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Neil Gorsuch Confirmed By The Senate

In a bit of good news, Neil Gorsuch has narrowly made it through the Senate, winning the final confirmation vote by a tally of 54 to 45.  Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell had to invoke the "nuclear option" yesterday - changing Senate rules that require at least 60 votes for the cloture vote - in order to get Gorsuch through.

With Gorsuch now confirmed, there are three or four solid votes to overturn Roe v. Wade.  If Kennedy or Ginsburg go soon we could potentially see some momentous changes for the better.

Though I don't think these things change the prophetic clock at all, let's pray that the Holy Spirit working through the Church can win some major moral victories in these last months, days, and hours.  There is still a harvest going on, after all.

I do want to remind our readers though not to grow complacent.  The Bible repeatedly tells us to be awake, sober, and watchful for the appearing of Christ, so that we are not caught off guard.  There is a theme throughout the Bible of the spiritual danger of becoming complacent regarding the prophetic calendar.  God doesn't move on our time - He moves on His.  Things will continue to seem relatively normal up until the day that Christ appears, just as life seemed extraordinarily normal up until the day Noah and his family entered the ark.  If some good things happen in the United States then that is great news, but we need to remember that the Church at large has suffered major setbacks in China, Russia, and the Middle East in just the past two or three years.  The U.S. is just one small corner of the world and overall lawlessness is still growing, evil is still rising, and the Church is still leaving soon.

Remember the example of King Josiah.  After a series of wicked kings in Judah God had already determined that Judah would face destruction at the hands of the Babylonians.  It was too late, so-to-speak.  Josiah was a righteous king and he certainly gave the nation a brief reprieve in righteousness, but it didn't change God's plans.  After his reign it didn't take long for the Babylonians to show up on Jerusalem's doorstep.

Keep watching, praying, and looking up!


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