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North Korea crisis

North Korea launches an ICBM capable of reaching the USA.

The US forces an emergency UN security counsel meeting to discuss.

ABC News

The stage is set.

If you take 9/23 Revelation 12 as truth and the Gog/Magog Ezekiel 38/39 war happens right around the rapture, then what would allow the U.S. to stand idly by, while Israel is attacked?

Perhaps the arrogance that enemies like North Korea have is no big deal, but perhaps not.
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  1. Hwasong 14 is a mobile intermediate range missile. The UN Security Council, China, Russia and the US condemned the launch and demanded no further tests; Why? North Korea does not have a Rothschild controlled Central Bank and is fitting on $10T in natural resources just like Qadaffi was in Libya. Qadaffi was constructing the GMMR (Great Man Made River), handing out interest free loans, nearly free gas, free college education and most importantly abandoning the $US to adopt the Debt Free African Dinar which is why the US attacked.
    Gog and Magog is "after the thousand years" Rev 20:7-8

  2. Thanks Greg.....My speculation is that we will be in a war with NK in 2018....pure speculation though!

    1. I'm with you. We see the stage set and any number of ways this whole messy world could come unhinged. Many dominoes could be used to trigger. We can only guess what will happen next. We can rest assured the stage is set and the time is short. This is the point. Stunning how many want to debate the unknowable fine points. Wish more came to this site hungry to know the Lord and to make Him famous in the time that remains.

  3. I generally follow this outline, but am suspicious Psalm 83 was fulfilled in 1967. Perhaps 1967 was just a type.

    1. http://christinprophecy.org/articles/the-wars-of-the-end-times/

  4. Greg, I could not agree with you more....I grew up in the 60's, my kids don't know about it.....there is more tension in the spring worldwide now than back then, and it is building daily. I can only imagine what it was like for Bonhoeffer prior to WWII as he saw it coming.

    I wonder if Psalm 83 is a conniving of antagonist nations....plotting and planning....like now. The Saudis are purportedly ready to make peace with Israel....with their fingers crossed I am sure, and are courting other Sunni nations to do the same to help the US efforts for a "comprehensive solution"...just rambling thoughts!

  5. By the time that happens USA will be TOAST. We are MIA from the Biblical scene as we are (1) outta here & (2) those not taken are eradicated by the Father's Judgement in a land split in two for splitting His Holy City. {New Madrid, Solar Eclipse, Little Egypt, look it up} -- Jimboni

  6. from partial solar eclipse october 24th, 2015 (the solar eclipse between the blood moons) up to the Feast of Trumpets (sept 21st, 2017) is 1064 and strongs greek 1064 is gaster or "womb of a woman with child" - this is the same word used in Revelation 12:2 she being with "child" = gaster = that is a child in her womb - God is good!



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