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The Jupiter Jubilee

One of our forum members has made a startling discovery about the planet Jupiter:  its orbital path around the Sun appears to mimic both the Sabbatical cycle and the Jubilee cycle.

The earthly Sabbatical cycle is a seven year period.  The first six years are designated for agricultural use and the seventh year is a Sabbath of rest for the land.

The earthly Jubilee cycle is a 50 year period that consists of seven Sabbatical cycles (7 years x 7 = 49 years) followed by a 50th year where all debts are forgiven, the land is returned to its original owner, and freedom is declared throughout the land.  The 50th year is called the Jubilee.  The 50th year is also the first year of the next cycle, so that the 50 year periods overlap.

Jupiter's orbit around the Sun and passage through Virgo follows a similar pattern.  Jupiter orbits the Sun every 11.86 years, a non-integer and incomplete number.  Earth orbits the Sun in exactly one year with no remainder.  Since Jupiter's complete orbit consists of an incomplete number of years, its track around the Sun never aligns with the earth - except for Jupiter's 50th orbit.  Jupiter always completes exactly 50 orbits around the Sun in exactly 593 years.  In other words, Jupiter's 50th orbit always completes at the same time earth's orbit completes and Jupiter's 50th orbit is the only time this happens.  In this sense the orbits of earth and Jupiter are "synced" every 593 years, or the exact time it takes for Jupiter to orbit the Sun 50 times.  You might call this a "Jupiter Jubilee".

However, Jupiter also seems to have a Sabbatical cycle as well.  The only time Virgo can be "pregnant" with a male child is when Jupiter enters the womb of the woman and begins retrograde near the bottom of her womb.  If the retrograde begins in the top of her womb or below her womb then the pregnancy can never complete within her womb.  Jupiter only begins its retrograde near the bottom of Virgo's womb every 7th orbit.  Its first six orbits always miss the mark.  However, its 7th orbit always begins roughly in the right spot.  2017 is one of those 7th orbits, but simultaneously coincides with the final or 50th orbit, so that the orbits of Jupiter and earth will be synced again.

The next closest alignment that nearly matches the description in Revelation 12 occurred in 3915 BC, exactly 500 Jupiter orbits before 2017.  In other words, from the next closest alignment in 3915 BC to this year's perfect Revelation 12 alignment was exactly 10 Jupiter Jubilees.

On top of all this, it was just announced that the Juno spacecraft, which is currently orbiting Jupiter, has just sent back its first pictures of the planet:

Here is where this takes a chilling turn.  Juno is the mythological name of Jupiter's wife.  We can discount paganism out of hand, but if indeed Jupiter is Christ's star then it is very interesting that mankind has sent up a spacecraft named after His wife all the while Christians this year are watching a sign form in the heavens that may signal the snatching away of the Bride of Christ - the Church.

Even more, Juno was also called Lucina:

The epithet Lucina is particularly revealing since it reflects two interrelated aspects of the function of Juno: cyclical renewal of time in the waning and waxing of the moon and protection of delivery and birth (as she who brings to light the newborn as vigour, vital force). The ancients called her Covella in her function of helper in the labours of the new moon.

Just more small "coincidences".  Nothing here to stake your faith on, but nevertheless, they should get your attention.

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  1. Wow. Just when I think 2017 can't get any more amazing, it does. At this point the deck is so stacked for this year that it's hard to imagine all this means nothing. There is just too much.

    By the way, I've noticed that 2017 has been a really hard year to get through. I've been shocked at the bizarre life disasters that have come out of nowhere this year, one after another, nonstop. I've never had anything like it happen before. I feel something like Job. I wonder if someone sees the finish line coming and is trying to run us over. Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. Yes, though it's been ongoing for me for a few years now... This year has intensified a bit as it feels like every time I should start doing something, we see a new 'watch day' come close. New reasons to keep looking up. God is doing something for sure, the only question is what the final result is going to be. I hope for the gathering of the church (Rapture) but am open to whatever the Lord has planned.

      There are reasons to look towards Pentecost and reasons to look at September... and many days in between. Knowing our calendar may be off by a few days, I really expect whatever is going to happen to be on a day no one expects... All we can really do is wait and see and try to be ready, whatever we feel is needed for that.

      Given this cyclical nature of Jupiter though, I wonder if the other planets count other cycles... Might the skies tell us more than we thought?

    2. Wow, I thought it was this me. I have to remind myself that this year is not even at the halfway mark. (Close, I know, but still...) Already this year has felt like a decade with all of the personal things that have happened, including immense tragedy. I'd be curious to know if others have felt it, too.

    3. Yes. I feel like the spiritual warfare is so thick it is hard to even think clearly. Christ renews my mind though. Romans 12:2. So we should encourage each other to look up because our redemption draws near! 1 Thessalonians 4:18. Luke 21:28.

    4. Yes, for sure. Just the last few months has seen all kinds of trouble for me. From a bad car wreck to a child in the hospital to financial struggles to health struggles and just about everything in between. I've experienced hardship, but this seems to be the most concentrated hardship yet. Yet I'm still joyful about what may happen this year - with a bit of trepidation.

    5. Well, concerning your 2017 struggles... Could it be that the LORD wants His people to focus on Him since 2015/15 and sanctify ourselves more for this event? Think of the pattern in Exodus, at Mount Sinai or Joshua 3,5 entering the promised land? It was always 2 days of sanctification, action on the 3rd. Taken in years now... 2014-17? Just an idea. Perhaps He wants us to focus on Him more than on worldly things and your "struggles" might be some kind of chastisement, ever thought of this? I feel nothing alike indeed, it is more sitting completely safe in the eye of the storm to me. Thats why I do ask. Stay blessed, looking forward to meeting you all soon above!

    6. Yes the same here, the enemy is isolating us from all possible sources of income since January 2017 - its really strange and hard to cope with, but I will trust in the Lord, no more wining, keep the faith and wear the full armor of God, His authority is above all.

    7. We received an unbelievable 777 rapture sign in the Hebrew year 5777 at the 70th Shavuot/Pentecost from 1947 when the command went out to rebuild Israel (UN resolution #181). See our profile picture: in the air above the clouds, with the Lord, on the mountain, after the third day (Exodus 19, after Pentecost Sunday June 4th), at the last Trump, in the year of jubilee, exactly on the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem being re-captured on June 7th, 7pm at 7th Lake (777)!

      Our Pentecost rapture sign on 6/7/17 was before summer and 6.7 months (203 days) from the Revelation 12 conception on 11/16/16 when the conception COMET C/2017 E1 (BORISOV) went through Virgo's womb (C/2017 points to 2017)! Isaiah 66:7 (6/7!) "Before she goes into labor, she gives birth; before the pains come upon her, she delivers a son. Isaiah 66:7 This is a premature birth. And Jupiter came out of Virgo as a premature birth and was at the peak of retrograde outside of Virgo on 6/7/17, 7pm EST. And 6/7/17 is Ascension Day on the Julian Calendar! Comet 67P also came through Leo and Virgo during this time period also pointing to 6/7/17, etc., etc. And, 2017/6/7 is about four months to the Revelation 12 sign! John 4:35 "Don't you have a saying, 'It's still four months until harvest'? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.
      " Sign of Shiloh - 2017/6/8 USS Shiloh! (CG 67!) Task Force 70!, 7th Fleet!, 7 day search! (777). Jupiter was retrograde between Leo's feet 2016/03/08-9! Genesis 49:10 The sceptre [jupiter] shall not depart from [Leo the lion of] Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.

      We are gathering all the saints from the four winds, to Boston Massachusetts for Harvard Revival to start by transforming Harvard University. We meet every Friday at 8pm and every Sunday at 2:30pm at 50 Quincy, St, Cambridge, MA (right near Harvard Yard). See ChurchRapture.com for end time facts!

  2. Yes, on a daily basis. Also being persecuted more often and to a worse degree.

  3. Me too. The Lord showed me I would suffer testing, and it has been a daily thing, pretty much. Fighting a bad cold today, yesterday I was throwing up from a migraine.

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  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. With all these alignments and discoveries and "coincidences" coming together this year and more specifically September 23rd, I just can't for the life of me see how this year can come and go with no rapture. Now I was thinking the same thing in 2015 with the blood moons but in hindsight that seems to have been an event over that 2014-2015 period that got us all looking to the skies for signs and now that we have been looking to the stars for the last few years we can identify the revelation 12 sign (thanks to Scottie Clarke's discovery).

    I understand not a single one of us can be dogmatic and say this is it and that this is the year of the rapture because that's what the revelation 12 sign is and that happens September 23 2017, but c'mon!!! This sign literally only appears ONE TIME in 7,000+ years of our human history since Adam and let's not forget that the generation to see Israel reborn would not pass until all these things be fulfilled!! That alone puts a time stamp on things.

    It just gets frustrating when we've been watching and waiting for soooo many years but despite the innumerable convergences and "coincidences" lining up for this September we STILL can't say that the rapture will happen this year.

    But still I try and remain patient because God is in complete control SITTING on the throne (not pacing back-and-forth worried!) and the rapture will happen at the appointed time that He set before He even laid the foundations of this earth.

    1. I have to agree. All the signs point to a rapture this fall. After this fall, when it comes to signs, it gets pretty quiet. I've been watching for 4 years now, and this fall has everything going in sync: dates, signs, what's going on in the middle east, apostasy, the pope, everything! Even the way things have been revealed to us fits the way God does it. He reveals himself to those with an open and honest heart. Those who desire to know his will, and seek him with all their heart, to those he reveals himself. Those who run this site, fit that model.

      The last 12 months have been tough going for me too. Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of darkness. They don't like what's going on here, and they will do what they can to stop it. We need to pray in the final hours for God's protection. God allows adversity so we will turn to him in prayer. He's the power source. It's a team effort. It's just how it works. Keep up the good fight! The finish line is in sight!

    2. Amen, George! The finish line is in sight. Let's run with endurance and finish strong relying on His power!

  7. This feels like when a woman is in labor. You know the birth is near by how close and hard the labor pains are. You just don't know the exact moment the baby will be born. By learning about what to expect in labor, you know what signs to look for to know when you are in labor and to know when the baby is ready to be born. I feel the same as all of you. The Bible tells us what signs to look for but we just don't know the exact day/hour. We keep waiting and watching and time keeps moving on with nothing happening. Our suffering is getting worse and we are getting weary and wanting to give up hope. We just want out of this cold, hurtful, evil, greedy, vain world. We want to have peace, harmony, love and to see our savior's face. We can't give up. God keeps His promises. He won't let us down. It's alright to keep hoping and watching, but we need to take the focus off of ourselves and think about those who are still without the hope that we have. We can't let our light go out. We have to let our light shine brightly into this dark world so those who are struggling and floundering in the dark can see the path that we are on that leads to Jesus. They need to find Him. Remember, we were at one time those people. Someone shined their light and we saw. We need to be calling to them, "get on the boat, get on the boat now people, get on the boat, there's room for a hundred more". Keep the faith brothers and sisters in Christ. We're almost there. Pick your head up. Lift your chin up off of the ground and fix your eyes heavenward and see what is awaiting us not too much farther ahead. You can get one more wind. Run just a little farther to that finish line. You'll be glad you did when you reach it and look back and say to yourself, "that wasn't so far after all". :)

  8. To add my 2 cents on this stunning Jupiter revelation: WOW!!! Agree to all of your comments before, this is AWESOME indeed. Thank you so much for posting!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I love this stuff! I am ready for a 'Caesarean section'.

    Isaiah 66:7) 'Before' she travailed, she brought forth; 'before' her pain came, she was delivered of a man child. 8) Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the 'earth' be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children.

  11. I would like to point out that this sign is for sure for this generation because if you looked directly at it without software (Daniel 12:4
    But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.) all we would see is the sun. September 23rd 2017 is when Michael the Arch Angel will throw the fallen angels out of the unseen realm and into this earthly realm and the Holy Spirit who is the restrainer promised by Jesus himself will lift the veil and give humanity what they have been asking for since rejecting the finished work of Jesus. Love the LORD your God and love your neighbor as yourself.

  12. I am struggling to explain alllllll of this to my family, even they are interested in knowing more. Do we have a Rev12/23 Sept for dummies written anywhere, with a list of the things that are aligning (like this article) with the sign???

    Ryan D

    1. Hi Ryan, there is a really good Revelation 12 tract here: http://i.imgur.com/sgGYWog.jpg

      It was put together by Brad Hurst I believe.

    2. You might look at watchfortheday.org. They have some really informative articles on the September 23 stuff and also the Christ angle that is also to take place at the Giza pyramids at this time.

    3. Scott Clarke on YouTube has several great videos. He is one of the first to recognize the Revelation 12 sign. videhttps://www.youtube.com/user/eternalrhythmflow/videos

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. You know, I have always been very cautious about signs and things of this nature concerning the rapture and the second coming of our King Jesus. However, this and the September Revelation 12 sign have caused me to step back and reevaluate things. I am studying to become a professor of Theology in the coming future which causes me to spend a very long and arduous time in biblical exegesis and research. I'm so taken aback by these things I see other believers looking at in the heavens that I too have become excited about these possibilities. My own professor's are looking at this as well which is unusual. I'm thinking of doing my dissertation on this subject. Thank you for your scholarship.

  15. me n my dog are soooo happy!!!!!!!! tony in vt. like my sister Andrea says,...\o/

  16. This doesn't strike me as the most accurate math of all times. Just saying that the years between Jupiter and Earth would be "in sync" every 50 years is not derived from facts but from rounding.

    It would be true for any even floating point number rounded to two digits after the dot. (For any odd number, it would be 100 years). The only mildly remarkable, but quite unamazing thing is that there is no sync for any other number smaller than 50, but that is well within mathematical expectation.

    Worse, 11.86 is only a very rough approximation of Jupiter's orbital length. Universetoday.com gives 11.8618 earth years or 4,332.59 earth days. If you repeat your calculations with these more accurate numbers, you will get different results.


  17. In fact, according to the best numbers I can find (Jupiter year = 4332.59, Earth year = 365.242175), 50 Jupiter years are more than 40 days long than 593 earth years. The closes matches below 10000 years would be:

    2635 Jupiter years are 31257.00 earth years (error = 0 days and 0.34 hours)
    5270 Jupiter years are 62514.00 earth years (error = 0 days and 0.67 hours)
    7905 Jupiter years are 93771.00 earth years (error = 0 days and 1.01 hours)
    8718 Jupiter years are 103415.00 earth years (error = 0 days and 2.22 hours)

    Under 1000 years:
    813 Jupiter years are 9644.00 earth years (error = 0 days and 3.22 hours)
    196 Jupiter years are 2325.00 earth years (error = 0 days and 10.00 hours)
    617 Jupiter years are 7319.00 earth years (error = 0 days and 13.23 hours)

    Under 100 years:
    29 Jupiter years are 344.00 earth years (error = 1 days and 19.24 hours)
    58 Jupiter years are 688.01 earth years (error = 3 days and 14.49 hours)
    87 Jupiter years are 1032.01 earth years (error = 5 days and 9.73 hours)
    80 Jupiter years are 948.98 earth years (error = 7 days and 14.98 hours)
    51 Jupiter years are 604.97 earth years (error = 9 days and 10.22 hours)


  18. Mike, your math works but you are mixing sidereal period data with tropical period... Come join our discussion on the forum!

  19. I have been a student of prophecy for many years and I find all of this most exciting. It took a "for real" turn last August when our adult son died in a car crash. Nothing makes you look forward to the Rapture and return of the King and our loved ones like an experience of that nature. My sister also died unexpectedly in March. We have lost so many friends and church members since last summer, it seems like one more and it will be the straw that breaks the camel's back. But, during all this tragedy, I have found God to be more than faithful and every where I turned there was a song, a Bible verse, or some other form of encouragement that I so desperately needed. Then I found your website and I was overjoyed to learn of the Revelation 12 sign. I am of all people most blessed, to know that I will see my Savior as well as my loved ones again so soon. Hallelujah to the Lamb!! Thank you so much for all your study, hard work and encouragement. You have blessed so many with your many words of encouragement. Don't let the scoffers and nay-sayers discourage you.

    1. What an incredible, but sobering testimony. I am grieved for your loss and grateful for your encouragement. Maybe we will see our lost loved ones very soon.


    2. Thank you so much for your testimony and encouragement.

  20. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive glory, honor, and power -



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