weeks, are finally bearing fruit.

A news article from an NBC affiliate:

Four officers are dead — three Dallas police officers and one DART transit officer — after two snipers opened fire on police at the end of a protest against nationwide officer-involved shootings Thursday night, officials say.

Eleven officers were shot by gunmen who were still at large hours after what was believed to be a coordinated shooting, according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

One person is in custody, Dallas police said, following an exchange of gunfire with Dallas SWAT officers late Thursday. Dallas police said a suspicious package was located near that person, and the package is being investigated by bomb squad personnel.

The coordinated nature of the attack suggests it was planned in advance. Wouldn't be surprised if this starts happening in other cities now.

This also raises questions about what will happen at the Conventions. The Democratic party is spending $800,000 just to bus in supporters to "protest" the Republican party. Will there be mass violence and shootings in the coming days and escalation?

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  1. I work within a 5 minute walk and we know or have friends who know the victims. ....increase in lawlessnesss... praying, grieving



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