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Iran Violates Nuclear Deal, Security Council Holds Emergency Meeting

Iranian military forces tested a medium-range ballistic missile this past Sunday in violation of the nuclear deal. The Trump Administration is taking this very seriously and an emergency meeting at the United Nations Security Council has been convened.  Things are heating up rapidly.

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  1. That's not a ballistic missile, that's an amazon delivery drone, with helpful medical nuclear material.

  2. Ha HaHA @Greg! While Iran is planning to destroy Israel, we know it will not happen as they plan.....Isaiah says it this way:

    Isa 54:17
    "No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper;", speaking in the context of Israel restored...

    Jeremiah says,
    Jer 49:35
    "Thus says the Lord of hosts,
    'Behold, I am going to break the bow of Elam,
    The finest of their might"

    It is interesting that although Iran is a mortal enemy of the Jewish state, the Gospel is spreading like wildfire there right now, and maybe these will form the population of believers that will populate Iran when the Messiah returms!

    Jer 49:39
    'But it will come about in the last days
    That I shall restore the fortunes of Elam,'"
    Declares the Lord.



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