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U.S. Piled Up $666 Billion Deficit In 2017

Quite a strange number: the United States government ran a $666 billion deficit in 2017, which was the 6th highest deficit in U.S. history.  Source.  Yet the stock market just keeps going up, up, up.

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.
- Proverbs 22:7

On the topic of strange or dare I say miraculous numbers, Daily Crow is out with another fantastic article putting a lot of the pieces together from the last few months.  There is also a good word about the legitimacy of the Revelation 12 Sign and how it is truly serving its God-intended purpose.

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  1. Thanks Gary! Appreciate you and I love when there is a new post!!!

  2. I really, REALLY dislike that number! Great catch, Gary!

  3. Wow that’s remarkable, yet the unbeliever will continue to push that ‘coincidence’ wheelbarrow up a hill that gets steeper each day.

    “For the fool has said in his heart ‘there is no God’ “

  4. I'm almost down to making a check-list of prophetic fulfilments. I posted a suggested short list based on Revelation 12:1-5 recently.

  5. Six is VAV, among other things it's a nail. Hmmmmm

    1. Ever checked out the writing on the "Monster" energy drink? LOL :-) https://youtu.be/bntfUA6TmLs

  6. To check the upcoming global finance collapse I can recommend the zerohedge.com website for further (rather depressing but very informative) facts... Blessings, MARANATHA! :)

  7. As with everyone else - I REALLY don't like that number, but neither am I surprised. If anyone hasn't yet read Jonathan Cahn's book - The Paradigm, you will not be sorry if you pick up a copy or get the Kindle version and read it. He goes to 2 Kings and takes the Kingdom of Ahab and Jezebel, which began the downfall of Israel, and establishes they are the Type. He then comes to modern day American and so clearly it will freak you out, shows the anti-type is Bill and Hillary Clinton. He is not bashing, merely pointing out the astonishing parallels and those parallels continue. I was reminded of where many things began that culminated in BO's terms. My memory did not serve to tell me where they were kickstarted - BO just perfected them. Jehu is the Trump parallel and if you'll recall he did some great things and some not so great things - so there is no whitewashing here. Cahn is simply pointing to and documenting the amazing parallels to give us an awareness God knew when scripture was written where we would be this day. We all know this, yet it's immensely encouraging to see yet more evidence of His Hand of Control and His Awareness and care for us, His Children. We are simply to read His Word, Watch His Signs, Be Obedient and Aware of our Surroundings and the Season we are in.

    Blessings, Sherry

    1. Dear sister TY for these compelling ideas! I think in fact the Ahab-Jezebel pattern is the prototype of every satanic government: weak and childish sissy-king with powermad wife. Complete turn around of marriage order (Genesis 3 story of the Fall). There were a multitude of likewise 'constellations' in European kingdoms' history too, Rome, Greece, Britain, Germany, Russia etc. Not only USA. In my opinion it is a pattern and example for complete godless marriage. When such a couple comes to power and governs a nation this is the result. But always consider the outcome and the end of story for both persons... (Ahab died during battle standing in his chariot while having disguised himself and Jezebel died by falling from the tower and was not buried but torn apart by dogs and wild animals). Always think of the end. Satan will fall in the end. Much blessings, MARANATHA! :)

    2. You are so correct. This was a great read. I continue to wonder about the significance of their finding only her skull, the feet and the "palms" of her hands. Surely a cautionary tale!

      Blessings - Sherry

    3. Sherry TY great comment! I pondered what you wrote: perhaps these body parts are important to surely identify a person? Just an idea... (having watched too many howdonit movies LOL :))

  8. I have personally talked to Jonathan Cahn and he is the real deal.

  9. Look at Michigan house bill 5016 that Michigan is trying to pass. They want to micro chip our kids so they " can't get lost" Satan will use and twist anything

    1. What? I live in Michigan. No one is putting anything in my children!

  10. There is a thing going around on youtube talking about mysterious disappearences of large groups of people, mainly women and children in the michigan area. If any of it is true they are probably using that to instill fear and persuade people to chip their kids

  11. With the fast, huge advancements in genetics, AI, computing tech, robotics etc, there will one day be a line about which you're going to have to make decision: "Will I cross this line or not"?
    Maybe it'll be the latest iPhone. Maybe it'll be an implant, without which it will be very difficult to do business. Maybe it'll be a new medical technique which would be able to heal your infirmity that has never been healed.
    There are many things that could constitute that line, but nevertheless it's coming.

    1. My friend and I were talking about this very thing the other day. I said Christians are going to have to be aware and vigilant or we will be caught by the newest gadget because every one else has the latest. Satan is sneaky, we must stay close to the Lord.

  12. Just for notification: France's National Assembly and PM Macron have decided to slash wealth tax


    Feeding the rich and robbing the poor continues, not only in the US...

  13. Cutting taxes to the wealthy helps create more jobs for the poor....not hurt them. People that work for themselves understand this more than our liberal leaning society as we drift towards socialism.

    1. Pardon me??! When in all the world has cutting wealth taxes EVER produced jobs for the poor? Evidence please?! Thank you.

  14. Raising taxes on the rich moves their businesses and the jobs they create to areas with less taxes...either out of our country, or out of state.

    Evidence?? I live in Illinois and each neighboring state that touches Illinois...Wisconsin, Indiana,Kentucky, Missouri, and Iowa all have lower taxes and they are welcoming the exiting of Illinois jobs to their lower taxes. This raises each of the neighboring states standard of living and most definitely helps the poor. In contrast, taxing the rich more like they do in Illinois, causes more poverty and less money in the economy that would help the poor.

    This is just one example of many I could give. I am a self taught business owner and its basic economics 101. The left liberal news media and education system gas done a wonderful job of evangelizing against the "rich" people and how they should carry even more of the tax burden. They already have caused many jobs to be created off of their hard work and ingenuity.



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