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Unsealed Generates Biggest Buzz Yet

Well, dear readers, we've generated the biggest buzz yet because of a bad game of Chinese Whispers started by a Daily Star article covering our 2017 date speculation (I won't link to the Daily Star article because of ad pornography there).  That article was then picked up by the U.K.'s The Sun here, which was in turn picked up by Metro and AOL News and featured prominently with a Buzz60 video.  Slightly different LA TimesAOL U.K., and UNILAD articles also covered this (not sharing link on the UNILAD article, also because of ad pornography).  The BBC also picked up the story.

The coverage is expectedly mocking with charges of being "end of the world doomsdayers" and such, but I am grateful that, at the very least, they made mention of our adamant statements that we are only theorizing and "no one knows the day or hour".  We are not prophets and are not prophesying, but merely speculating based on existing biblical prophecies just as the magi from the east did when they came looking for Christ during His first coming.

I do have to take issue with some of the main points brought up in these articles as they are completely inaccurate:

1. We are not predicting nor will ever predict the "end of the world".  This is important for media persons to understand if indeed you want to report accurately.  We are speculating that the end of the age will occur soon, which will usher in a time of peace and justice when Jesus Christ will reign from Jerusalem over the nations of the earth.  This is biblical eschatology 101 for the Bible says the earth will endure forever (Ecclesiastes 1:4), though at the very end of history it will be remade (Revelation 21:1).

2. We are not predicting that the solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017 is the cause of the end of the world.  Suggesting we are is ridiculous.  The solar eclipse will have no causative effect on anything.

3. We are not predicting August 21st, 2017 as the end of the world nor as the end of the age.  I'm at a total loss as to how this could be garnered from anything we've written.  We have made mention of the total solar eclipse that will occur on that day, but only as a sign of coming judgment.  Our focus has always been on the following month when the Revelation 12 sign possibly occurs, but even that is not the end of the age, but possibly around the time of the beginning of a seven year period of judgment on the world.

4. We never said that 1947 was the year in which Israel was created.  Israel was reborn in 1948.  1947 was the year in which the United Nations decreed that Israel should be reestablished.

These four points are very important because we have been absolutely clear and unequivocal about these things, suggesting otherwise is shabby reporting.

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  1. Just a thought, 2016 is also a year with an intercalary month, a fact that is dividing the datesetters this month, one camp predicting the rapture in September and the other in October. Clearly, the former group haven't appreciated the necessity for the intercalary month in synchronizing the lunar and solar calendars and therefore are using a theoretical but highly impractical "Torah calendar" to calculate the fall feasts this year. Could the latter group be right about the month or the year? Possibly. But only if the shemitah year and the 6th millennium end in October on Elul 29. The truth is, we just don't know based on calendar evidence. Based on current events however, I have a bad feeling about what is happening in Syria right now. Erdogan of Turkey just sidestepped both Putin and Obama and got his troops into Syria. That situation could turn nasty real fast. In addition, it's Obama's last few months in office and once winter closes in the season for war has ended. So it seems that 2016 could be the year for a perfect storm in the Middle East. Either the world forces Israel into a peace treaty or there could be an invasion of Israel. Either way, the rapture could pre empt that scenario. We shall see in 3 weeks time...

  2. I wouldn't sweat it. God can even use trash like The Daily Star to expose people to the gospel in a roundabout way.

    The mockers will mock. That's what they do. No big surprise there.

    1. True that! That's a good reminder I needed.

  3. Smart Rabbi's know the real date is May 17, it coincides with the reading of Torah, just as it did with the rebirth of Israel as a nation.



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