World's Longest Tunnel In Europe Opens With Bizarre Occultic Ritual

The 57 km long tunnel, which goes through the Swiss Alps and took 17 years to complete, was officially opened in a ceremony in front of key European leaders that including a myriad of overtly occultic rituals.  The 'host' so-to-speak was a man with goat head - a persona synonymous with satan:

You can't make this stuff up.

All-seeing eye:

The goat-man, a wolf among sheep?

A demonic burning man:

More all-seeing eyes:

A woman drapes the goat-man in white while saying, "you are now the king of the world":

And I thought the 2012 London Summer Olympics were overt.  Satan isn't even hiding anymore.  No matter, God will soon put him away for 1,000 years.

Come Lord Jesus.

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