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The Seven Angels of Revelation 15

Greetings all,

Natalie had mentioned an alignment in May 2024 that may be related to the Sign of Revelation 15, and I want to credit her astute observation!  The following video covers a potential candidate for the Heavenly Sign of Revelation 15, which together with the Heavenly Signs of the Woman in Labor and Dragon would possibly form "bookends" that bracket the potential 70th week of Daniel in the time period 2017-2024.  (Nelson Walters in his book "Revelation Deciphered" coined the "bookend" analogy for prophecy!) We do not know if these signs mean anything yet, and until we have a division of the Land of the Everlasting Covenant, we know the 70th week has not begun from a futurist point of view.....:

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  1. That second eclipse looks like it will pass right over my house......I hope I'm not home!

  2. Thank you for putting that together, and for your thoughts on it and on what else John was seeing. I find it all very fascinating and amazing. What a time to be alive!

  3. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

  4. Thanks for the video Sam! Good research.

    1. Thanks Gary! The amazing thing is that the Creator knows the stars by name, and knows their orbits and revolutions, and knows that though they are light years apart in 3D in the case of stars, He knows how they appear to us humans in 2D on earth. His "language" of communication through the stars of His Creation speak to us in a way that transcends all cultures, languages, and time points in history, since the recognition of these formations have been constant since the time Enoch described it.....!!

  5. Thanks Greg.....I just got back from walking, and while I was out looking at the heavens, I started counting all of the celestial events that will be present in the 2017-2024 period, and the list is amazing indeed.....it is not just one event, but a series of events which seems to be the heavens "shouting" at us:

    The sign of the Woman in labor
    The Woman conceiving Dec 2016
    The birth of Zedek 10/15/2017
    The sign of the Dragon 10/13-16/2017
    Total solar eclipse one month prior to Labor
    1260 days from birth to Passover 2021
    Zedek to Scales of Justice (Libra) 12/23/2017, one year from UNSC 2334
    1290 days from middle of the Passover week 2021 to Yom Kippur 2024
    Saturn to Capricorn Passover 2021 for the AOD
    The Seven Angels May 2024
    Total eclipse one month prior to the Seven Angels
    Tish B'Av Zedek conjunction with Mars in the Horns of the Wild Ox 8/13/2024
    5 months from the Seven Angels to Yom Kippur 10/12/2024
    Zedek in the middle of the Horns 11/26/2024 day 1335
    The Oracle in Stone per Daniel Matson, the Christ angle

    The confluence of all of these that point to 2017-2024 is overwhelming, so much so that if we do not see a covenant to divide the Land by this October, then I think it would render looking to the heavens for "signs in heaven" would be moot for our lifetimes!


    1. I have been keeping a list like this, too. One other thing that I have, and I don't know if I saw it here at Unsealed or somewhere else, is the 4 eclipses that mark off the Covenant land. 1999, 2006, 2027, 2034. Here is a map http://www.eclipse.org.uk/old/eclipse_map.gif Here's something wild...the mid point date between the two middle ones is Nov 30, 2016 and 42 weeks later is Sept 20, 2017.

  6. Hi Natalie, I saw a map and a discussion that you mention on Daniel Matson's site, watchfortheday.org I wonder if this the same one you saw?


    Daniel has some great insights!

    1. That's probably where I saw it! Thanks. I will re-read it tomorrow when I'm more awake.

  7. Yes, bookends! Thank you for the video presentation, Sam. Instead of "follow the yellow-brick road" it's follow the Jupiter road! When I was first catching on to the signs in the heavens, I was working a part-time job located on Jupiter Road :)

    1. ha ha ha! If you worked there 7 years that would be crazy! :)

    2. That isn't a Jupiter rd. In NE DFW, by chance? If so, which fellowship are you a part of?



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