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The Chance Of A Lifetime

A Little Strength's Greg Lauer is out with another home run article about the Revelation 12 Sign.  It is an especially important encouragement and admonition to the core group of us who are watching and teaching the Revelation 12 Sign.  We don't all agree on the fine details and that is ok, but let's love and encourage one another humbly and patiently as we see the day approaching.  Some think the rapture will happen in the September 20-22 range.  Others think it will happen on September 23rd.  Others think we are simply entering the "season" of the rapture and it could happen in October or even a year or two from now.  Others believe this is not a sign of the rapture, but only of the nearness of Daniel's 70th Week.

Whatever it is you believe about The Great Sign, we could all use a little humility.  The enemy desires to sow discord in the waning months of the Church Age, but let's be unified in the Spirit through love and good deeds, recognizing that all of us are broken sinners who have been saved by an incredible Savior and not one of us has it all figured out.

You can read Greg's article here.

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  1. Greg was a little hard on himself.
    Salvation is the eternal lifeline, the Revelation 12 sign is an extra bonus gift.
    Great article!
    ~ Tryphosa

    We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent us. The night is coming and then no one can work. John 9:4

  2. And some are thinking any day now... that we are going to be out of here long before that sign lines up...

  3. "Greg was a little hard on himself."

    Actually, I thought I let myself off pretty easy. =:)

    (Confession time: I'm not really borderline, I'm pretty much full tilt.)



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