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How to Lose Friends and Make Enemies

Just tell them what the Bible says... Stand for Biblical roles on gender.  Quote Scriptures about abhorrent behavior from homosexuality to incest.  Point out unbiblical teaching of popular inspirational preachers and insist that "Pastor-Centric" churches don't follow biblical models and have potential for corruption.

If you really want to make enemies tell folks you are a Biblically submissive wife and that your Husband is the leader of the house.

Feminists Hate Biblical Gender Roles
Question whether the $80K college debt is actually a good idea.  After all, why wouldn't we want our son to miss drunken binges, promiscuous sex, and liberal professors twisting his mind!  It's the college experience after all...

Question whether a "Kid-centric" household is a good thing.  Ask why a family would devote 20 hours a week to "sports" and "sports activities".  Question if it really a good idea to have structured and expensive activities planned for kids from morning until evening.  Ask whether the affirmation parenting style is so fantastic why hasn't it yielded better results when perhaps a spanking might do the trick.

Perhaps you can point out that emotional affairs on social media are not acceptable and really IS cheating.  Don't laugh at sexually explicit jokes or pictures - that endears you with the crowd.

Be sure to have absolutely no idea of the latest entertainment gossip, friend gossip, or work gossip.  Then stubbornly refuse to "share" what's going on in your private life.

At work, be sure and point out how the new B-SQUAT program is ridiculous and will alienate staff and customers while costing the company in lost business, increased turnover, and lower margins.  For good measure, when asked for your opinion give it.  When asked what you need, tell the truth.  Don't worry, you won't have to worry about all the enemies you've made for long.

For good measure, talk about how current events fit in with Biblical Prophecy and the End Times....  Be sure and take pictures because that is the last time you will be invited out.

For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear.
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  1. Dolley - your thoughts are abhorrent-matrix and deviant to those of us who are members of the collective, here at 100 Tower of Babel - One World Order - Planet Earth. Allegiance to the combined wisdom of the borg is required. Submit to the mark, be deleted, genetically modified or starve to death.

    Seriously - wise words.

  2. My friend and I find, when we are out in the streets, that a lot of people outside the church actually ask questions about God. I remember one young man sitting outside a pub who asked us what the Bible said about homosexuality because since he was sixteen years old he felt he was female. We spent half an hour telling him what the Bible said about it and answering other questions. He thanked us for it and we prayed that the word of God would change him. Another time when I worked in a care home two of the staff there asked what I thought about homosexuality. I said that the Bible tells us it is not a war with flesh and blood, it is a spiritual warfare. Then I told them what the Bible said regarding it and then told them that written word also said 'agree with God and be at peace'. They too accepted it. I believe there is a way to speak when God brings a person to us, but I also believe that there is a time to speak. Except the Lord build the house we labour in vain.



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