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Dr. Chuck Missler Discusses The 'Metacosm'

Dr. Chuck Missler gave a fascinating speech at the Colorado Springs Prophecy Conference a few years ago that will blow your mind.  He discusses what is probably irrefutable evidence of the spiritual realm.  If you are interested in what science and the Bible have revealed about the unseen world and how this is playing into the spiritual war around us you definitely need to watch this:

Unfortunately the original video was just taken down, but here are three really good videos that touch on some of the same topics:

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  1. I love this website, and I love Chuck Missler, but I don't think this is a few weeks ago. Chuck looks much older now than he does in that video. I also watched Gary Stearman's conference online last year, and I don't think he was there, other than maybe a short video they played.

    1. Point noted. You are probably right... the video is has "2017 Prophecy" in the title and was uploaded three weeks ago so I assumed it was recent - might be wrong.

    2. We were caught off guard by the same thing; I believe he says in the beginning it was 2011 at the time.

    3. He's in new zealand so this was done in 2017 on one of his invitational seminars.

  2. This is very interesting to me because I am actually from Roswell N.M. I was born and raised there and had previously went out close to the crash site. I worked with a small film crew through the local community college to film a special for the Discovery Channel if I remember correctly. I never really knew what to think about the crash whether it could have been true or not but the info that Chuck Missler is very new to me. Living there all my life you can imagine that I have heard every story there is to know about the crash and at all the UFO Museums on Main street.



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