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Fire on the Mountain

Gary recently wrote about the series of three strong 7.x earthquakes, amazingly similar in size and equidistant in time.

Today we hear of three volcanoes across the vast region of the Philippines and Indonesia that are erupting or whose eruption is imminent:

As I enjoyed some quiet time tonight I was reminded that the Israelites' experience at Sinai was a wedding.  A wedding on a mountain with an earthquake, trembling and fire.  

A time when the bride was lifted up as she entered into a covenant with God.

Ray Vander Laan is so very gifted and such a dedicated disciple—a blessing to me.  He unpacks this further:

Perhaps the mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes are stirring once again as God prepares for another wedding.

Mr. Matson has an interesting observation:

Luke 21:10–11 (NASB):

Then He continued by saying to them, 'Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.'
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  1. Thank You Lord for this additional insight, it helps, so very much, to keep the oil a burn'n! Good work Greg.

  2. I think two of the volcanoes are in Indonesia, not Philippines. Very interesting however to see the increased activity. The EQ/Tetrad/everything stuff that Dan keeps pointing out is amazing...

    1. Thank you for that catch. You are correct. Sam is a disciplined follower and a blessing to us all.

  3. I have seen this study by Ray Vander Laan. But what i never do understand is, why is it better to be stubborn. What makes stubborn people, people that against all logic keep on going because they think that God said so, better people in God's eyes? Blind faith seems to be the ultimate goal. Why is that?

    1. If I could add my two cents. I think an important theme in the Bible is mankind's continuous self-aggrandizement in the face of the reality of how small and unknowledgeable we really are.

      Logic/intelligence/knowledge are only tools. They can be used for evil or for good. The truth is that *wisdom* only comes from stubbornly (and blindly) following the true God. It might seem counter-intuitive, but stubbornness and even blind faith are virtues when following Yahweh and pursuing righteousness.

      Islamic blind faith & stubbornness --> terrorism, hatred, and wanton violence

      Atheistic blind faith & stubbornness --> degradation, crudeness, perversion, lawlessness

      Stubbornly following YHWH with blind faith --> regeneration, sanctification, glory, wisdom, eternal life

      Now don't get me wrong, there is overwhelming evidence for the Bible, but the truth of the matter is that we see as in a mirror dimly. Because of the brokenness and truly unknowns in this world, we ultimately do have to walk out on the water sometimes when all the evidence seems to be pointing contrarily.

  4. I hear what you are saying. I too want my children to simply follow because they and trust that I am a good father and will lead them in truth.

    This knowledge is not blind. The millions gathered at Sinai, knew truth. They knew God liberated them, defeated their enemies, sent them out of Egypt with treasures, knew the promises to Abraham, knew God parted the Red sea and knew God was personally up on the mountain.

    We don't have a blind faith, yet we speak of things that are true, experienced and certain.

    Still there is faith, yet for those of us who have been around awhile, the faith of believing God is part seems small and the faith part of trusting in obedience and discipleship looms larger and larger.


    1. Dear Greg Ray, I fully agree with you. Let me add that understanding of godly things is always learned two-fold: a) by simple obedience + experience = insight and re-evaluation / learning the reason AFTER the action and b) by given additional information and reasoning BEFORE action + experience = evaluation and advanced knowledge. Sometimes you gotta explain your orders to your children and sometimes you dont - both for a good reason, according to their individual level of understanding. Blessings to you! :)

  5. Good morning from Houston. A bit off topic here, but we are experiencing snow today for the second time this winter. I don’t recall this ever happening. Seeing icicles forming too which hasn’t occurred here since I was a child. That on top of the massive hurricane we experienced last year, as well as severe weather pattern changes worldwide. God is moving.

    1. Houston calling... How is it going after the hurricane, Jvl? I often think of all the people there but there's so much breaking news going on daily that people hardly catch a breath! Now regarding snow: have a look at the Sahara too, 2nd year in a row showing. I think this might be caused by decades of man made geoengineering. Everything is completely out of order now. Stay safe in Christ, hold fast to your faith. Come quickly LORD Jesus! MARANATHA!

  6. Wow, Wow & Wow. That EQ graphic is a show stopper. Like Annabel's work reminds us, as she diligently keeps watch on THAT section of the wall, ONLY the Heavenlies are trustworthy as all our calendars are corrupt beyond measure, and He Knew they would be, hence the Exhortation to watch THEM (Sun, Moon & Stars). Of course, even the APPEARANCE of the Heavenlies is suspect, yet we must, it seems, hang our hat on THESE pegs, as the others are all a-jumble beyond hope of figuring out without any absolute point of reference. Knowing the significance of certain numbers involved and seeing this intertwining of 2 of the specific, yet vastly different Signs into a single model is HUGE.

    As we struggle with trans-dimensional dynamics, looking through the glass dimly, as it were, there are insight/teaching tools to use. Parables are one such tool, likely used so frequently by our Lord. as it allows information of a higher dimension to be communicated to residents of a lower dimension in language/context they understand and can assimilate. Truths which span realities work like this where things from different realms are mingled for insight of the connection between them TRANSCENDENTALLY. In this case, having EQ's so wonderfully align with Blood Moons around so significant a pack of numbers in days is a similar model, can you see it?

    To close, this picture/chart identifying the alignment between Olivet Signs in the Heavens and also in the Earth, hand in hand WITH each other, is a validation, itself, of the 'find'. IMHO it is the Creator saying, "Look here! Who but I could Do this?" By coordinating these Things Above with Things Below, and then revealing them to Watchers who are Enabled to 'see' them, our Abba put His Mark on the Moment and it is wise to pay attention, once again. Maranatha!

  7. Love watching the pieces fall together I certainly have the "fear and trembling" to a science. Unfortunately I can't wrap my head around "assurance". Had to get that off my chest. One fact is the Bible was written so that all different generations would have understanding. Praise the Lord. All knowing

  8. Dear @all, please be aware of the coherence of EQs and sun activity resp. Planet X stellar cores' electric current response to the earth's core and watch this: https://youtu.be/uAL5v6k4K1g (YT "Physicist report #134 Planet X created a gash in the sun") There must have been a MASSIVE incident on the sun causing a gigantic gash - the first ever since? - right in the corona layer (and still deeper!) since photographs were taken from on 1/13/18. If you observe sun activities regularly (and around it from Planet X stellar cores!) you will notice direct coincidence with the EQs triggered by increasing electric currence + magnitude now. But God is in control of everything, man made or not (that's what Daniel Matsons figure clearly show!): that's what makes the situation so much reassuring and comforting in the middle of it. Stay calm and carry on :)

  9. Looks like plagues and terrifying heavenly signs are next according to that verse. Very exciting times. Maranatha!

  10. Great article at Daily Crow if you haven't read it yet.

  11. How many earthquakes need to occur before the Rapture? Isn't there some way biblically to figure out how many more need to occur and at what frequency? I mean...if we can rely on the future alignment of stars, there must be some way to rely on the frequency of earthquakes.

    1. You could arrange a seance... maybe ask your spirit animal.

  12. Has anyone looked into the idea of a shift in the earths axis? I heard of that but didn't follow up until last week at sunset. I have sat on the same exact place on my back porch for years and the sun usually goes down behind a pear tree but this time it looked different. Even so different that I can't say it was due to seasons. Mabey I'm reading too much into things but when I talked to my husband at sunset, we both said "its further that way" at the same exact time! I didn't find a lot when I went to research except videos which I can't watch due to lack of internet capabilities. I'm so thankful to unsealed and others who write about these things so I can also acess that information.



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