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Pictures From The Historic Blood Moon "Trifecta"

It was a once in 150-year event: a total lunar eclipse ("Blood Moon") during the second full moon of the same month (a "Blue Moon") coinciding with near-perigee (a "Super Moon").  This lunar "trifecta" was most certainly a sign in the heavens and evidence that God is in control.  The story of prophecy is playing out before our very eyes just as He intends it to.  This eclipse was visible to nearly two-thirds of the world's population.

For those who may have missed seeing the Blood Moon this morning, Twitter is lighting up with pictures and video.  Apparently this moon was a pretty spectacular sight across a large swath of the planet.





San Francisco:

Los Angeles:


It's amazing to me that "Blood Moon" is now in the common vernacular after the 2014–2015 Tetrad.  The term is now so popular that you can find headlines referencing Blood Moons in as far flung places as India or the U.A.E.  It's almost as if God used the previous tetrad of total lunar eclipses as a way to "correct" our language, so that the world would be using the terms used in Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20, and Revelation 6:12 at the time of the rapture of the Church and Christ's subsequent return.

Also, just a big heads up that there is going to be an even more spectacular Blood Moon on July 27th.  It will be the longest total lunar eclipse in the 21st century and all of totality will be visible in the Israeli sky:

Totality during the July 2018 eclipse will astonishingly last for nearly two hours.  Because the eclipse will occur in the earth's central shadow, it should look very, very "bloody" in a number of locations without alteration or special lenses, like the last eclipse that occurred in the earth's central shadow (June 2011):

Here is a timeline and visual estimate of the upcoming eclipse in July:

From the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017 to the Blood Moon is 340 days.

Strong's 340 is "I make fresh again, renew, restore."  Resurrection?

From the Revelation 12 Sign on September 23, 2017 to the historic Blood Moon on July 27, 2018 is 307 days.

Strong's 307 is "I draw up."  Thayer's Greek Lexicon adds "to cause to go up or ascend."  Rapture?

Interpretation of numbers can be very subjective and doesn't necessarily add much, but I think all of these things combined paint a picture that the world is reaching the precipice, possibly this year.  I would venture to say this entire year is now a high watch time.

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  1. Wow. Israel alone will see the totality in June. They are being given a special sight from God. How can people still doubt in our wonderful Creator?!

    1. "For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools" - Romans 1:20–22

    2. I agree with Jessica - WOW -

      Blood Moon Sept 28th 2015 to Revelation 12 sign = 726 = rapture / harpatzo

      Revelation 12 sign to Blood Moon July 27th 2018 = 307 = "I draw up" / anabibazo

      There will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars - the moon turn to blood -

      I believe - Lord, help us get ready -

      Daniel 12:3

  2. I believe that we are living the time be for the " Jacobs trouble" predicted in scripture, and God is showing signs pointing to the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ

  3. The pictures and video leave me speechless.

    1. Pretty anazing, right? My favorite is the one taken in Indonesia. Has a very supernatural look to it!

    2. Definitely. I couldn't stop watching the video. I fully expect another month full of signs and wonders from God just like last month. I love that Israel has decided to extend their underground King David Railroad to the Temple Mount to accommodate all the extra visitors and that the train station will be called the Donald J. Trump station. I am almost jealous.

  4. June 30, 2018 is the 17th of Tammuz.

    Significance? Golden calf, destruction of walls.. see Daniel11truth.com

    I'm no expert, but some pretty fascinating connections.

  5. Hmm isn't PURPLE the color of KINGS? Red + Blue = PURPLE!!!!!

  6. Another week has come and gone. And we're all still here. Or at least I think so.

    1. I think we are all asking why you are still here BryanB...

    2. Another week to share the gospel and to share the news with even more people that Jesus is coming soon.

      "He who testifies to these things says, 'Yes, I am coming soon.' " - Rev. 22:20

    3. Through and Through: LOL good one. And so succinct.

    4. I'm here to find out what the next celestial event is that I'm supposed to await.

    5. BryanB. The next celestial event for you to await:
      When you see millions of people ascend into the heavens, you’ll know the Rapture has taken place.

    6. Robyn...I dont know Bryan from Adam, but my advice to you is to be very careful insinuating someone isn't worthy of the rapture , just because he doesn't believe in a pretrib rapture. If indeed the next event is the rapture, then I would be confident in assuming Bryan will be experiencing it with all of us.

      Our salvation is believing that Jesus Christ died for our sins, and he was resurrected to Heaven.... It is not based on if we have the rapture timing correct.

    7. Stan Foster... I never insinuated he wouldn’t be in the Rapture. He could very well be one of the millions he sees going up into the heavens. Please don’t be so quick to correct someone without first making sure you understand what was being said. It’s rather irritating, as I’m sure I’m old enough to be your grandmother.

    8. Robyn....I read your reply to Bryan again, and I first took it as he would be seeing everyone else go up...while he was left behind. You did not say that, and I apologize for my knee jerk comment. I assumed incorrectly like you are assuming you are old enough to be my grandmother. I am 64....and I guess its "possible" if you are 90.
      Anyway, again, I am sorry I assumed too much.

    9. Stan: Well, does it count if I FEEL 90??? 😬

    10. Robyn...We could let how you feel count! Ha

  7. Someone mentioned the FISA memo being released today is on the 33rd day of the year. Weird how these patterns keep coming up. Pastor Biltz mentioned more with Pastor Begley a few days ago too

    1. Amazing. I think the patterns are undeniable and proof that God has orchestrated the end from the beginning and has every minute detail perfectly placed in time AND space.

  8. Greetings, folks. I am quite surprised that Annabel hasn't already noticed/commented but take that 1st picture and paste it into a paint program and expand it. Now look above the horizon, left of the arch. WHAT IS THAT? The OTHER moon?

    1. Yes, that's odd. I see so many of those kinds of images that I don't know what to believe about them anymore. That other object is too big to be anything else. There was a live video on YT a few days ago of some guy that saw the same thing and the relationship between the two objects was the same, but the guy in that video was some thug dropping so many f and gd bombs I couldn't watch the rest of it

    2. Hi Jimboni dear brother! Probably Annabel didn't say a word here because she's already almost certain that all this was a nicely made up NASA HOAX which claim she has just released on the last "super blood moon thread" on the rev12daily-website (LOL!!)... Oh guys I think we've been fooled here. Check it out. Much ado about nothing? I love you dearly, don't be too disappointed. In retrospective I guess the solar eclipse of 8/31/17 was the same show. They go by the calendar and distract the people with a sort of space show to cover up what you just found out here. This is/was NOT the moon. It is/was a simulator. Blessings, brother! :)

      PS: you can check the simulator over Germany right now here this is today evening http://www.foto-webcam.eu/webcam/zugspitze/2018/02/02/2000 go along the time bar (arrows up/down) from 20:00 hours every 10 minutes photo check it out, the "moon" cannot change size nor brightness every 10 minutes - this is today, this evening (we're at 22:15 pm now as I'm posting)!

    3. Annabel, I rest my case. I KNEW this was in YOUR wheelhouse. Funny, I had a thought niggling at me these past few months about all the 'Super' moons lately. The Lunar orbit is 28 days +/-. Perigee and Apogee each occur ONCE, by definition, during that time frame and then, again, 28+/- days later. Haven't had the willpower to look at all these 'Super' moons dates online and look at the intervals but they seemed way too close together to be logical, considering its just a ball going around a circle every 28 days, not too complicated here folks. You cannot have Apogee more often than once every 28 days, right?

    4. Jimboni, I'm sure you're on to something. I didn't check either but it seems all combined with a pretty too much mass media hype each time, doesn't it? And we as Christians buy it?? Satan is so SMART, don't we underestimate him. Matthew 24:24 says he is capable to deceive the very elect (if he only could). We have to acknowledge the time we live in is the era of deception just prior to the biggest deception EVER. We cannot trust ANYONE on earth but God and His word alone, especially NOT mass media or NASA "scientists" telling us neat things about sun, moon and stars or how far any of these non-threatening asteroids are still away from earth (LOL!!).

      I don't mean to embarrass anyone, really I don't. And the real sun and moon are still there, I know that too. I've seen them still. It's just if you already need a sun simulator because sunlight is weakening it cannot provide so much light to be reflected by such a "super moon" either (even to cast shadows at night?!). These are NASA space shows for certain - to distract people from the Rev12 "red dragon" system to be covered up by the same techniques. This is a process that goes on for DECADES, not just a matter of last year or so.

      I have pondered Joel 2:31 again and it is framed in PASSIVE voice what happens to sun and moon. God doesn't say here "I will turn..." (Active) but "the sun / moon will BE TURNED..." (Passive) - and He doesn't say BY WHOM! It is still everything under HIS CONTROL but it can as well be He allows the enemy to confuse even the celestial order and the seasons (which is quite a big issue in the book of Enoch if I'm correct!). That's why I'm so hesitant about all these calendar and eclipse dates. One thing I know for sure and that was something Satan couldn't corrupt: the "great sign" of 9/23/2017. And everything is still in Gods control - even the days and dates, I won't deny that either. But I cannot praise God for a super blood blue moon that probably NASA has faked into my face (and what am I supposed to do with this suspect? Shouldn't I tell my brethren?). We're living in "perilous times", said Paul. And boy he was so right about that...

    5. Dear @ all, in addition to the above please note the latest "EXPITALY" YouTube channel video (2/2/18) regarding Nibiru objects around the MOON... There you go! Blessings XOXO

  9. Another downing of a Russian SU25 in Syria by Syrian Rebels, immediate response from Russian cruise missiles launched from the Med, growing US based & military presence in Syria, Growing presence of Iran in Syria, top Iranian Generals at Syrian Golan boarder, continued IDF bombing of Iran in Damascus, threats from Hamas & Hezbollah, threats from Netanyahu, the apocalyptic view of Iranians leaders...
    A major war will break out very soon. Isaiah 17? Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 & 39, seven year trib is near. Time to focus on your Savior Jesus Christ

    1. It's definitely all coming to a head, and your conclusion is spot on: Time to focus on the Savior!

  10. "I would venture to say this entire year is now a high watch time."

    2018 is exactly 483 years - or 69 weeks of years - since Suleiman the Magnificent ordered the reconstruction of Jerusalem's walls in the year 1535, the same year the Vatican ordered the famous painting representing the end of the world in the Sixtine Chapel...

    Another fullfilment of Daniel 9?


    1. Awesome catch. Sure enough, looks like you're exactly right. 1535 was the year of the decree. This is definitely worth further study. Dan. 9:24 specifically mentions a decree and WALLS.



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