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Ezekiel 38 Scenario Developing Rapidly

Ever since the failed coup in Turkey, there has been a rapid alignment towards an Ezekiel 38 scenario and several of these developments need to be addressed.

First, some background: Ezekiel 38 describes a war between Israel and certain surrounding nations with the enemies of Israel having the motive of taking a certain spoil.  This war has clearly not yet taken place and it appears to occur shortly before the millennial reign of the Messiah (Jesus) per the text, likely around the time of the rapture and the beginning of Daniel's 70th Week.  While there is some debate regarding Russia's involvement, there is no debate on who the other allied countries are as the passage is explicit: Turkey, Iran, Libya, and Sudan.  Yet strong arguments can be made for Russia's leadership role from history and the text itself and this appears to be what we see happening.  For decades proponents of Bible prophecy have said you should expect to see an alignment of these countries as we near the return of Christ and this exact alignment is now rapidly forming.  Russia and Iran have been cozying up economically and militarily for a number of years, yet Turkey remained allied with the West via NATO.  That all changed on July 15th of this year when a coup failed in Turkey.

1. Northern Israel

The prophesied war occurs in the mountains of northern Israel and according to biblical boundary definitions, northern Israel includes Lebanon, the Golan Heights, and even other areas of southern Syria.  The culmination of the alignment between Russia and Iran can be clearly seen not only in Russia finally delivering the S-300 missile system to Iran, but also in the joint military operation between the two countries in Syria in an effort to back Assad and defeat the western-backed rebels.  Some of this is happening within the literal borders of biblical northern Israel.

2. Turkish-Russian-Iranian Alliance

For years it seemed as though Turkey would be at perpetual enmity with Russia and Iran, especially after the Turkish downing of a Russian jet over Syria, yet in the past month everything has changed.  Russia and Turkey have undergone complete rapprochement, agreed to a joint pipeline making an end-run around Ukraine, and are now talking about a tripartite alliance between the two countries and Iran.  Turkey has also largely turned against the West, post-coup.

Why this sudden about-face?  10 hours before the coup attempt, Russian intelligence services discovered the plot and informed Erdogan, which gave him ample time to prepare.  Simultaneously, the Iranians encouraged Erdogan not to confront the coup militarily, but instead to face it down by sending his supporters into the streets - he took the advice and it ended up keeping him in power.  Western countries then spent weeks criticizing Erdogan's response to the coup (rightfully so), but as a consequence, Turkey now feels betrayed and abandoned by NATO and literally saved by Russia and Iran.  A monumental shift in global geopolitics has occurred - one that fits perfectly with Ezekiel 38.

3. The Bystanders

An amazing confirmation of the unfolding Ezekiel 38 scenario is the specific countries that now oppose Turkey, Russia, and Iran: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan - the very countries specifically absent from the list of countries involved in the Gog and Magog alliance.  In fact, these three countries have made nice with Israel of late and Saudi Arabia is specifically mentioned in Ezekiel 38:13 (Sheba and Dedan) as a bystander which questions Gog's intentions.  It is downright astonishing that this very specific alignment of nations has occurred at this time.  There is no historical precedent.

4. The Spoil

Ezekiel 38:10-12 describes Gog's motivation for the war: to seize spoil from Israel.  With massive natural gas reserves found off Israel's coast in the Leviathan and Tamar fields, in addition to recently discovered oil fields in the Golan Heights, the main spoil is quite obvious.  Russia's wealth comes almost entirely from oil and natural gas and any regional competitor that might challenge its monopoly over Europe will be seen as a grave threat.  So for Russia, Israel is both an economic treasure-trove and a financial threat, but for Turkey and Iran, Israel is a religious abomination whose spoil they believe belongs to Muslims.

5. Russia Testing The Waters

While Iranian forces have been on Israel's border for years (via its proxy Hezbollah), Russia has steered clear.  But there is news that Russia has tested Israel's airspace defenses using an older model Israeli-made drone.  Russia is of course calling it an accident, but make no mistake, for some unspecified reason, Putin wants to know how hard it would be to penetrate Israeli defenses.

6. Libya and Sudan

All that now remains is for Libya and Sudan to enter the fray, but it won't take much for that to happen: both are natural allies of Erdogan and both are opposed to Egypt's current leadership.  Both would also like to see Israel wiped out.

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  1. Thank you, it is amazing that we are alive to witness these things.

  2. Outstanding! I concur a piece that deserves attention and wide readership.

  3. At present Israel is closely aligned with the United States. would contend that before this an happen, the United States must be removed from the Picture. Is the United States Babylon the Great? Descriptions in the Bible would point to that being the case. At any rate, events now happening may very well be the end of us as a mighty power. That would embolden those powers of Satan to rise up and strike.
    whether these events are a year away, a decade away, a century away or even a millennium away, the one thing that is certain is that we are one day closer than we were yesterday, and while we walk in darkness and do not know the hour or the day,we are with certainty approaching that time which the Lord assured us would come.
    Be sober, be vigilant. Observe all things as GOD commands us to do. Do not be afraid, His Spirit is with us. To. The. End.



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