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Half Mast revisited

In March I lamented the U.S. flag at half staff

Link from March

In this post, I recalled the many events of evil and lawlessness that have resulted in the flag being lowered to Half Mast:

  • March 22nd - Brussels, Belgium
  • March 7th - Nancy Reagan
  • February 13th - Antonin Scalia
  • December 3rd - San Bernardino, California
  • November 15th - Paris, France
  • October 2nd - Roseburg, Oregon
  • July 21st - Chattanooga, Tennessee

The evil continues of late:

  • July 18th - Baton Rouge
  • July 15th - Nice, France
  • July 8th - Dallas, Texas
  • June 12th - Orlando, Florida

Makes you wonder if twilight's last gleaming has arrived and if old glory will ever fly high again.
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  1. Since I wrote this last Thursday - 9 dead in Germany at a mall, now 12 killed in an explosion. The frequency and severity continues to build.



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