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Genetic Manipulation And Chimeras: As It Was In The Days Of Noah

The U.S. government is about to remove its ban on human/animal chimeras and genetic manipulation:

NIH thinks there’s great potential for scientific advancement once the funding prohibition is removed. Breaking taboos, however, has consequences, which is why the ban was imposed last year on federal funding of chimera research. Ethics concerns were raised over combining human and animal genetic material. NIH officials prohibited experimenting on primate embryos and breeding of chimeras to reduce the risk of creating humanlike beings. Now the ban is about to go. “I am confident that these proposed changes will enable the NIH research community to move this promising area of science forward in a responsible manner,” says Carrie D. Wolinetz, the associate director for science at NIH.

A 30-day period for public comment will run before a final decision is made. It’s common government practice to offer such a perfunctory opportunity for public venting, and the government usually brushes the comments aside and proceeds as planned. There’s little reason to doubt that will happen this time, too.

See Genesis 6:1-4.

Goliath, likely a Nephilim per Numbers 13:33

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