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The Woman Clothed With The Sun

Credit to Daily Crow for first spotting this unbelievable picture of Ivanka Trump from the G-20 Summit, which was taken just 74 days before the Revelation 12 Sign.  This is right along the lines of Balaamic Prophecy.

Here is a woman clothed with the Sun.  Her last name is "Trump" (think Feast of Trumpets, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, 1 Corinthians 15:51-52).  Even more, "Ivanka" means John.  It is a feminized version of Ivan, which is the Slavic translation of the name of the author of the book of Revelation who wrote Revelation 12 (Greek Iōánnēs)!  Her middle name is Marie, which is the French form of Mary, who was of course the virgin mother of Christ and a foreshadowing of the final fulfillment of Revelation 12.

Compare the placement of the Sun over Ivanka's shoulder and the Sun over the constellation Virgo on September 23, 2017:

Is this just a coincidence or is God sovereign over even the most minute details?  And don't forget Beyoncé's "Revelation 12" performance at the Grammys 149 days earlier.

On the same day Ivanka's G-20 photo was taken (July 10th), it was announced that the first object ever instantaneously transported from the earth to space occurred.  China used quantum entanglement to transport a photon from the ground to an orbiting satellite called Micius.  Sounds a lot like the rapture if you ask me... instantaneous, from the earth to the sky.  Just sayin'.  See 1 Corinthians 15:52 and 1 Thessalonians 4:17.

Oh yeah, one other thing to report: tomorrow Russia will launch the Mayak satellite which will unfurl a pyramid-shaped mylar reflector.  This man-made satellite will become the fourth brightest object in the sky after the Sun, Moon, and Venus.  From the perspective of someone on earth, Mayak will appear brighter than even Jupiter.

At first I thought this was fake news, but sure enough, it's real.  The name of the satellite looks like "Mark" in Russian:

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  1. What are the chances of that alignment??????? Ivan = John? wow. What is that hand thing she is doing, I cannot do that.... it hurts. try putting your two middle fingers together... like that.

    1. masonic

    2. Found it http://illuminazi.blogspot.com/2012/09/masonic-hand-signal-m-sign.html?m=1

    3. That M hand signal is quite a stretch on some of those photos. My fingers just naturally make that shape and I am as far from a Mason as you can get. Conspiracy nuts and conspiracy Butts.

    4. ArtiPrinted (Matthew M).... It's a woman thing. I'm a woman and I can touch my middle fingers together or separate them like a Spock greeting.

  2. Eh, not spun-up about this one. We have to remember to be discerning, and this doesn't signal much if anything IMO - especially about Ivanka. The sign is about several things happening at once, not just the passing of the sun through Virgo. So why is this a sign too?

    My concern is that people will take this event to such illogical interpretations and implications that it will discredit the whole thing. The fact is that this is likely the sign mentioned in Rev. 12:1-2, but the remaining verses are yet to be understood as to their fulfillment; thus, we risk discrediting ourselves by making hard predictions on how things WILL play out if things don't happen like is stated. We have to have some discretion - it will play out as God has determined, but God will do it how God deems fit.

  3. "...at the last trump" Did we miss the 1st 6 Trumpets?

    1. Maybe... ???


    2. Well that's a stretch. Did we miss 1/3 of the Trees and all Green Grass burned by Hail and Fire? Rev 8:7 A mountain cast into the sea killing 1/3 of sea life and ships Rev 8:8-9 Wormwood falling and making the rivers Bitter Rev 8:10 1/3 of th eStars darkened and a loud voice shouting Woe! Woe Woe!. Rev 9:11 is the 5th Trumpet 1st Woe! Scorpions like locusts tormenting the world 5 months and Satan cast to Earth. 6th Trumpet 2nd Woe! 200 Million flying horsemen with breastplates of fire, Jacinth and brimstone.
      Sorry Brandon we did not miss all this.

    3. Hey I did say maybe... lol. Isctually I always found that video interesting and wanted to play devil's advocate to hear other peoples thoughts. =)

    4. Wrong trumpets.

    5. Go on. There are only 7 Trumpets mentioned in Scripture. I just summarize them

    6. I'm thinking all the 7 trumpets will come very close together, all heralding different aspects of the same multi-part global disaster, which I think will be a hit from a large, fragmented comet. Such a comet would be seen in advance, corresponding to how trumpets are blown to signify an imminent arrival. At that point it will be much too late to plan any heroic space missions. Then the comet fragments will hit more or less all at once. Large pieces will punch down to the land and the sea, while small fragments will burn up in the atmosphere as meteors.

      The rapture could happen before the impact. If you take the seals 1 to 6 as having been opened over the Church Age to subtle but large and lasting effects, a rapture could be pre-trib, pre-wrath, and take place at the last trump, all at the same time.

    7. Only 7 trumpets mentioned in Scripture? That would be if you think the entire Bible consists of Revelation chapters 8-11.

      There are a number of reasons why you shouldn't automatically associate the 7th trumpet with what Paul calls "the last trump":

      1. The Church is already in Heaven in Revelation 4 before the seals are opened, or, at the very latest, by the 6th or 7th seal (see Rev. 7). The 7th seal is what triggers the angels to begin blowing their trumpets (Rev. 8:1-2), which is definitely after the Church is in Heaven.

      2. Each of the seven trumpets is tied directly to judgment. None of them have to do with with the resurrection or rapture of the Church. The "last trump" or "trump of God", as mentioned in 1 Thess. 4 and 1 Cor. 15 are directly tied to the resurrection and rapture of the Church per the text.

      3. The seven trumpets are blown by angels. The trumpet tied to the rapture is called the "trump of God" - God's trumpet.

      4. While I'm not convinced "no one knows the day or hour" is an idiom for the Feast of Trumpets, "the last trump" definitely is. I've researched this and old Jewish commentaries are in agreement, so this isn't a modern invention by over-zealous Christians. "The last trump/trumpet" refers to the long and final blast of the trumpet on the Feast of Trumpets. It's an actual, technical term.

    8. "For if the Trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?" 1 Cor 14:8 So why did Paul warn this if there is nobody in the Christian Church left on Earth to hear it?

    9. I bet because we'll hear the trumpet while on earth. It's the signal. The order of events in 1 Thess. 4:16-17 is:

      1. The Lord Jesus appears
      2. A the trumpet sounds
      3. The dead in Christ are resurrected
      4. Those of us who are alive are raptured along with the resurrected Christians and we meet the Lord in the air.

    10. And then Jesus returns a 3rd time in Rev 19:11? The 7th and final Trumpet is the 3rd Woe! in Rev 18:18, following the 5th and 6th Trumpet Warnings. This sequence you outlined is often quoted in Study Bible notes, but is not backed up in Scripture.

    11. It isn't from Bible study notes. I ordered my list straight from 1 Thess. 4. 1 Cor. 15:52 is a double-witness and contains the exact same order:

      1. Trumpet sounds
      2. Dead raised
      3. We are changed

      But so you don't have to take my word for it:

      1 Thess. 4:16-17:

      [FIRST] For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, [SECOND] and the dead in Christ will rise first. [THIRD] After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.

      1 Cor. 15:52:

      In a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. [FIRST] For the trumpet will sound, [SECOND] the dead will be raised imperishable, [THIRD] and we will be changed.

      Either of us could be wrong in our interpretation, but some humility goes a long way.

    12. I don't see why an angel couldn't blow God's trumpet. I think the trumpets in Revelation could be said to be God's trumpets, so no eight trumpet of any kind is needed.

      Like: Trumpet-Trumpet-Trumpet-Trumpet-Trumpet-Trumpet-Seven Thunders-Last trumpet and rapture, and then the effects from the trumpets hit Earth, because the trumpets were heralds, not causes of destruction.

    13. "And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound" Rev 8:7 "And I say another sign in heaven, great and marvelous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up the wrath of God" Rev 15:1 There are 14 Angels, 7 Trumpets followed by 7 with Vials; the latter reserved for the "Desolate" i.e. those not in Covenant with God.

  4. Man, I could seriously cry! Tears of joy, that is. Amazing!

  5. Where's her crown? What would be really ironic is if she was really pregnant. :)

  6. barbiosheepgirl7/13/2017 7:08 PM

    so the daily crow points this out...I am not going to read into anything deeper other than we, particularly in this forum, are super sensitive watchers, and that nothing is coincidence, even the calf given to me to bottle-feed has the eartag 57. Grace Complete, or Jubilee/Shmitah, either way we are glorifying God because we are acknowledging these things, and searching/rereading His Word, not worshiping or saying such images (Ivanka) are determining things, we are "just sayin'" pointing out these oddities. I am going to keep it simple for now. the big events upcoming have my stomach in a knot (eclpise/FOT) because after that, and no rapture, there must be something else we over-looked as watchmen. I want to know what that could be as soon as I realize we "still remain". Adding in all these outside things are like decorations on a cake. I KNOW the Lord is coming soon and I know we are not destined to wrath and will be spared the tribulation. I will not be let down should I be walking the earth Sept 24th, or even have to eat crow on thanksgiving dinner with fellow believers/mockers in our family who will say "I told you so" ..As God is my witness, I will not be shaken! just sayin'...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The point that comes to mind regarding all these events but with no rapture would be the signs significance. It's there for Israel as it is for us. Another purpose, I believe, is that it points to the end of the Church age just as much as a birth. I've heard varying opinions (albeit, having to take it with a grain of salt) that some think the birth can still happen within a 30 gap or by the next feast date. Regardless, we should still keep watch & focused on Jesus as He's still in his harvest. The millions of conversions in the Middle East thru his direct intervention is attesting to that. :)

    3. Barbiosheepgirl: Amen!

  7. This photo of Ivanka is a real sign rom the Lord- the analogy being that the sign itself is about a REAL woman, and that woman is the Holy Spirit giving birth to Her Manchild, the corporate Body of Christ, all the redeemed, (with Jesus , looking back, born of the Virgin Mary) who is caught up to Heaven by Sept. 23. The Great Sign is about real Woman and not Israel. A real Woman giving a real birth. Glory to God for this amazing event.

  8. The more I look at this picture, the more incredible it is - God is mind boggling in intelligence and His play on words and signs, for all who have an ear of what the Spirit is saying to the churches. Sometimes I just say "I can't believe You did that Lord". This is one of them. Thanks for the photo. Just more and more confirmation.

  9. I saw bits of the TV show Salvation the other night. The rocket that they tested (and it failed) that they were going to use to destroy the asteroid that is headed to earth was named Goliath II. They also said that they were going to build a space ark to save 160 chosen people from the destruction of the earth. At one point, they said that the asteroid couldn't be destroyed because the technology hadn't been built yet. You have to really listen and keep your eyes open to see and hear the things they are purposely putting in this show.

    1. CERN has just built the GOLIATH Magnet to attempt to capture proof of the "Dark Photon". What else would control GOLIATH but David?

  10. Is it just me, or are we all hugely interested to see what is going to happen 70 days before 22/23 Sept (which I believe is this Sunday(ish).

    Ryan D

  11. @Through and Through,

    Wat did you mean by that, do is miss something? Please clarify me.

  12. Fantastic, guys. Thanks for posting this article.

    Ivanka, Ivan. Like in Italian Giovanni is John and Giovanna is the female version.
    Juan, Juana, etc.

    Daily Crow had written: "Dragon Tattoo actor Michael Nyqvist dies aged 56. He lived 20,685 days, the 20,685th verse is Ezekiel 12:4..."

    The last part of the verse says:

    "You shall bring out your baggage by day in their sight, as baggage for exile, and you shall go out yourself at evening in their sight, as those do who must go into exile. Ezekiel 12:2-4

    Did someone not say that 'the twinkling of an eye' is the dusk or evening?
    Also the actor standing in front of the wall with 'Abduction Sept 23' from that image is frightening.

  13. On this morning's previews for the next Salvation TV show episode the actor said, "you can't trust the government; we have to save ourselves".

  14. This is such a wonder. I especially agree with the connection being made with Baalam typology. Our God in his sovereignty is all wise and powerful. Thank you for sharing this photo and commentary. Bless you all until we meet in the air. I can hardly imagine, as the song goes. Maranatha and Shalom

  15. How many days till the sign? I just read that Russia just sent up 73 satellites.

    1. It's about 70 days now: http://www.unsealed.org/p/the-sign.html

      But 73 is interesting. Strong's 73 means "gathering, contest, struggle". Refers to the Olympic contests in the Bible and is used in Scriptures where Paul talks about finishing the race and fighting the good fight. The Christian race is almost complete!


  16. Sept 23, 2017 Shabbat Shuvah "Sabbath of Return" "I am come in my father's name and ye receive me not. If another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive" Jn 5:43 Think this date has something to do with Jesus? Guess Again

  17. I didn't know where else to share it, but has anyone read this jaw dropping article?? I've literally never read something from a news / opinion source that seems more in line with eschatology.

    "Perhaps someone will come along and, strictly for the sake of business, bring peace to the Middle East. But if such a treaty failed, or if for any reason Israel becomes an economic threat to BRICS and One Belt One Road, it is feasible that Russia will descend, China will march and Tehran will launch."


    1. "Because China’s most important land “road” runs straight through the countries in this region. A second major route is noted below.

      The land road begins in the Chinese city of Xi’an. Its path runs directly through Tehran. Moving into Iraq, it then either goes directly into Turkey or through Syria to both Turkey and the Mediterranean.

      If China’s land road goes through Syria, as Tehran hopes it will, it will connect at the Mediterranean"

      The great rivers were dried to make way for the kings of the land of the sun rising.....

      "Already, Israel is getting under the skin of other members in the Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce. Its huge gas and oil fields just offshore in the Mediterranean are on the verge of piping fuel directly to Europe, cutting into Russia’s market."

      That last sentence is your main ingredient for Ezekiel 38.

  18. ********

    Just playing with the numbers.

    Have you divided 726 (harpazo) by Pi (3.14159) ?

    Do it



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