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Trump Surging In New Polls And Prophetic Significance

Early voting and new polls seem to indicate that Trump is making a major comeback.  Last week's Washington Post poll had Clinton up by 12 points, but today, with an unrealistic D +10 sample, the same poll has Trump leading by 1 point.  Other polls including the LA Times Poll and the IBD/TIPP poll have Trump leading or tied.  One Democratic pollster actually thinks this may be a parallel to 1980 and Trump could possibly win in a landslide - only one week to go:

It's obvious enough to speculate how prophecy moves forward with a Clinton win: forced two-state solution, no more U.S. sovereignty, global government, war with Russia, etc.

What's not so obvious is how would a Trump win fit in?  Things are still happening, regardless of who wins, including many possible signs next year - especially the possible Revelation 12 sign in September 2017.

Here is what I think might be going on:

There were virtually no world leaders predisposed to favor Israel and opposed to the two-state solution - until Trump.  He has called for a change of approach and even wants to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.  He says the Jews are getting a bad deal.  I've speculated before that because of the times we are living in we can't ignore any possibility - including the possibility that Trump is saying the right things to the Church, but may be you know who.  I currently doubt that he is, but never ignore the possibility.

Instead, I'm thinking now he might possibly be our generation's King Cyrus - a good king with favorable disposition towards Israel and the Jews.  Perhaps he is God's 'trump' card, sent to give Jerusalem back to the Jews and get Temple construction going.

Obama, the Clintons, and their aides are reading the tea leaves and see that Trump is going to win this thing and when he does he will be coming after them.  They will take their money, their families, and probably top aides, and could flee the country.  What if this gets bigger?  What if other Clinton donors like Warren Buffet are connected and they flee, too?

You could potentially see hundreds, maybe thousands of establishment leaders with corrupt dealings, along with their tens of billions of dollars, leaving the United States.

Why do I mention this?

...Because of the rebirth of ancient Babylon, which a number of Bible scholars see as a literal fulfillment soon to occur.  If all these world leaders and their wealthy accomplices end up in the Middle East with all this money, might they spend it on remaking that ancient city?

What might trigger them to do that?  If Trump is truly a die-hard nationalist, he might, just might, pull the United States out of the United Nations as some other countries have been thinking about doing (such as The Philippines).  The U.N.'s headquarters would then have to be moved from New York City.

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  1. Good God in Heaven!!!,...interesting postulation! tony/Vt. \o/ blessings,...SHALOM

  2. Still the exit poll did not give a complete survey for all the 224 seats, which showed that the survey team itself was rather confused or undecided.
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