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The Counterfeit Apostles

Merriman-Webster defines counterfeit:  made in imitation of a genuine article without authorization and especially with intent to deceive or defraud.

Jesus and the Apostles - The Originals
We know that Satan always tries to counterfeit God.  We see it throughout Scripture but especially in the Book of Revelation where he mimics the Triune God of the Bible with the Beast, the False Prophet, and the Anti-Christ.  There are other players in this final drama that we don't talk too much about, the 10 kings.

The Club of Rome's 10 Kingdoms - Sponsored by the UN
We meet these nefarious 10 kings several times in Scripture, (Dan 2:31-35, Dan 2:40-45; Dan 7:7-8, 19-24; Rev 13:1-2; Rev 17:3,7) but most explicitly in Daniel 7:24 and then again in Revelation 17:12,16.  The imagery of Revelation requires and understanding of the symbols, a horn in ancient culture was a symbol of royal power.  It is why today, crowns have spires resembling horns.  The 10 kings, the False Prophet, and the Anti-Christ are all subservient to the Beast who is Satan.  Thus, we have the counterfeit 12 Apostles, but who are they?

Ancient Kings and Idols with Horns
The bible is quite clear that the man of perdition will not come to power until the great restrainer is taken out of the way.  Thus, any Christian living today can not be certain of the identity of these men but something occurs to me that we should explore....

There are always and have always been 12 men waiting in the wings, always 12 men striving for the top position, and 12 men always controlled and committed to the service of the Devil.  They can read, they know that at some point the world will be given over to them.  Even if they did not live at the time of the end, the Devil promised Jesus the world and the Lord did not rebuke him as one who does not have the power to give it.  The run after the king of this earth with all of their hearts.

Hidden Men of Power
Think of it, 12 highly placed and regarded Satanists wielding the power of the Devil on this Earth.  Preying on the people and each other:  what must they have to do to themselves to achieve such a position?  Satan would have to have certain rules in place, otherwise, they'd kill each other.  They may even be hidden from each other, which would enable the Great Deceiver even more power over them.  He must dangle rank, wealth, and power in front of them enticingly.  They each strive to achieve the highest place in the Dark Kingdom to come.
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  1. It would now seem the US/ N Korea stand off (or show) is about to unveil the grand choir master (empowered by the Great Deceiver). Perhaps the leaders (of course part of the brethren you speak of) will sacrifice a few military assets and some land/people will be destroyed by nukes or whatever, but maybe this is the event that sets off the GREAT DECEPTION which finally unites the 10. They know what is going to happen and who has to nuke who and who is going to what and when (around the 8/21/17 eclipse and or 9/23/17 sign? Perhaps?



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