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Turkish Parliament Approves Dictator Referendum

A key commission in the Turkish parliament has approved a referendum for a Spring 2017 vote that will fundamentally alter the country's constitution turning Tayyip Erdogan's Presidential position into a full-fledged executive with dictatorial power.

It is widely expected that a national referendum will almost certainly pass in Erdogan's favor and so parliament's approval was the key hurdle.

The main provisions of the constitutional changes are as follows:

1. Removes the office of Prime Minister, which will consolidate all executive power under President Erdogan.

2. Allows President Erdogan to appoint all ministers and aides without parliamentary approval.

3. Increases parliament's size from 550 members to 600, in effect allowing Erdogan to fill the body with more members of his own AKP party.  It also amazingly allows Erdogan to completely dissolve parliament - a parallel to Hitler's own powers in Germany circa 1930s.

4. Removes the restriction of presidential ties to a political party.  This will allow Erdogan to be both President and leader of his party at the same time.

5. Prevents votes of no confidence and sets general elections to November, every five years.  With the first elections set for November 2019 and presidents given up to two terms, Erdogan would very strangely remain in office for seven years from November 2017 on since he is already President.  This fits with our speculative tribulation timeline.

6. Allows Erdogan to declare states of emergency at whim without parliament's approval and thus rule by decree.  This is the most important provision and is what will cement his rise to power as effectively "king" of Turkey.

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  1. Interesting the Roman Senate was limited to 600. The revives eastern Roman empire perhaps?

    1. Nice catch and interesting parallel. Just looked it up on Wikipedia and regarding the first Roman emperor: "By the time that these revisions had been completed, the Senate had been reduced to 600 members, and after this point, the size of the Senate was never again drastically altered."

  2. The antichrist beast system is the Roman Catholic Church. The papacy is the "son of perdition." Martin Luther as well as other top reformers such as Calvin and Zwingly knew it as well.


    1. Many students of Bible prophecy see the antichrist as both a political and military leader. Do you think it's possible that Pope Francis, as a religious leader, might better fit the role of False Prophet?

  3. Turkish President Erdogan is the Antichrist. He is the "chief prince" or primary governor of Turkey described in Ezekiel 38&39. According to Ezekiel 38&39 Erdogan will lead two end time invasions into Israel. Ezekiel 38 describes Turkey as it leads Iran, Libya, and Sudan into Israel. This invasion will fail. All of these nations are fighting in the Golan Heights of Syria now. They are already shelling Israel. I expect the Turkish Army to enter Syria in force soon and then destroy Damascus. Then Turkey will lead the forces that are already fighting in the Golan Heights of Syria into the Golan Heights of Israel.

    1. Look to Turkish Muslim Cleric Fethullah Gulen to find the False Prophet.

  4. Since then, the right of royal assent has fallen into disuse, leading some constitutional theorists to claim that a new convention obligating the monarch to assent to all bills has arisen. This view was famously stressed by Walter Bagehot in his 1867 volume "The English Constitution":guarantor



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