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Blood Moon over New York City

Prophecy students have been enthralled with the Blood Moons since they began appearing in the sky on Passover of 2014.  The Blood Moon Tetrad, first discovered and written about by Mark Blitz, captivated the world in 2014-2015.  There was a surprise Blood Moon in 2016 on Purim and last night, Jennifer Khordi took the breathtaking image at 840mm from 25 miles away in New Jersey (NJ), describing it as “one of the most amazing things I have ever seen”.

The semi-professional photographer, who is from NJ, shared a series of photos of the incredible moon rising behind the World Trade Center in Manhattan on Instagram and Facebook. (source)

A blood red moon behind the World Trade Center in Manhattan CREDIT:  CATERS / JENNIFER KHORDI

Silhouetted in front of the World Trade Center, it has an ominous feel.  God's judgement will not be restrained forever.
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