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Russia Announces That Its Military Will Shoot Down U.S. Aircraft

After the downing of a Syrian jet by an American F-18, Russian officials have just announced that U.S. aircraft will be actively targeted when flying over Syria and cooperation with the U.S. in Syria has been suspended.

We are one step closer to war.

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  1. “We are one step closer to war.” Agree. Prophetic wars at the Middle-East involving Israel seem to be close on the horizon.

  2. It is very disturbing to see what we are doing in Syria. We have no legal authority to be there, much less shoot down planes that belong to the ruling nation (Syria).

    I have discovered an investigative report by a Belgium newspaper (Trud) where they have traced arms being financed by two US companies contracted through the US government and have followed the movement of these arms from Belgium to Saudi Arabia and from there into Syria where they are ending up in the hands of ISIS! America is supplying arms to organizations that are killing US soldiers. This seems to be normal CIA procedure. This is how you keep a war going.

    Think about this...Russia and Syria are fighting ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra and every evil group. And the US is supplying these groups with weapons! We can end the conflict very easily...stop shipping arms to ISIS. We are fools! We will pay a price, not by Syria, but by the Holy One of Israel. (Remember: The total solar eclipse on Aug. 21 is only touching America, as it splits the US in half from Oregon to SC. This happens on the exact day that begins 40 days of repentance by the nation. It is the month of Elul on God's calendar. Nineveh, a gentile nation, was given 40 days to repent! This is no coincidence)



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