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7 Major Earthquakes Strike In Various Places

I turned my attention away for just a few days and somehow missed that seven major earthquakes struck around the world in the span of just four days:

1. Massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake hits northeast of Papua New Guinea on December 17th at 4:51 AM CST.

2. 6.3 magnitude earthquake hits south of the previous earthquake about one-half hour later.

3. 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes the Solomon Islands 18 hours later.

4. 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Micronesia four hours later on December 18th.

5. 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits the border between Brazil and Peru about three hours later.

6. 6.4 magnitude earthquake again hammers the Solomon Island about a day and half later.

7. 6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes between Indonesia and Australia on December 20th.

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. - Matthew 24:7

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  1. Birth pangs getting more frequent and intense, buckle up...



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