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We Are Entering The 2016 High Watch Season

As the Bible says, "no man knows the day or hour", and so, though we have speculated on 2017 for the unfolding of major prophetic events, including the rapture, let us not lose sight of this year.  Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot are only weeks away (October 3-4, October 12, and October 17-23, respectively).

The stage is now set and all the signs appear to have occurred for Our Lord to call us home.  An election in the United States that will likely seal this country's final fate and a new U.N. Secretary-General who may be appointed for seven years, are only mere months away.  If the rapture were to occur before the November elections, the conditions might be perfect for a certain antichrist candidate in particular, one Barack Obama, to declare martial law and through deceit and intrigue, somehow manage to maintain control of the world's most powerful military force and simultaneously claim the seat of Secretary-General.

Alternatively, Erdogan, another antichrist candidate who is now full-on dictator post-Turkish coup, may springboard onto the world stage as the West could be largely in ruins following the disappearance of perhaps hundreds of millions of Christians.

Let us watch with vigilance.  MARANATHA!

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  1. activate your prayer capsules!,.....going UP*

  2. its me, tony in vt. sayin' thanks Greg n Gary!

    1. Hey Tony! Glad to hear from you. I'm ready to go!



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