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Baa-Aliyah! The Flock Returns To Israel

Remember Jacob's spotted and speckled sheep from Genesis 30:25-43?  They would become the only native sheep in Israel when Jacob and his family made their way back to the Promised Land.  The breed was ultimately exported to other countries, ending up in England and Canada several millennia later.  While the breed went extinct from Israel, over in the New World the aptly named Jacob Sheep were kept in tightly controlled flocks with limited interbreeding - the one and only native breed of Israeli sheep was preserved all the way across the world!

Is that not a striking parallel to the diaspora?

Here is where it gets even more interesting: two days ago it was announced that 11 chartered aircraft have already starting bringing the first 119 Jacob sheep back to Israel - all while the worldwide Torah portion was about... [DRUM ROLL]... Jacob's sheep!  This is from the organization that sponsored the first Jacob sheep to return to Israel:

Friends of the Jacob Sheep reports that the first pure bred Jacob Sheep have started arriving in Israel from Canada and are currently undergoing quarantine in Israel's Southern region.

The Jacob Sheep begin arriving as Jews around the world read Parasha Vayetzei which commemorates the origin of the Jacob Sheep in Genesis 30-31.

The Jacob Sheep flock were refused government quarantine in Ramle and for this reason they were placed in a property that adhered to special Agricultural Ministry's requirements.

Gil and Jenna Lewinsky have arrived and are staying with the Jacob Sheep while in quarantine to guard them from theft and wolves, both prevalent problems for livestock in Israel.

The Ofaqim, Ein HaBesor and Mevtachim communities reached out to offer assistance to the new olim and without their help and warmth, the quarantine conditions would have been extremely challenging. Gil and Jenna are most grateful for the love shown to them from these Southern communities.

The Jacob Sheep airlift is the largest airlift of animals in Israeli history requiring 11 aircraft to land with 119 sheep from Canada. The quarantine may take up to a month until all Jacob Sheep land in the country and receive the appropriate vaccinations as per Israeli Agricultural Ministry requirements.

If this is not a sign of God turning His attention back to Israel and gathering the rest of the Jews to the land - I don't know what is.

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  1. These sheep can have 2, 4, or 6 horns. I wonder if one will be found with 7 horns, to match the Revelation Lamb?



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