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The Poison Doctrine

Word of Faith is a Cancer on the Body of Christ
It Preys on Baby Christians
False Doctrine Causes Permanent Scars in a New Believer's Spiritual Life

As a new Born Again believer I was starving for all things of God; I dug deep to find out as much as I could.  Unfortunately, in my hunger to learn everything about this wonderful life in Christ I began watching Word of Faith preachers on INSP (pre-internet world!).

I was enthralled!  I could pray for healing and be healed.  I could invest in God's kingdom and reap exponential awards.  I could confess and speak things into existence because God promises in His Word and He HAS to do it because that is who God is!

Crefalo Dollar's Plane Could Buy 280,000,000 Meals for Starving People
I read books, I taped shows, I confessed the Word, I prayed, I gave, I believed, I made terrible financial decisions based on "faith".... I was sold out and so on fire for the Lord I was tough to be around.

Then, I got sick.  I prayed.  I believed God for healing.  I did not receive that sickness into my body.  I exercised incredible faith.  I did not get better.  Sitting in the Emergency Room one night about 6 weeks into this mysterious illness, I looked at my husband and complained that I was doing everything I was supposed to do and I was still sick!  Something was very wrong with this picture and I gave up on the Word of Faith movement in that moment.

Two Richest False Prophets in the World
What I did not realize was that I was now very spiritually damaged.  As a new believer, I indoctrinated my soul with lies.  I set up ways of thought, beliefs, and actions based on the words of greedy liars disguised as preachers.  In many ways, I had black highways paved through my soul.  My thoughts and prayers raced across the false roads.  When I abandoned the Word of Faith movement, I abandoned the Word, and Faith, and the Hope that comes with being a true believer.  Subconsciously, I embarked on the rest of my faith life where God's promises were tainted.  Having Hope seemed like a Mountain Top Proclamations.  Expending my Faith was ruined.

The Saddest Picture Ever Taken of Me - I Needed God's True Promises
It was 15 years after the fact that I realized that I still carried the damage.  Reciting scriptures of God's promises ran over those dark highways in my soul and reached my heart with unbelief and no power.  I did not even realize it.  As I began to dig into it, I realized that only God can heal me of these spiritual scars.

How many walking wounded are there right now?  How many new believers are sucked into this false doctrine and scarred forever?  How many huge houses went into foreclosure because vulnerable Christians were believing God for the money to pay for their mortgages?  How many sick people are not seeking medical treatment because they are believing God for divine healing?  How many people completely fall away from the faith as seeds sown in shallow ground?

I have been a vehement critic of the Name it and Claim it movement.  I left a church home over a dispute about it and never looked back.  I hate the doctrine and what it does and there is a special place in Hell for the wolves in sheep's clothing that deceive God's people and line their pockets with the proceeds.  Beware.
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  1. 'No man shall say 'Know the Lord' they shall all be taught by God.
    If I had not trusted in the Lord, as opposed to 'faithless man' and what He said to me, then I would probably not be alive now to do what He has called me to do. That Word spoken to us is our instruction and no matter how hard the trials are we must strive to 'believe', and wait upon Him for the fulfilment of what He has said. There is a time for everything and we must endeavour to hold fast to what He has said.

  2. I believe that this confession is the True Christian.
    As Thomas confessed when He encountered with the LORD Yeshua who was risen from the dead, "My LORD and My GOD!" He is the only LORD and GOD. We have to receive Him as my LORD and my GOD in all areas of my life, our job is to submit to Him fully. Many Christians follow the wrong objects and damaged so deep in spiritually. Our LORD Yeshua gave a clear instruction Luke 9:23 1) Deny yourself 2) Take up your cross daily 3) Follow Me (Yeshua). Our LORD Yeshua who resurrected from the dead is the real True Living GOD and the only LORD of our lives.

  3. Very interesting!

  4. I started attending a new Baptist church, near where I lived, when I was 12-13 years old. I was baptized and spent many nights witnessing door-to-door. Our Pastor and his wife were very charismatic and our church grew to overfilling. We began collecting funds to build a larger and better church. The fund grew as quickly if not quicker than the church itself. Soon we were ready to build our new church except for one small problem. The Pastor and his wife left town with ALL of the funds we had raised! Unfortunately, they also took the trust and faith of a newborn Christian as well. I won't go into all of the bad decisions I made after turning away from God only to say he never turned away from me. It took me twenty years before I turned back to God and a new church. After many years my thirst was once again unquenchable. Soon, however, I realized that this Minister might not abscond with the church funds, but all he really cared about was raking in the bucks so he'd have a comfy retirement. This time, I didn't turn away from God, but away from "organized" religion. Now, I and my family worship privately and commune with Brothers and Sisters in Christ online.



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