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An Agnostic Presents Convincing Case For The Revelation 12 Sign

Last night I watched a video from someone who appears to be religiously agnostic that just blew me away.  I think in my own defenses of the #REV12SIGN I almost couldn't see the forest for the trees - so focused on the details I missed the biggest single piece of evidence for this sign.  He says it better than I can, so I'll let him speak for himself:

In summary, on September 23, 2017 an alignment in the sky will occur that matches the description in Revelation 12:1-2.  This hasn't happened before and seemingly won't happen again.  This isn't a maybe/sort-of thing, but a fact based in reality.  That's what makes this convincing to him, that unlike previous end-of-the-world or rapture predictions, which were based entirely on someone's fallible, personal calculations and theories, this alignment is based in reality.  It's a simple fact of history.

He ponders the question of "what then?"  If something prophetically significant happens around that time then he realizes that the Bible will have been validated.  If nothing happens around that time then it will just have been an unbelievably improbable coincidence.  Don't get me wrong though, I'm in the camp of those who believe this is the Revelation 12 Sign even if nothing happens this Fall.  In other words, I personally believe the prophecy given in Revelation 12:1-2 will be fulfilled on September 23rd even if the rapture doesn't happen for another year or more - I can't get around the sign itself.  It's happening people.

This wise young man is paying attention and if you want the evidence that prophecy is evangelistic in nature this is it.

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  1. Wow what an honest person and he is absolutely right, one cannot argue that the sign will be there. If there is any way he can look at this video as soon as possible I would like to share it with him. This video will visibly and concretely document for him the biblical account of Noah's Ark, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as described in the bible, the account of Moses crossing the red sea, the encampment described in Exodus where Moses struck the rock and water came forth, and the actual discovery of the real Ark of the Covenant. This film should essentially enough to at least prove the entire Old Testament. I mean if this much is true the rest must be right? Here it is please get it to him and God bless him for sharing that! https://youtu.be/XmSJmNmxD4E

    1. Thank you for sharing. He seems like a really wise and thoughtful young man. My prayer is that he takes a step beyond the "what if" and gets onboard the ark NOW. It's good to believe after the fact, but even better to believe NOW.

    2. The Biblical evidence supporting the Rev. 12 sign is found in "The Season of the Rapture: God's Three Fold Witness" Request a free copy of the e-book from Pastor Bob at his email address: Evanteachr@aol.com.

  2. It's truly amazing that even some agnostics and atheists out there recognize the significance of this sign and we have people like Billy Crone and all these other big-name pastors being either completely silent on it or dismissing it altogether. You CANNOT deny the fact that this sign will happen. You can't... So the fact that it's happening should be some sort of "light bulb moment" where you think "hey, maybe I should look at this thing deeper."

    It's all there from the moon under her feet, she's clothed in the sun, crowned with 12 stars and has a 42 week healthy pregnancy with Jupiter. IT'S ALL THERE!!! How is this debatable????

    And I'll tell you 2 more things that add to the actual alignment that make this sign so massively important:

    1: The rarity is so immense that this only happens once in the entire 7000 years God set aside for man.
    2: The timing is such that this doesn't happen in some random month of February or in some random year. This happens ON THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS 70 YEARS AFTER THE REBIRTH OF ISRAEL AS A NATION!!!!!!!!!!!

    God is absolutely screaming at us.

    I cannot say with 100% certainty that the rapture happens this year as no one can but it is my absolute belief we're going home this September.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! As added encouragement I recently did a blog article called 'Worthy to Escape' which includes a comparison of the Revelation 12 'man child' with the Revelation 2 and 3 'he that overcometh' (as the KJV refers to them). The Scripture shows a direct parallel between the man child and the overcoming church that is to be raptured:)

  4. It's called faith, and if you don't have it now young man, and this is the sign we the bride's of Yahshua pray it is, you will have to wait for the next bus, but not take the mark of the beast. Maybe this will help, my profile picture at the left is of the side of my face. These three Hebrew letters that look like a white tattoo came from the Holy Spirit of God while I was in prayer for a healing of my double broken back. I prayed with 100% faith I would be healed, then a few minutes into prayer the Father's healing heat entered my back, and took the pain with it, and also was healed. I hadn't even read the bible up to that time eight years ago now. I read the bible one year later, that's when I received a call telling me of a old family secret that I was Jewish from my mother's side. I have had multiple healing sense, and our Father even gave me the secret of how I died, and went into the white tunnel we have all heard of when my helicopter was shot down in Vietnam in 1972. He...Yahweh/Yahshua the Holy Spirit is REAL!!! He has confirmed so many things with me, even the vision/dream He gave me because I had prayed for it for two years, I would be a HUGE FOOL if I didn't believe in Him now. Say goodbye to this demon infested rock, ask Him into your heart, in fact become an organ donor now.....give your HEART to YAHSHUA (Jesus)



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