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The Strange Earthly Parallel Of Revelation 12

While all the focus is on the upcoming Revelation 12 Sign in September, it occurs to me that a parallel, earthly sign has been developing right under our noses.  This parallel sign is not the fulfillment of Revelation 12, but its similarity is pretty stunning.  Could it be the sign of the enemy?

A woman:

For the last half-century the nations of Europe have voluntarily given up their sovereignty and pooled their resources to form the 28-nation European Union (now 27 members after Brexit).  The continent of Europe is named after a woman - the Phoenician princess Europa - and is the only continent named after a woman.  In fact Europa is the symbol of the European Union and the official website of the European Union is named after her.  This woman, who happens to ride a beast in Greek mythology (see Revelation 17:3 for a striking parallel), is pictured on the euro (see here and here) and can even be found in sculpture-form outside of key E.U. facilities.

Clothed with the Son:

Notice I say "Son" and not "sun".  Europe was the cradle of Christianity and for nearly one-and-a-half millennia, Christianity was a predominantly European religion.  The evangelization of the Americas, Oceania, and Sub-Saharan Africa all started in Europe.  To this day, Christianity is still the predominant religion in every single European country except for Kosovo, although Europe as a whole is an increasingly post-Christian, irreligious, and secular continent.

The moon under her feet:

Everywhere to Europe's immediate south and southeast are Islamic nations.  The crescent moon is of course the symbol of Islam just as the cross is the symbol of Christianity.  Italy is famously called Stivale ("the boot") because of its unmistakable leg and boot shape.  When paired with the Grecian peninsula, Europe can be said to have "two legs" and in fact the Roman Empire was ultimately divided between western and eastern "legs" with the west led by Rome in Italy and the east led by Constantinople in the then Grecian-dominated east.  Right at the eastern foot of the "woman" lies the country of Turkey whose crescent-moon flag is pictured above.  Turkey is directly southeast of Europe.  Directly to the south of Europe's western leg of Italy lies Libya and Algeria, both of which prominently feature crescent moons on their flags.

A crown of twelve stars:

Strangely, the founders of the European Union decided on a ring/crown/garland of twelve golden stars as their emblem and flag.

Giving birth to a male child:

The male child she ultimately gives birth to is the man of lawlessness (a.k.a. the antichrist) who is referred to as a "prince" in Daniel 9:26.  In my study of Scripture his identity must be either European, of Latin ancestry, or Turkish/Syrian based on the ethnic qualifier in that verse.

Is it not fascinating that many of the pieces above did not come together until relatively recently?  For example, it wasn't until the mid-18th century that the Ottoman Empire began using the crescent moon on its flags and banners, so it could be said the moon wasn't at Europa's feet until then.  Additionally, it was only in the past half-century that Europe formed into "one" using Europa as its symbol and crowning itself with the twelve golden stars of the European Union flag.  This earthly culmination is all leading up to the heavenly sign that seems to appear this September.

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  1. good stuff to consider, for sure and extremely interesting! Jupiter and regulus were both present in the 'star of bethlehem' and will be here again in the rev 12 sign, hum.... Holy Spirit of Truth give us guidance n discerning wisdom, amen

    1. Appreciate your thoughts.

      Even in God's impending judgment there is great patience and loud warning.

      Wonder often about His many thoughts and I don't presume to know, but mine might be heart break over sin, concern for the persecution of the church, anger that the church is not more engaged....

  2. earthly speaking, as a parallel...trump seems like Michael casting out Obama; the adversary - sore loser who goes into a frenzy/rage. you know what I mean?

  3. Very interesting.

    I thought your conclusion would be the birth of a country, ie UK / Brexit formally concluding.

  4. Brussels is on Wikipedia's list of cities that have been built on seven hills.

    Brussels is also reputed to be a hub of human trafficking.

  5. Great observations, Gary. It does appear that this parallel to Rev. 12 is another example of the enemy's attempts to counterfeit and distort the Word of truth. It makes sense that we would see this manifest in our day as the pieces are coming together for the final "beast" kingdom.

    I think of the other examples of the enemy's counterfeits in Revelation: counterfeit Trinity (Satan, the Beast, False Prophet); counterfeit incarnation, death, and resurrection (the Beast comes up from the bottomless pit/abyss and is healed from a head wound - Rev. 11:7; 13:4); counterfeit Eden/city of God/New Jerusalem (Rev. 17-18 - the harlot, who is both a religious entity and a city (17:15-18), etc.

  6. More nonsense from HeavenlySigh2017.com:

    "The planetoid system that blocks the sun will have to pass closest to the earth within hours of the darkness. Remember, the earth is traveling at 66,000 miles per hour in its orbit. The "wormwood system" will be traveling more than twice that speed."

    Is this Nemesis system supposed to arrive this autumn??? What evidence do you have for this? Why do you link this website with yours?

  7. it is revelation 13. the woman clothed with the sun is virgo. paining to be delivered, Jupiter entered virgo's "womb" in November. going retrograde and such, virgo stays pregnant for 10 months. Jupiter will appear almost stationary, and will briefly move "backwards" and such because of its orbit vs. earth's. it is a celestial event that happened when the flood came, when jesus was born and when he will come again. "paining to be delivered" is implying a long but within normal parameters pregnancy. in September 2017, Jupiter (Christ) "will be born" ; pass through virgo's "legs".

  8. Jesus' First Coming was announced by one star, the star of Bethlehem.
    Jesus' Second Coming is announced by 8 great star signs in the firmament.
    The world begins to see only one, where are the other 7?
    We invite you to watch the following Youtube videos where you will learn how marvelous God's ways are and the care He has for His children in manifesting Himself for their deliverance.


  9. The 23rd star sign occured on 23rd september 2017. What followed a short time later was the huge Red dragon with nibiru showing with it's iron oxide nebula trailing behind it on either side right? The astronomer who died mysteriously Harrington and many others thought that the nemesis system had 3 planets and 2 moons right? But the Russian astronomers from Vostock South Pole station reported 7 planets and 10 moons right? So that's the 7 heads and 10 horns right? So if you want to hear more then email me. God bless and keep you always.



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