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Turkey And Russia Deepening Relationship RAPIDLY

We've posted on the abrupt change of course between Russia and Turkey, with the two enemies in the wake of the downing of a Russian warplane, now in full rapprochement. But beyond a resumption of good relations, the two are now moving towards a tripartite alliance with Iran and now news is breaking that Russia and Turkey are set to revive the TurkStream gas pipeline next month to bypass Ukraine.  Folks, this is Ezekiel 38 stuff.  From CNBC:

* Putin, Erdogan due to revive TurkStream pipeline next month

* EU fears it undercuts Ukraine as gas transit country

* Analysts sceptical pipeline will go ahead in full

BRUSSELS/MOSCOW, Aug 1 (Reuters) - Declarations by Russia and Turkey last week reviving plans for the TurkStream natural gas pipeline linking the two have worried EU diplomats who see it strengthening Moscow's hand - but analysts say the project is more rhetoric than reality.

EU officials fear that TurkStream will be expanded to bypass Ukraine as a transit route for supplies to Europe, increasing dependence on Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom and shutting in alternative supplies from the Caspian region.

"Turkey's new friendship with Russia might become an issue if Russia tries to replace Turkey for Ukraine," a senior EU official said. "It makes sense for Turkey to get cheap gas from Russia, but it will come with strings attached: That is likely to be a problem for us."

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