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Top North Korean Defector Tells MSNBC That Kim Jong Un Would Use Nukes

The most senior North Korean defector in two decades, Thae Yong Ho, is warning the United States that Kim Jong Un is more unstable and dangerous than people realize and would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if the situation continues to escalate.

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  1. The 'pure evil' CIA/USA 'deep state' (also the icecold repulsive mass-murderers of enormous refugee camp Dresden in 1945 and president Kennedy in 1963 etc. etc.) via Urenco in the city of Almelo/assisted by ("good friend" of Allen Dulles) prince Bernhard in the Netherlands, covertly "delivered" North-Korea the 'A-bomb' (fission not fusion) themselves!!!
    Purpose: To start the war again at their convenience. These psychopaths/moral morons should be stopped (anywhere in the world) or humanity is doomed!



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