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BREAKING: Israeli Police Recommend Multiple Indictments Against Prime Minister Netanyahu

It's been one of the most politically-charged (and politically motivated) investigations in Israeli history and now the results of the investigation are out: Israeli police are seeking Benjamin Netanyahu's indictment for bribery in two different cases.  The first, over fancy gifts, and the second, for supposedly attempting to manipulate a newspaper.

As it stands now, Netanyahu looks to be firing back and is bringing into question the political motivations of the investigators.  Time will tell how quickly this situation will escalate, but it is conceivable that the Prime Minister will be forced out.  In that case it wouldn't be surprising to see a special election and even potentially a liberal Zionist Union leader take the reins of powers.  A Zionist Union Prime Minister would no doubt be very quick to capitulate to the two-state solution and very slow to respond to acts of aggression by Russia, Iran, and Syria.


As if this already crazy week in the Middle East could get any crazier, it's now being reported that an American UAV took out a Russian T-72 in Syria in "self-defense" and in a separate engagement, scores of Russian contract soldiers were killed by U.S. forces.

Just step back and think about that for a moment: there were just two actual armed engagements between Russia and the United States.  I think that's a first in the Syrian war, and perhaps a first in many, many decades.

For the moment, Russia is trying to downplay the event to save face and avoid a larger confrontation, but this just goes to show that things are definitely not winding down in Syria.  As a matter of fact, last week was one of the bloodiest weeks in the war since it began back in 2011—some 277 civilians were killed last week, alone.  On top of that, a U.N. damage assessment from just two months ago shows that there was a significant increase in both damaged and destroyed areas of eastern and southeastern Damascus in 2017.

American special forces in Syria, near the border with Turkey

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  1. Can they really push him out of office for ciggars ? What does this mean for prophecy ?

    1. not just cigars, but merchandise worth around 1 million shekels, however the case regarding 'slowing down a newspapers competitor' is possibly the most significant, as it involves receiving benefits from the newspaper (benefits meaning only publishing one side (the good side) of Netanyahu in exchange for using legislation to restrict the competition from ever getting off the ground. If they are fully proven, he is gone-burger.


    2. God's Warrior, I read Bibi can continue to serve as Prime Minister and only has to step down if he is convicted and lost all appeals. He has 66/120 seats in his coalition. Hopefully, they stay strong.

    3. Sounds a bit like Obama and Clinton manipulating the media.

  2. The media in Israel are harder on Benjamin Netanyahu than the media in the US is on President Trump. I am on Bibi's side.

  3. Bibi says today that he is not going without a fight and even has plans to run for office again. I think he is good for Israel, but I suspect the next guy may not be.

  4. I agree bibi is good for israel but we know God will have who needs to be there there and if he is supposed to stay he will we shall see !

  5. Damascus may still be inhabited, but it's pretty much a ruinous heap right now.

    With all that has gone on in the last week, and the last few months it's seems odd we're still here.

  6. Gary, a sincere thank you for watching, reporting and providing wisdom regarding these times. I know it must be exhausting at times, but it means a lot to me. I love that I have this fellowship of believers to grow with and learn from.

    These recent escalations in the middle East really alert me to the closeness of Our Lords glorious return. I'm excited and filled with wonder.

  7. I have a thought to throw at everyobe...bible says the "dragon/beast" will come out of the sea..and tgat anti Christ will have a wound to his head...I think it's a little odd that Osama bin Laden...was shot in head...and killed...and us forces threw his body in the ocean...coincidence?

    1. Do some homework :-)

      - the sea: the nations/peoples.

      - dragon: satan

      - beast: man's governments

      The deadly wound already has a fulfillment, the papal incarceration of 1798 (1260 years after that office assumed control of Europe's religion and royals and creating a man-made religion called Catholicism). However, it is also possible there's a future fulfillment, TBD.

  8. Ok so if the PM has to step down and resign what does this mean for two state solution or bible prophecy going forward thoughts?

    1. I think it would make its implementation happen sooner, because Bibi is far less likely to capitulate to any agreement that doesn't 1. recognize a Jewish state, 2. recognize Israel's full right to Area C, 3. Provide defensible borders, 4. Possibly give Israel sovereignty over part or all of the Old City.

  9. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/first-black-moon-19-years-14249052
    Looks like first black moon month this month of febuary in 20 years rare and march will have 2 full moons !

    1. And the 2nd Full moon in March is on Passover 3/31/2018

  10. "A Zionist Union Prime Minister would no doubt be very quick to capitulate to the two-state solution and very slow to respond to acts of aggression by Russia, Iran, and Syria."

    That's just my 2 cents and I could be wrong but that's exactly the reason why I don't expect Netanyahu to be moved from office. Big prophesied wars are on the horizon and on the cusp and as it is written in the Bible, all these events are escalating. In the end, what really matters is the Lord's will. If the Lord wants him to stay he'll stay, if He has different plans, Netanyahu will be forced from office.

  11. Brother Sean (of Eschatology Today) wrote:

    "Look at Israel right now. On the very threshold of a major prophetic war (Isaiah 17) and its Prime Minister is distracted by not one, but two politically motivated indictments.

    God is speaking directly to Israel through Isaiah and Jeremiah. Who in Israel is listening to Him? Who in Israel can understand what God is saying through the prophets? Deuteronomy 29:4.

    Remember, the Orthodox Jews are expecting Moshiach ben Joseph to appear." (end of quote)

    I can't push the gut feeling away that it's actually the enemy who wants Netanyahu to be gone for the reason to slow down and obstruct the Lord's plans.

    Whether the Lord wants to take Netanyahu out of the picture or not, He will turn around the enemy's plans and actions in both cases to match His perfect plan.

    1. The Lord is always ahead of Satan by an infinite amount of steps when it comes to *planning*.

    2. We have nothing to fear when it comes to the Lord in respect to His plan. Satan is a created creature that comes to steal, kill and destroy. Lies are his native tongue. Look for these fruits in the news and you will trace his finger prints.

      Our Father is too good to be confused. Even if we cannot see His hand at work, we know the goodness of His heart. Love never fails.

      The liar and his kind has but one final destination.


  12. Looks like Bibi isnt going anywhere !

  13. I (humbly) believe that God put President Trump in office so I believe He will keep Prime Minister Netanyahu in there as well. Continued prayer for both.

  14. Wow speechless http://m.beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2018/02/prophecy-explodes-sanhedrin-and-temple-movement-issue-half-shekel-of-trump-and-cyrus-3595559.html

  15. https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/102784/sanhedrin-temple-movement-issue-silver-half-shekel-images-trump-cyrus/



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