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With over 99 percent of ballots in, a nationwide referendum in Turkey granting President Recep Erdogan constitutional power to rule by decree has passed.  Erdogan will likely rule for the remainder of his current term, which ends in Fall 2019, and then a second term ending in Fall 2024.  In other words, the most powerful man in the Muslim world, whose nation lies at the crossroads of the ancient Roman Empire and the Middle Eastern empires, will rule the second-largest standing army in NATO as dictator for a period of seven years.  Many Muslims already identify him as their supreme political leader and the only legitimate Caliph.

All the ancient empires that Daniel saw in his visions, including ancient Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome, ruled over the areas of both modern Turkey and Israel.  Turkey remained at the heart of the Roman Empire (Byzantium) long after the western "leg" fell into ruin and Turkey also remained at the helm of the Islamic Caliphate from 1517 to 1917.

I now find it hard to dismiss the possibility that Erdogan is the antichrist or perhaps Gog.  Time will soon tell.  And to be clear, according to 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3, the antichrist (a.k.a. the man of lawlessness) will not be revealed until the Church is taken out of the way via the rapture.

As they say, if you see people decorating for Christmas you know that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  So if you see someone ascending to power who could conceivably be a key prophetic player like Gog or the antichrist, how much nearer are we to being gathered to Christ?

To be clear, I'm not saying that Erdogan is the antichrist.  I'm only saying he could be.  I still believe the traditional Revived Roman Empire view of the antichrist's end-times kingdom is more scripturally plausible then the minority view espoused by Joel Richardson and Walid Shoebat (read about that here).


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  1. 1917, 1948 (Israel restore exactly on the prophecies date, 1967 (6 day war 19 years later), Chernobyl, 9/11, giving up gaza, 2008 crash, blood moons. Arab spring, Exxon Valdez, BP oil spill, EU, Fukushima, Haitian earthquake, Christ's Church earthquake, the last pope, 2010 pacific grey whale in Mediterranean near Tel Aviv, peace treaties, the last pope, Katrina, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, regathering, U.N., LGBT, persecution. Bird and fish deaths, lawlessness, shaking, falling away, debt disaster are all old news. The thanksgiving decorations are about over.

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  3. Quite a creep, regardless.

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  5. Turkey: ErdoฤŸan rule could extend until 2029 under proposal

  6. Presidential terms

    Under the current constitution, Erdogan can run for a second five-year term in 2019 and serve until 2024. Under the proposed changes, Erdogan could have his term limit effectively reset and stay in power through 2029.

    Critics say there's a loophole that could give him even more years in the job than that. If Parliament calls snap elections during a second term, he has the option of running for a third.

  7. Erdogan? Give me a break. A Muslim? Do you people think this over enough? How can a Muslim be presented as Messiah if he takes Turkey down to invade Israel with other nations and gets his backside kicked back up north by God himself?

    This monster that is coming will NOT be a flaccid politician in a suit who 'works his way up'. He is more. He is Lucifer incarnate, the likes of which we cannot comprehend. He is connected to the rebel angel host, and thus the UFO delusion. This guy comes from the SKY, probably in the 'clouds'. Wake up.

  8. Funny you should think this because Turkey meets the criteria for Mystery Baby long.
    Istanbul Turkey - The Israel Factor : Mystery Babylon - Finally No Longer A Mystery!

  9. King Abdul of Jordan the Hashamite kingdom,huuummm could be the little horn?
    He confirms the covenant and he does hold the keys to the so called temple mnt area.
    My bet is its fort antonia and not the western wall of the second temple.
    Anyway well see.....oh but we won't even be here. But..... well be back!!



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