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The Long Arm Of The Lord

Greg Lauer is out with another fantastic article that encourages all of us to be about the mission in light of September 23rd and the short time we may have left: The Long Arm of the Lord

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  1. The Believing Wife8/02/2017 3:42 PM

    When I started reading this article I somehow knew I'd be a mess of sobbing tears by the end and here I am, exactly that. Just today I started fasting for my husband who "prayed the prayer" as a kid but whose mind and heart are blinded by unbelief and doubt. I love my husband more than I love my own life and his salvation is what matters most to me. And everyday it's a new day to come before the Lord, bringing my own hope and fear and pleading for mercy and grace. Nothing is impossible for God, I know this...and yet the reality is that some people are lost and I implore God with all my heart and soul that my darling is found, and sealed with the Holy Spirit and blessed with eternal life. I am running out of words to pray because I've prayed them all again and again a million times but I will keep saying them and praying them and bringing my tears to the Father who is a good Father and begging him for my husband's salvation. Thank you for sharing this article. It was greatly needed.

    1. By the end of the article I was also welling up with tears.

      I will pray for your husband. If you're comfortable sharing just a first name I'll pray for him by name (you can email me at unsealed.org@gmail.com).

      In Christ,

    2. When I checked Unsealed today, I actually read your comment first then went to the article at A Little Strength. It is a site I follow, but had not read today's post. I was moved to tears as well. I don't know you or your husband, but I want you to know that I will be praying for both of you. You are right when you said, we have a good, good Father.
      There is a saying about God that says, "When you can't see His hand, trust His heart". He loves your husband even more than you do. Keep praying for him, but begin thanking your Father in heaven for what He is doing behind the scenes. He is faithful and you can trust Him. Don't ever stop believing! He loves you, too and wants to give you the desires of your heart, especially when they line up with His. Pam

    3. The Believing Wife8/03/2017 8:25 AM

      Gary, Pam...your comments have brought immense comfort and joy. I've read and re-read them a dozen times...

      Gary, your prayers means everything to me. Thank you. May God abundantly bless you for all of your faithfulness to him and your tender love for his people.

      Pam, you have no idea how blessed I am that you commented for reasons I will share with you one day. Thank you for following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. May God bless you abundantly and show you how grateful I am!!

    4. My friend you have begged long enough. It is time to start thanking God. Thank you Father you remember the words of the little boys heart, not the words of the hurt man. It will be hard at times, but smile. It will piss of the devil. And because look around you have warriors fighting for you. You are not alone. I will pray for you both too.

  2. As always, thank you for the link, Gary. It's so wonderful to just sit down sometimes and remember that God is good. Although this "nod" was personal, I knew I had to share it with others--and I am so grateful that it has touched some hearts.

    Thanks to all of you. =:)

    1. You're welcome brother. I really love your articles! Keep it up and Maranatha!

  3. My husband and 2 eldest sons are also lost, thank you for this article it was much needed. I have left bibles with left behind notes and information on what to expect in the tribulation. I have filled the larder with water and tins but am sad as I do so, I pray every night and ask Jesus Christ to come into their hearts which have been blinded by science and modern theories. My husband believes that once you are dead, you are dead. He will not listen and becomes angry when I try to explain and encourage with the word. I too, was an atheist from age 21 to 46, I lived with a burden that I didn't think God would forgive, but I was wrong as I was forgiven and feel the Holy Spirit every day and Faith in Jesus Christ has changed my life. I feel so desperately sad for my loved ones and all believers loved ones who are currently lost to the love of Jesus Christ.

    1. The Believing Wife8/03/2017 8:27 AM

      Dear one, I am praying for you and your sweet family. I know how you feel and my heart aches with you and trusts our good Father who knew you and your loved ones before the foundation of the world. Please be encouraged by dear Pam's comment above and rejoice for the work God is doing in your family's life.

    2. Thank you for sharing your need. I prayed for your husband and two sons.

    3. I will be happy to add your husband and two sons to my prayer list. I have a growing number of sticky notes on the wall beside my bed. I see them morning and night and remember each one to our Father in heaven.
      I am not one to comment on posts, but after reading The Believing Wife's post I knew the Holy Spirit was directing me to pray and post a reply. I will continue to do so for you, as well. I'm looking forward to meeting you both in heaven and to be honest, I can hardly wait! Pam

  4. Thank you so much for this article. It took me back down memory lane, too! We are currently encouraging our teenaged family members to accept Christ as their Savior, and feel encouraged as we realize we are simply the Holy Spirit's mouthpiece, the HS moves the heart. We definitely feel the racing of the clock. Your article encourages us to push forward, as hard as we can, because time is so short.

    1. Don, I will pray for your teenaged family members.
      Maranatha! Pam

  5. Thank you for your prayers for my husband and sons, they are heart felt appreciated. The article above has made me realise that, I can only do so much, as Don has said a mouth piece. The Lord has to do his work and not all will come to him in an easy way, as we know the path is narrow. I feel that I am letting my family down because I am still learning with my bible and am not responding well to my husbands and sons responses. It is hard to come back with a sufficient answer, when you are walking a slightly obscure path yourself. I look forwards to meeting the Lord in the clouds and have left the material world behind but it is more difficult to leave the people you love to what is in essence hell on earth. Again I thank you for your kindness and faith. Bless you all and peace be with you.

  6. This Hits Home with me as my husband and daughter, her kids, and a daughter-in-law are still lost. I, too, feel I need more words, but the Holy Spirit knows more words than I do and I know Jesus is interceding. I can only thank Him for His faithfulness. I remember the look of a dear son of God who watched my husband come into the room and the look of agape love he had for my husband showed me that God sees DH as a lost little boy. That realization changed my way of looking at the unsaved ones...lost little children. I can only thank God for His promises, His love for all people, and His heart's desire that we all share eternity with Him.



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