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The Reformation Project

Dear Friends,

Jeff and I have just released 500 Years, a book that clearly articulates the gospel and the importance of this central Christian doctrine in the context of the Protestant Reformation.  Our aim in this is to remind believers that every other belief and doctrine is of no importance if we don't first hold fast to the truth of the gospel.

Many pastors and ministers have forgotten this simple truth and are leading many astray towards either legalism or lawlessness.  This is the greatest challenge of our time and these wayward shepherds are the root cause of the collapse of western society: their teachings are leading directly to mass apostasy, which in turn is paving the way for end time events.  The Church should be the moral compass in society, but it is (largely) no longer doing its job.

I would humbly ask you to purchase a copy and help us get this book to the top of Amazon's charts.  Your positive reviews will help, too.  We are using all of our royalties for ministry costs and evangelism.

Also, accompanying the release of the book we are launching a campaign called The Reformation Project.  Our goal is to get a copy of the book in the hands of every influential Protestant, Evangelical, and Pentecostal ministry and church leader we can think of.

We don't have the money or resources to accomplish this, so we are relying almost entirely on our readers.  We need your help.  If you would like to be part of this mission, it is very simple:

1. Email us at Unsealed.org@gmail.com and let us know you wish to participate in The Reformation Project.

2. Tell us how many leaders you would be willing to purchase books for.

3. We will send you predetermined names and addresses and you then mail the books you purchased to those person(s).  It is preferable to mail the books directly from Amazon, but that is up to you.

Thank you for helping us,
In Christ,
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  1. Kudos to you both. What a great legacy to leave behind. If everyone mentions it on their social network, it should take off like a harpazo event ; )

  2. Thank you! My prayer is that this goes a long way in restoring truth to the Church and thwarting the enemy's plans.

  3. Amen! Thank you very much for this book! Just in time! I pray for you, Gary and Jeff, and all your community! Very much blessings!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful thing to do for God.

  5. I just found it on one REV 12 Facebook group so it has already begun. I'll post in my groups as well and on my page. I'm ordering the book and looking forward to helping with the project. Blessings - Sherry

  6. Bought! Your first book in Spain!

    1. I absolutely love the book! Got the kindle version and I've read the first five chapters and you are absolutely bang on with your doctrine and it's so easy to read and understand. I'm so grateful. I would love to continue reading but it's 1.40am here and have to get to bed. Can't wait to finish it tomorrow! I truly hope it gets widely distributed. It breaks my heart to see people falling into apostasy. God bless you!

    2. Thank you! It's so encouraging to get positive feedback - and all the way in Spain (:


    3. I've just finished reading it now. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you Gary for doing the Lords work and not compromising the gospel!

    4. I think Jeff gets a thanks too? Can't wait to read it myself.

    5. Yes of course! Sorry, thanks Jeff. It was 1.39am here when I wrote that and my head wasn't working!

    6. Thank you all! I must confess, though, Gary is like the "Batman" of this project, I'm the "Robin."

  7. St Louis Missouri is in! Thanks guys.

    1. Awesome! Thank you brother.

    2. Just ordered mine on Amazon. Be here Friday and I'm looking forward to reading it!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. As soon as I have a chance to put some extra money on my debit card, I'm there.

    Way to go, guys! \o/

  9. Thanks to all of you guys it briefly made it to the #1 new release on Amazon for Christian soteriology and close to the top in evangelism.

    There has also been a good response to The Reformation Project. Books are already being shipped to a number of key Christian leaders around the world (: very grateful.

  10. I'm so sorry to have to disappoint you somehow: https://youtu.be/boMkPsb2dAo

    THIS will take place just a few months from here. Satan already knows. I'm sorry for all your work but believe it'll be rewarded in Heaven soon. MARANATHA!

  11. Annabel, I watched that video one time just now. I think I will need to watch it another time to fully understand it. What I gathered is this: there is a current trend in which various denominations and churches are uniting with the catholic church. There are many leaders saying this is a good thing. The gist of the video is that this trend will fulfill end times prophecy and pave the way for the beast/Antichrist, and therefore true Christians should not follow this trend. "Spiritual racism" is a deceptive term. It sounds like a bad thing but it is actually a good thing. A christian would instead use the terms "Spiritual Discernment" or "doctrinal correctness" or "rejection of false teaching". Did I understand that correctly?

    And your comment is suggesting that "The Reformation Project" is a good thing, but that what will actually happen is already happening as described in the video you suggested? The ball is already rolling in the opposite direction?

    I agree that Gary and Jeff's work will be rewarded. I would also add that even though it may not change the course of the coming events, it will definitely put the correct/true information in some peoples hands. Wouldn't you agree? I am just trying to make sure that I understand your comment. Thank you Sister. Always a joy to have your input.

    1. Dear Miguel my brother, yes you got it all right. I wanted to give this video link to bibleflock to show how far things already are. As false teacher + Satanist Kenneth Copeland says "It's OVER." (He means the Reformation, the PROTEST) Absolutely. No doubt about it. Emerging church is on its way. Will be fully emerging in impending tribulation period.

      Regarding the term "spiritual racism" I heard it for the first time and found it EXTREMELY interesting. Yes I think this will exactly be the political correct way how Satan will indicte true Christians proclaiming "sola scriptura" in contemporary Orwellian newspeak (as "racism" is a common Leftist term already so it will just be extended for religious issues). To denounce Christians as "haters" of any other religion or denomination, the term "Xx-phobia" is already used; but this kind of naming it SPIRITUAL RACISM was new to me.

      Personally I won't have any opportunity to spread this book at my place so I only can pray it may still awaken some individuals if some 'church revival' on a larger scale cannot be expected. I think we depart soon but anyway 1 Corinthians 15:58 is still valid! Much blessings to you all :)



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