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The Second Nativity

When Jesus appeared the first time we saw Mary and Joseph, a divine conception, virgin birth, signs in the heavens, and wise men.  That was a very specific and personal fulfillment of many prophecies, but now in 2017 it looks like we are witnessing the same thing happening again, but this time it is not just a virgin girl from Israel about to go into labor, but all of creation:

For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now.  And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.
- Romans 8:22-24

The Apostle Paul tells us that creation itself is undergoing labor pains until the children of God are revealed.  This revealing, the "redemption of our bodies", is none other than the resurrection and rapture of the Church (1 Thess. 4:16-18, 1 Cor. 15:51-53).  The prophet Isaiah confirms that the earth is going to give birth to God's people and then they will be hidden away in a place of safety (compare to Zeph. 2:1-3, Lk. 21:36, Jn. 14:2-3, Rev. 3:10):

Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise.
   You who dwell in the dust, awake and sing for joy!
For your dew is a dew of light,
   and the earth will give birth to the dead.

Come, my people, enter your chambers,
   and shut your doors behind you;
hide yourselves for a little while
   until the fury has passed by.
- Isaiah 26:19-20

Isaiah confirms the same message 40 chapters later:

Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once? For as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children.
- Isaiah 66:8

Both of these passages are directly connected to the image of a woman (Israel) in labor (Is. 26:17-18, 66:7) and this Saturday we will witness the prophesied Revelation 12 Sign in the heavens, which depicts a woman in labor.  It seems this woman was also prophesied in Micah 5:3 and Isaiah 7:14 (see here).

The first nativity involved a single Jewish family, but the second nativity involves the whole earth.  Is it then any wonder that everything has lined up this year like a corporate mirror image of what happened 2,000 years ago?

A Divine Conception:

A Virgin (Virgo):

A 9 Month Pregnancy of a King:

A Woman in Labor (The Revelation 12 Sign):

Wise Men:

The magi went through Jerusalem before coming to Bethlehem.  Likewise, the Great American Eclipse crossed seven towns named Salem.  The path of totality went right over Weiser, Idaho, which means "Wise men" in German, and then passed over Casper, Wyoming, which is the Chaldean name for magi.

Mary and Joseph:

Hopefully this one is self-evident to you, but Maria and Jose are the names for Mary and Joseph in a number of Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Old French, etc).  Two hurricanes in the Atlantic at the exact same time named Mary and Joseph.  Will the scoffers ignore this, too?

Signs in the Heavens:

Hopefully this one is also self-evident to you.  Jesus said there would be signs in the heavens leading up to His return.  There would be "great signs" (Lk. 21:11) and "signs in the sun, moon, and stars" (Lk. 21:25).  Try this on for size: Revelation 12:1-2 is the only sign given in the Bible that is called a "great sign" and that simultaneously involves the sun, moon, and stars.  There has also been a Blood Moon Tetrad, the reappearance of the Star of Bethlehem, the Great American Eclipse, an unexpected Blood Moon on Labor Day, and much more.  How much more do we really need to see?  What signs are Christians looking for if not these?

Religious Leaders Causing Spiritual Blindness (Start @ 17:40):

Final Thoughts:

The mocking/scoffing frenzy, which is currently ongoing shouldn't surprise anyone.  The scoffers twist what you say and put words in your mouth (just as a number of news articles are doing this week).  All we've ever said is that a prophetic sign of major importance is going to occur this Saturday.  To me and others it seems to point to the nearness of the rapture, but none of us have set dates, which makes the incessant "end of the world on 9/23"-talk all the more ridiculous.  And when the rapture does happen, the world will definitely not end, but the scoffing inhabitants of the earth will be trapped in a place they don't want to be - just as in the days of Noah.

As for me, I will be extremely watchful tomorrow through Sunday especially, and then again on 9/30 and through the end of Tabernacles.  Mark my words: Jesus is coming soon.

We would love to hear from you in the comments below about any thoughts, prayers, encouragements, or confirmations you have to share as we await the appearance of the King!

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  1. Amen and yes He is!!! Very nicely done. History is certainly repeating itself.

    Maranatha 👏🏻🙏🏻✝️❤️👍

  2. Maybe if they knew that Israel is not Israel, but Judea. Israel, the man, passed his name onto Ephraim and Mannaseh, his grandsons. He did not name Judah Israel. Ephraim became the British Empire, or company of nations. Mannaseh became a great nation AFTER Britain. So focus, initially, on these nations, for they are predominantly Christian. Judea is not. So rapture will take place in mostly the west. Judea will go into trib because they are subject to the law and not grace. They WILL learn who is King, but after the rapture.

  3. Red dragon collision on the “thigh” of the woman? Is the timing in the book of Numbers?

    Recently, I was prompted to look up the occurrences of the word “amen” (Strongs 543) in the Bible and the very first occurrence is where it is said twice - “Amen, Amen” in the book of Numbers chapter 5. That section has to do with the jealousy of a husband for his wife and how to deal with it.

    The husband is to provide a grain offering of barley to give to the wife who will hold it in her hand (Num 5:15, 18, 25) during this procedure. I don’t know about you but this sure looks like a classical picture of the constellation Virgo which is portrayed as having a stalk of barley in her right hand. This is not to be confused with her left hand which holds wheat.

    The priest takes holy water stored in the tabernacle, puts dust into it from the floor of the tabernacle and puts the woman under oath so that if she has cheated she will be under a curse. The water sounds like it’s the same as the purification water used by Jesus in his first miracle at the wedding mentioned in John 2.

    If she is guilty, verse 21 says that her belly will swell and that her thigh will rot. A swollen belly sounds a lot like a pregnancy to me. And guess what Hebrew root word is used for the word “rot”? It’s the word “naphal” (Strongs 5307) which means “to fall”. Sounds kind of like the same root word for the Nephilim (fallen ones). So we see that the rot in the thigh of the woman may be connected to the Nephilim which may be arriving at the point where Jupiter collides with the red dragon currently in the thigh of Virgo.

    If you take a look at Stellarium and point the date to around October 18th you’ll see a conjunction of Jupiter with Mercury very close to the thigh of Virgo. Perhaps that’s when the red dragon collides with Jupiter and when the return of the Nephilim commences?

    There’s probably some more deeper meanings in that passage that other’s may be prompted to contribute.

  4. But Wait, there's MORE! The 'child', if you will, of Jose and Maria, that is to say the next storm in line will be named LEE, from my research. As an adjective, LEE means "the sheltered side; the side away from the wind" which is intriguing in this context, and encouraging. As a proper name it has English And Celtic roots referring to "Clearing, Meadow" and "Descendant of Laoidheach", respectively. Interestingly, Laoidheach, itself, means "From the Pasture". So, something 'plucked' from the Pasture, hmmm.

    LEE has an English Gematria of 40 which, in Strong's Greek is hagios: sacred, holy. "Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the HOLY Ghost" (Matt 1:18 KJV, emphasis mine). Funny, we should get a verse tied to the Nativity tangled up with Jose & Maria, of course! In Hebrew, we get, abimelek:
    "father is king," as found in Gen 20:2 "She is my sister: and Abimelech king of Gerar sent, and took Sarah" (KJV).

    In Hebrew Gematria, LEE has a value of 30 which in Strong's Greek we get aggeion: a vessel: "But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps" (Matt 25:4 KJV). WOW, are you serious, are you SERIOUS?! (TYPPB) What are the odds this would drive back to the WISE VIRGINS, Oh MY!

    In Strong's Hebrew we find Abihu: "he is father," a son of Aaron: "Aaron married Elisheba, daughter of Amminadab and sister of Nahshon, and she bore him Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar" (Ex 6:23, KJV).

    So, in total we see the HOLINESS of G-D, Himself here, referred to as the agent of the Nativity, along with a VESSEL referred to as holding the oil of waiting for the bridegroom, a thing taken FROM THE PASTURE which, on the LEE side, is on the sheltered side; the side away from the wind, and, HE IS FATHER and FATHER IS KING.


    1. Unfortunately for that hypothesis, Lee came before Maria and has already dissipated before actually becoming a hurricane. However, the next name up is Nate which is short for Nathaniel. May be something there. Nathaniel the Prophet?

    2. Interesting that the first island to be hit by Maria was Dominica which means 'of the Lord' followed by the VIRGIN islands possibly starting with st Croix which is known as the 'land of the churches' etc

    3. The next two hurricanes will be called Nate (Nathaniel = he gave) and Ophelia (= help). Very exciting times. I hope people are massively turning back to God, taking the focus off themselves and back to our creator and father. He gave us help, he gave us a way out.

    4. That's OK if Lee whimpered out, PTL! Our Father's voice is often to us more quietly, even when coming from the Whirlwind. While many look for the magnanimous to validate the Divine, one of our beautiful Christian Paradigms is so contrarian to that and wasn't it a wonderful unpacking of items which He uses to speak to us, all the while? Hat tip to brother Steve at HeavenlySign2017 for modeling for us that form of exploration of meaningless randomness (Ha!) Meanwhile 5.0 raises it's head again, Pray for P.R. folks, also 7.1 was in the news today in Mexico.

      Having been through about a dozen trips, and false trips and return trips to the hospital for my own, and the impending deliveries of the babies of friends, I must say this feels wonderfully familiar. Maranatha!

    5. Also, Katia means Pure, Virginal. It hit Mexico 10 days ago.

  5. This is great: Religious Leaders Causing Spiritual Blindness

    Awesome work Unsealed and thank you all commenters. I have learned so much in the past several months as the scriptures have exploded (in meaning and with connecting the dots) for me and for so many others.

    We Fly Soon!

  6. Ok, I admit it ... I needed a slap to the head for missing ...

    Mary and Joseph

    Maybe it was too much -- in your face!

  7. Amen, well said. Thank you for a balanced viewpoint. 10:45 CST - 11:45 CST is the time the sun goes down each day in Jerusalem to start the next day. This is the point where the twinkle of the eye is seen when looking west.

    1. Yes indeed, the Holy Spirit told Apostle Paul the timeframe of the harpazo, that's why he wrote it down.

      Thank you Matthew for providing the U.S. timeframe* of the twinkling. In addition, we (who believe) should be hearing the shofar blast from heaven as well. I recommend all those who do not know what a shofar sounds like, check it out using youtube, it surely awakens/stirs the soul. Imagine what the trump/voice of God must sound like!

      *Different times for every believer on this (flat) earth which is below the firmament (see Gen 1:6-8 for starters) which has never been penetrated by NASA or any other nation. Wernher Von Braun knew this too, the only words on his tombstone are Psalm 19:1 [The heavens declare the glory of God; and the FIRMAMENT sheweth his handywork]!

      Firmament = Water (of some form)

    2. 6:35 pm
      Saturday, 23 September 2017 (GMT+3)
      Sunset in Jerusalem, Israel

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. The first feast days where fulfilled right on cue.....the next one has to be on Rosh Hashanna. God's timing is perfect.

    1. Ned,

      As you state, it would not agree with His past appointments if He should not keep the order. Unless, however, the 'Last Trump' be on Yom Kippur because it is a Jubilee Year. Then again, YK would throw all the days (i.e. Appointed Days) off in the years to come, unless God has other, Masterful curve balls in store for the earth.

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN0cl4RtFhg

  11. Another perspective, Hurricane Jose is forecast to track north, repent (turn-around) and go south again. Hurricane Maria is forecast to track north toward Jose. Two weather systems (bodies of air that make ---> wind <---). Their names are Jose (Joseph) and Maria (Mary) and are moving together and perhaps toward each other by this weekend.

    Could they even merge?

    Looking back at the eclipse of last month and the next to come in 2024 what do we see? Their track over America intersect and form a Tav over the area of Southern Illinois known as "Egypt" or "Little Egypt". Now who did Joseph and Mary hide from Herod? Where did they take Him? And what symbol may we see here this weekend? The picture of Joseph and Mary taking their child (this time the Church) out of Egypt and return him to the land of promise?

    Food for thought and further examination...

    Glory to G-D in the highest!

    Grace and peace to you,

    Pastor Rich


    1. Also right next to Cairo Illinois is an abandoned town called 'Future City'

      We look forward to a city built by God... :)

    2. CONCERNING THE QUAKE: Today is the 32nd ANNIVERSARY of the 1985 Mexico City Quake that killed thousands. The depth of today's quake was 32-miles.

    3. So they (Il--nati) knew this and made it happen right on cue, just as they are planning mega things for this weekend (for the New Order of things to come as a result of the chaos they will have created).

      God allows man to bring about His purposes which fulfill His word, the Bible.

      It is horrible to think God is permitting/ allowing this evil behavior (which brings death and destruction) to happen or seemingly prevail, but it must happen in order to bring people unto Him and to bring about the RESTORATION of His creation(s).

      Lastly and amazingly, these events THIS generation is witnessing...were planned from the beginning of time.

  12. PR,

    I think Mary and Joseph will indeed come together at some point to wallop some large East coast city (DC-Baltimore-NYC-Boston). Maybe hit em all?

    These storms (and their names) are just too good to be true (=> prophetic signals). I love how Luke 21:25 came to "life" for the world to witness (or scoff or mock)!

    Quake in LA today as well. Man, what's next for the USA?

    Well, apparently the Il-nti (via an NFL talkshow) have something planned for NYC (on 9/23) and to San Fran (on 9/24)see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryKAljZTQT8.

    I am waiting for the AC to make some sort of announcement or self-proclamation this week at the UN or perhaps, from somewhere else?

    1. Actually, I don't believe that they will make landfall in the US.

      What symbolism if they standby but never bring destruction to the US? Hurricanes are pictures of strength, power, and authority that are to be respected. Parents are a similar picture of strength, power and authority to be respected. Joseph and Mary were representative of these qualities in protecting Jesus as a child (in their earthly way). Taking Him all the way to Egypt before returning Him to His homeland.

      Most interesting that Jose (Joseph) has turned around to "wait" for Maria (Mary) and looks like "he" will do it again?

      And thinking of the Hurricane Irma; what is in the meaning of the name IRMA? A pagan war goddess. She brought destruction during the 40-days of repentance before the Day of Atonement being Yom Kippur.

      BBC headlines are most interesting today. Colourful to say the least, for it appears the fig tree has sprouted its tender shoots and summer is almost upon us. Soon the heat of the Day shall be felt.


    2. The Fig Tree has matured since its planting in 1897.

  13. This is all so AMAZING! Thank you all for sharing all this! God is GOOD!

  14. Hey everyone, just passing along information about the types of trumpet blasts on Rosh Hashana, and specifically, “the Last Trump.”

    During the 100 blasts, the first of three categories are combined back and forth until there is a total of 99 blasts. Then comes the 100th, the Tekiah Gedolah, a very long-sustained note – as long as the trumpeter had breath to hold it, and this is known as “the last trump.”

    1] The Tekiah – is a long, single blast. It was straight, plain, smooth, continuous note and it is to symbolize the expression of joy and contentment.

    2] The Shevarim – is three short blasts. A combination of three broken notes to symbolize weeping.

    3] The Truah – Extremely short blasts which are a combination of nine staccato notes in a very quick succession of short trill. This symbolizes trepidation, sorrow and sobbing.

    4] The Tekiah Gedolah – Means “the last trump.” This one symbolizes the HOPE
    of REDEMPTION. It is a very long, final note.

    Any connection to what Jesus said in Luke 21:28? ”When these things begin to happen, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. ☹️ not really smiling please all of you be careful when you start talking about these tragedies and tying God's purposes with them for us who have been directly affected we are still recovering.

    2. April,

      Thank you for your post. I totally get what you are saying and am lifting you and all those recovering from HARVEY and IRMA and beyond in prayer. It has been my joy to do so everyday for the past couple of years as part of my charge.

      The news coming out of Mexico City is horrific. That which is visiting Puerto Rico and is cutting another path of destruction in the Caribbean an equal magnitude. So what shall we say?

      In affliction I have only been able to find comfort in the LORD whether alone or in fellowship with my friends and neighbours or my brothers and sisters in Christ. Times of trouble are times of prayer for me. This morning I was reminded of (Isaiah 54:11-17 ESV) which I thought I would share here.

      I hope it brings you comfort:

      11 "O afflicted one, storm-tossed
      and not comforted,
      behold, I will set your
      stones in antimony,
      and lay your foundations
      with sapphires.

      12 I will make your pinnacles of
      your gates of carbuncles,
      and all your wall of precious

      13 All your children shall be
      taught by the LORD,
      and great shall be the peace
      of your children.

      14 In righteousness you shall be
      you shall be far from oppression,
      for you shall not fear;
      and from terror, for it shall
      not come near you.

      15 If anyone stirs up strife,
      it is not from me;
      whoever stirs up strife with
      shall fall because of you.

      16 Behold, I have created the
      who blows the fire of coals
      and produces a weapon for
      its purpose.
      I have also created the ravager
      to destroy;

      17 no weapon that is fashioned
      against you shall succeed,
      and you shall refute every
      tongue that rises against you
      in judgment.
      This is the heritage of the
      servants of the LORD
      and their vindication from
      me, declares the LORD."

      My sister April, I will continue to pray for you and your family in your time of affliction. I will continue to lift you up in these last days and pray your hearts are one in seeking and trusting the LORD. I trust and pray for your strength and deliverance from these storms in your life. Pray for us here and the deliverance from ours as well.

      Like so many of us here, we are looking toward the Day with fearful (reverent) anticipation. I, personally, get very excited at this for all the signs of the times; but inwardly, I grieve seeing children pulled from rubble that was once a school. I too am a parent and know the terror that one feels when their child is threatened and their status unknown.

      I firmly believe you have our, those of us who visit these pages, prayers and best wishes. As a family that is the Body of Christ we should all be praying for each other. Lifting each other up in humility out of contriteness of our hearts to the One who knows all our hearts.

      It is comforting to me that, after Chapter 54 (quoted above), the Prophet Isaiah continues in what is given as Chapter 55 with,

      "Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price."

      This is our blessed hope. This is the joy we share in Christ Jesus our Lord. His mercy endures forever!

      I continue to lift you in prayer.

      Grace and peace to you,

      Pastor Rich

  16. Amen and Amen (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBHcvJhc6Pk)

  17. Are you guys aware of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qedI0w5Lv9M

    I'd always thought the rapture to be the Day of Atonement (At one meant, finally). It hadn't occurred to me a second Pentecost. But, I'm open-minded and thinking of doing the day/year count for the Day of Atonement.

  18. Question. I've studied the rev 12 sign for over a year and half. I watched a video by final warning and he states there suppose to be 3hs of darkness that day because a heavenly body will cover the sun. This body suppose to have rings of large rocks around it like saturn haven't heard of this. Can anyone comment? Thanks.PTL

  19. Question. I've studied the rev 12 sign for over a year and half. I watched a video by final warning and he states there suppose to be 3hs of darkness that day because a heavenly body will cover the sun. This body suppose to have rings of large rocks around it like saturn haven't heard of this. Can anyone comment? Thanks.PTL

  20. This article takes me back to Immanuel, God with us or God + us. We will be united with our Head, Jesus Christ on our birthday at the resurrection/rapture of the body! I have always loved nativity scenes, and it never occurred to me that it was also speaking of us. Praise God for His mercy and the Holy Spirit whom He has poured out on us that belong to Him! It's like all the scriptures that have remained elusive all these years have been flung wide open and revealed to us just in these last moments! God is so good! It drives me crazy when I can't figure something out ;) And of course, I don't figure out anything. It is God Himself who reveals it. Blessings and love to all my brothers and sisters in Christ :)

  21. Mary and Joseph heading to Bethlehem????

    1. Maria just past west of St. Croix (US Virgin Islands) this morning. Take a look for "Upper Bethlehem" and you will find it just west of St. Croix!

      Mary has already visited Upper Bethlehem, US Virgin Islands.

    2. Correction: Upper Bethlehem is EAST of St. Croix!

      All apologies...PR

  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QweCLEva_4


  23. By the way Gary, Wonder Woman's name is DIANA!!! The Goddess Diana is the goddess of the HUNT and her brother is APOLLO, Revelation Chapter 9, vs 11!!!! Ever heard of 9/11??? Oh yeah, what number do THEY have us all call on our cell phones if we need EMERGENCY CARE????? ----------911---------------WOW!!!

    If you remember, Paul had a RUN-IN with some artisans in Ephesus over statues of this goddess and, the 7th wonder of the world was the temple to Diana in Ephesus!!! Paul probably preached in it or around it!!! AMAZING!!!

  24. Oh yeah, I almoat forgot!!!

    8 And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. 9 He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD. 10 And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar. 11 Out of that land went forth Asshur, and builded Nineveh, and the city Rehoboth, and Calah, 12 And Resen between Nineveh and Calah: the same is a great city.
    Gen 10:7-12 (KJV)

    HUM, MIGHTY HUNTER??? Diana & Nimrod might be closer than brother & sister???

  25. Another interesting thought... If you look forward at the selected names for the remaining Atlantic Hurricanes for 2017 and their meanings they are (again, meanings of the last 4 names): Gift From God - Palm Tree - Conqueror and White Island.

  26. One quick note on the appointed feasts and dates that God gave Moses on Mount Sinai. They are,

    1. Passover - Nisan 14-15
    2. Feast of Unleavened Bread - Nisan 15-22
    3. Feast of First Fruits - Nisan 16-17
    4. Feast of Weeks - Sivan 6-7
    5. Feast of Trumpets - Tishri 1
    6. Day of Atonement - Tishri 10
    7. Feast of Tabernacles - Tishri 15-22

    Rosh Hashana is the Civil New Year and not an original appointed Feast. It coincides with Feast of Trumpets, thus the Rapture would not be pinned on it.

    The first Sabbath of the New Year is Shabbat Shuba and may fall in line with the last trumpet. It all depends on the sighting of the risen waxing crescent moon. Shabbat Shuba (Sabbath of her return). It is one of two special Sabbaths of the year that bookend the Feasts. Shabbat HaGadol comes just before Passover while Shabbat Shuba falls on the Sabbath between Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement.

    It so happens that this year (5777); Shabbat HaGadol (The Great Sabbath) was on April 8th, SEVEN YEARS TO THE DAY BEFORE THE NEXT FULL SOLAR ECLIPSE ON APRIL 8, 2024. Shabbat Shuba is THIS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. (CAPS are emphasis only, not shouting, all apologies if it is troubling).

    Appointed Feast observances begin and end at sunset. See Leviticus Chapter 23 for personal study.

    Our Hebrew roots are RICH and for His Glory. G-D bless His people. G-D bless Israel!

    I hope this is of help and inspires further study.

    Grace and peace to you,

    Pastor Rich

  27. Yeah...so does your Rapture Index meter go any higher?!? :D

  28. This evening will mark the end of Feast of Trumpets and the beginning of the Sabbath. This first Sabbath of the Civil New Year is called Shabbat Shuba and is the second of two special Sabbaths that bookend Passover and FoT. Shuba can be understood as "She returns" and is generally referred to as "Sabbath Return". It falls in the Days of Repentance with some seeing a linguistic connection between Shuba and Teshuva (repentance); thus is sometimes linked to repentance even though it is given as a time of inward cleansing.

    Ashkenazic readings for Shabbat Shuba are (Hosea 14:2-10) and (Joel 2:15-27). Sephardic readings are (Hosea 14:2-10) and (Micah 7:18-20).

    The first of the two special Sabbaths is Shabbat HaGadol. It fell on Saturday, April 8, 2017 -- SEVEN YEARS TO THE DAY BEFORE THE NEXT TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE OVER NORTH AMERICA ON 4/8/24.

    It looks like the last Trump will usher in the Sabbath of Her Return around noon Eastern time today.

    The Sign of Revelation 12 will rise over Jerusalem at 9:16am tomorrow morning (9/23/17) with the rising of the waxing crescent gibbous moon. The moon will be at meridian at 3:04pm and set at 8:47pm (Jerusalem time).

    ************** A SPECIAL NOTE AND REQUEST **************

    Please, join me in prayer today for those who have endured great loss and pain in the wake of the latest disasters in the Caribbean, Mexico and US. Their loss is very real and they need our prayers even in these final hours. May we also pray for those who will form the new Church that rises out of the Tribulation to come. Be it next week or in 100-years from now.

    Glory to G-D in the highest!

    Grace and peace to you,

    Pastor Rich

  29. The most important figure in Revelation 12 is that "Man Child" born under the reign of the "Red Dragon” (Revelation 12:5) who would grow up and come out later as the "Rider on the White Horse" in Revelation 19:11-16 for the "Second Coming". Now, that prophecy is fulfilled. That "Man Child" prophesied in the Book of Revelation 12:5 has already come to reveal the true meaning of this Great Sign on September 23 and decode the 2,000-year mystery of the Book of Revelation, and more interestingly, his last name is "Lee", following Joseph and Mary.

    Please take a look at the website, www.RevelationFulfilled.com, and the blog on the true meaning of this Great Sign of Revelation 12 on September 23, 2017:

    The time for the "Second Coming" has come and the final battle to lock up Satan for a thousand years has begun. Please follow the Twitter @SonofManChrist for the timely update.



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