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Honduras and Panama to Move Embassies to Jerusalem

Following the U.S. and Guatemalan decisions recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and announcing plans to move their respective embassies to the ancient city, other Central American countries, Honduras and Panama, have announced to the Palestinian Authority that they are following suit.

The news is a huge political victory for Israel and Israeli sovereignty over the Holy City.  Just days before the announcement, the Czech Republic officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and in conjunction with Hungary helped block an E.U. resolution that would voiced opposition to Trump's recent decision.
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  1. This is marvellous...and also reading on DEBKA this morning, it seems that Egypt 'unofficially' recognises this as well, and has been making noise about the Palestinians needing to be content with Ramallah as its own capital. All happening too slowly for my liking unfortunately:/

    1. Do you have a link? I would love to read more about that as the implications for the Third Temple would be HUGE if the Arab world settled for Ramallah as Palestine's capital.

    2. https://www.debka.com/mivzak/egypt-quietly-urges-palestinians-accept-ramallah-capital/

    3. http://www.moonofalabama.org/2018/01/how-mainstream-media-lose-their-reputation-fakenews-on-iran-and-egypt.html#more

  2. I am sorta confused here. I am not very familiar with all the Israel-Palestinian debate. Exactly what is the prophetic significance of Trump and other countries accepting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? Does this recognition mean that the Third Temple is going to be built? And prophetically, what does the building of the Third Temple have to do with the current context? If I remember correctly, does the building of the Third Temple lead us slowly to the Tribulation, where the Antichrist will offer sacrifices on it?

    1. There are a couple of different pieces here. The first is that there is speculation a final "two-state solution" would almost have to include some sort of division of the Temple Mount, which would finally allow Israel at least some area to build a temple.

      The second is that the U.S. historically recognizes "undivided Jerusalem" as Israel's capital, which is kind of double-speak since the U.S. has also supported the two state solution.

      If the U.S. and Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, et al end up supporting an undivided Jerusalem and Egypt and Palestine cave and then Ramallah becomes the P.A. capital, that would give Israel a straight path to building the temple.

    2. yes, gives much speculation as to whether or not Revelation 11:2 makes up part of the 'treaty/covenant' or if its post.


  3. We are moving closer to a two state solution and a satanic attempt to make God a liar (Gen 12). Two states make a way for the third temple.

  4. A simple truth concerning the Third Temple is found in the function of the previous Temple. It was the place of animal sacrifice where blood was sprinkled on the Mercy Seat of G-d, the Ark of the Covenant, for the sins of Israel. Some believe the Ark has been taken back to heaven by G-d while others believe it is buried in a chamber discovered by Ron Wyatt. To either opinion I will take no stand here, but I will say that the system of animal blood sacrifice for sin ended with the shedding of the Blood of the Lamb our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus of Nazareth.

    This is just the beginning of what's at stake and why it is so significant in building the Third Temple.

    The Great Sign has been given. We all have means of seeing the virgin clothed in the sun with the moon at her feet and a crown of 12-stars as it appears in the skies above us last September. The starting flag has been thrown.

    Get ready and be prepared. Share the love of Christ with those you meet daily. This starts with loving the LORD with all your heart and includes learning to love yourself that you may love others. We are image bearers and message bearers of the LORD G-D Almighty. Ask Him daily to teach you to love Him and how to love yourself and others in kind.

    This is what Jesus summed up as all the Law and the Prophets. This is the New Commandment He gave us. This is the New Covenant sealed by His blood.

    The Holy Temple is Christ and His Holy Spirit dwells within His people. This is the Temple that is to be raised up, Temples built of human flesh of a law written on human hearts.

    Of this debate and of this fight there is but one outcome.

    We Win!

    Glory to G-D in the highest, grace and peace to you.

    Pastor Rich

  5. Dear brethren, regarding the possible site of the temple in the "city of David" please have a look at this very compelling interview with biblical archaeologist Bob Cornuke on PITN:


    1. tis interesting to see whether or not the third temple will be here or in the 'false location' of beside the demonic mosque, with the millennial temple in the 'correct' place. Having the third temple besides the mosque and/or the wailing wall would be further proof of Gods utter contempt for it (not that he needs further proof...)

    2. @Annabel, Great link from PITN! Indeed, VERY compelling. Thank you for sharing!!


    3. There's another very good 30 minute documentary video entitled "TEMPLE" by Koinonia House (July 2017) on YouTube. Watch this too and be blessed!

  6. It is true Annabel, what a good explanation in this video. I have been in the City of David and have heard this before. I do not think they will put the temple there. Thanks for the link.

    Carl Cool

  7. What's interesting to me is the talk of a so-called "one-state" solution that's making the rounds now, talk which has actually been fueled by Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital (whether that was by design is anyone's guess). That entails Jews and Palestinians living together as "relative equals" in Israel side by side in one state--a state that would slowly (rapidly?) lose its identity as a Jewish state.

    I think the Bible makes it reasonably clear, however, that if it doesn't divide Israel, it ain't The Treaty. So, I personally am expecting some species of two-state solution to emerge from the bonfire sparked by Trump's move to recognize Israel's capital.

    If not, however, then I don't think we're quite there yet. If Team Trump is planning some species of one-state solution (as some believe), it may be that we could have to wait for that go up in flames before the real deal comes along.

    So be it. Maranatha!

    1. Since Michael Wolff's book "Fire and Fury" was released I don't really think there will be any reliable kind of 'plan' to be expected behind Trumps further actions AFTER the Jerusalem recognition... I currently don't think Trump will be making the deal at all but perhaps taken out of the game before? (Rev13:3)


      Let's see what the outcome of VP Pences Israel trip on 1/19 will be... There's no peace deal / state solution nor temple discussion on the agenda right now as far as I can find out.

    2. Yet Wolff's plans to go with the Deep State against Trump may fall exactly as the others have, if our Father chooses it to be so. Interesting Wikileaks released the entire book on PDF yesterday before the book release which will surely damage sales. Every eye must be on Pence right now for only he and the cabinet could commence 25th Amendment proceedings and those would be subject to Congress upholding their findings. The "psychology teacher" who briefed the democrats has stepped back from her previous assessment of certainty of unfitness, since she hasn't actually ever spoken to or examined Trump. Unfortunately, I think if Pence would step forward and say, "No Way, No How" then the only remaining option for the demons would be to have him assassinated and I wouldn't put it past them at all. However, we shall see. My Father's Will is being done every day we are here. Blessings - Sherry


    BBC is reporting Imad al-Alami, a founding senior figure in Hamas, has suffered an accidental gunshot to the head while "inspecting his personal weapon in his home". He is reported as being treated at a hospital in Gaza City. BBC reports that medical sources say Mr Alami was a former member of the Hamas political bureau based in Damascus where he is said to have had oversight for the group's military wing in Gaza and the West Bank.

    "Mr Alani was elected deputy leader in Gaza, a position he held until last year." He is known to have taken part in talks over a ceasefire with Israel and the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit as well as "mending ties with Egypt and the other main Palestinian faction, Fatah." (Quoting BBC)

    Hamas marked its 30th anniversary last month.



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