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MAJOR PROPHECY UPDATE: Coup Underway In Turkey

There is breaking news that there has been an attempted coup in Istanbul.  The military is stating that they have taken control of the government and Erdogan is defiantly saying that the coup was unsuccessful.  The U.S. Government is saying the situation is fluid, and no one yet knows the outcome.

If the coup is unsuccessful, Erdogan will likely either maintain martial law or use the attempt to force through dictatorial powers through Parliament by forming a new constitution, which so far he has been unable to do.  Because of the coup, he could have enemy parliamentarians arrested and pass his desired changes.  At the crossroads of the European and Islamic worlds and the center of both ancient eastern Roman empires and Islamic empires, Turkey and Erdogan could stand dead center in the fulfillment of biblical prophecies concerning the antichrist or perhaps Gog and Magog.

If the coup is successful, the country may end up aligned with Russia and thus Ezekiel 38 comes even closer to reality... or... the country becomes secular once again and thus palatable for integration into the European Union and the Revived Roman Empire theory picks up steam.

Stay tuned to see what happens.


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