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Revolution In Europe?

It feels like we're standing on the precipice, so buckle up.  The burgeoning Yellow Vest Movement in France seems to be morphing into popular resistance.  Macron remains AWOL and hasn't made any appearances in the last few days.

On top of that, according to the Associated Press, the movement has spread to the Netherlands and Belgium (the European Union's seat of power).  Riots are also spontaneously developing in Greece.

With Germany's Angela Merkel stepping down, Emmanuel Macron remains the only prominent globalist still standing.  Nationalist leaders have risen in North America (Trump), South America (Bolsonaro), Russia, China, India, Italy, Austria, Hungary, and elsewhere.

When creatures are backed into a corner they can suddenly do very dangerous things.  Surely the leaders of the U.N./E.U./globalist enterprise feel they are backed into a truly precarious corner in which they will not survive if they don't come out swinging.

Perhaps with clever subterfuge Macron will gather power in the E.U. countries still driven by diehard continental federalists (maybe that's what he's doing as I write this, which might explain his present absence).  Merkel and others have been all-to-eager to support Marcon's 10-nation alliance and his other endeavors.  On the other hand, what if he really doesn't survive this?  We could be looking at an even bigger tumult among Europe's despondent citizens, one that spreads across the whole continent.  It will be the perfect storm into which the man of lawlessness will arise.  A certain supernatural event will grow that storm into a typhoon.

Intriguingly, Jaco Prinsloo noticed that The Economist's 2017 edition displayed cards on its cover reminiscent of the 1982 Illuminati Card Game.  One of those cards called "The Hermit" shows a massive protest march against globalism and the E.U.  The marchers are yellow, perhaps wearing yellow vests.  And the specific alignment of stars closely resembles the constellation Leo with a crescent moon at its tail.  The stellar alignment conceivably occurred last weekend just as the Yellow Vest Movement was exploding.

- - -

In other news:

  • Stocks continue to plummet and the Dow is within two or three hundred points of correction.  It closed down 558 points just yesterday, which was the 77th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  It also happened to be the first anniversary in which no survivor of the U.S.S. Arizona was present.  What a striking sign in our own country that this final generation is nearing the end of the age.

  • The Mueller Probe is nearing its end, and though I may disagree with the investigation's conclusions (manufactured evidence, anyone?), it is not looking good for the President, his son, and a number of his close associates.

  • In Israel, despite Israeli police recommending an indictment against Netanyahu for a third time, he is actually growing stronger politically.  With Avigdor Lieberman's resignation, Netanyahu has assumed his role, meaning he is both Prime Minister and Defense Minister.  And though Lieberman's departure means that Netanyahu's coalition has the bare number of seats in the Knesset to hold onto power, it looks as though Bibi will win a fifth election, making him the longest serving Prime Minister in Israeli history (that's incredible in light of the fact that Israel's original founding father, David Ben-Gurion, was the longest-serving up to this point, meaning Netanyahu is a bookend in the history of modern Israel).

  • Multiple news sources reported that the I.S.S. live feed was cut after a very large blue orb appeared behind the space station.  It was caught on camera for all the world to see.

  • Forbes just reported that 2019 will witness the emergence of avatars or images of a person that will in essence be their AI counterpart.  It is the clearest explanation for Revelation 13:14-15 that I can conceivably think of.

  • The Sanhedrin will be holding a special ceremony on the last day of Hanukkah (starts tomorrow and ends Monday) in which they will dedicate the Third Temple Altar and light the Golden Lampstand.  They have invited representatives of 70 nations to attend.

- - -

I'm beginning to think this concept of seven years of plenty followed by seven years of the Tribulation (famine) may hold real water.  [Speculating here: the 2014 to 2021 range would be the "plenty" and 2021 to 2028 would be the Trib.  The Trib would end precisely in the year of Israel's 80th anniversary (max length of a generation), which also happens to be the 2,000th anniversary of the beginning of Christ's earthly ministry, in which He declared the Jubilee.  Our Blessed Hope may transpire anytime between now and 2021 and the heavenly signs may have been 3.5 year warnings.  There is a whole lot more that could be unpacked on this, but time doesn't permit me.  Stay tuned!]

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  1. Thanks for another great one, Gary.

    I've been thinking about that 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine theory, too. What I find a really interesting addition is yor comment that 2028 would be the 2000th anniversary of the beginning of Christ's earthly ministry (which Scripture tells us that He was supposed to be about 30 years old.) Do you recall the Bereshet prophecy video I shared? The speculation was that the 6000 years of mankind before the MK began when Adam sinned, not when he was created, and that this was thought to be when Adam (the first) was 30 years old. If this is all correct....wow. I get chills!

    1. It's a very intriguing theory, also in light of the fact that a similar Rev 12 alignment occurred in 3914 BC. Going by 360 day years, we're now living just over 6,000 years later.

  2. Interesting picture of the Yellow people marching.

    Let me add up, Microsoft and Mastercard went to partner to establish our Digital Identity.

    While I posted it before that Accenture, and Microsoft made their
    Partnership long before, see the vid. And concentrate the proposition that it is becuase of the refugees needing identity. Focus on 2:20 onwards to see how our identity will be in our hands. https://youtu.be/r81Atqd2MM0 .

    Plus consider that Sophia the AI is becoming ever more poweful.

    Cant wait for the news of the temple altar consecration tomorrow.

    1. Digital Identity + cashless society + implants = M.O.B.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. https://www.fastcompany.com/90276216/mastercard-and-microsoft-announce-frightening-universal-id-partnership

    microsoft and mastercard partnership for digital identity. Figure out how buying and selling will happen in the future? Answer: Tracked and monitored and CONTROLLED.

  5. Christmas parade in our town tonight, one of secret society groups in the parade had a jeep with a skeleton holding a lamp, only visible when looking from behind. It look very similar to The Hermit card above, even the possion was the same direction.

  6. Gary, thanks for the post. As accelerated as world events are taking place, it's hard to imagine another year or two of peace and prosperity - we all would need an extra dose of faith, patience and endurance to wait until 2021 for our Blessed Hope (provided the rapture takes place right before the Trib starts). Focused for now on the next two days..."even so Lord Jesus, come quickly"!! Maranatha!

    1. Understanding does the Rapture must happen before the Antichrist is revealed and comes onto the scene, I believe that it's going to take a substantial amount of time for that man or entity to rise to power and to establish himself AS Global leader. I don't see how it could happen instantly.

  7. Is that Europe splitting East from West in the lower right corner of the Hermit painting? When was this painted?

    1. It also kind of looks like the USA and Canada.

  8. Gary, thank you for bringing this up! It seems clear that the globalist elite around George Soros & Associates is financing another "French Revolution 2.0" for 2019 in Europe which is 230 years anniversary of 1789 AD. Did you check the zerohedge website already? Also DailyCrow got another good link asking if this could come to the American continent:


    2019 will definitely get interesting even if the LORD Jesus is still inclined to tarry...




  10. Quite a world we live in today. I've said many times, regarding AI and other technologies, that if it were not for the existence of God, and His plan/will, there is a lot of technology today that I would stand behind 100%.
    This may also allow believers some insight on why so many people embrace such things.
    Let's be objective and real here for a minute: If it was not for prophecy, and the Word of God, the idea of having a tattoo or RFID chip and such implanted into your hand is actually a very good solution to a number of issues. No need to carry a wallet etc. Many people naturally are repulsed by it because many people know the truth of what it really is, but as a concept on it's own, without prophecy and such? I think it's actually pretty amazing, and I'd probably be an early adapter. ...except for that mark of the beast thing. :)
    This is how Lucifer will sell his one world idea to so many people in the beginning here. The technology and concepts that will be introduced will make complete sense to those who do not believe in God.

    1. Excellent insight Neural. I think you are spot on. Ignorance will really be bliss until it bites them. So very interesting to see the Hermit Card again. Its been a long time since I was following those who had "interpreted" the meaning of the cards. We can certainly see the division of the US and Canada in the lower right. Currently we are very much spiritually divided, but when the final push to divide the land of Israel is pushed by those 2 countries (despite our objections and clear protests), the spiritual divide may become physical and split the US in two pieces. Choices have been and are being made - go along to get along or line up on God's side. I'm sticking with God's side, the side of truth and alignment with His Word. Blessings - Sherry

    2. I'm right there with you. Not having to memorize dozens of passwords or carry credit cards or worry about identity theft or fraud. It makes perfect sense from the world's perspective, but it gives the man of lawlessness absolute control over humanity.

  11. Thanks Gary. I think you could be right about 7 years of plenty, followed by 7 years of famine.

    I had this thought when I read the story of Joseph in Genesis 41:30 (& onwards).

    And when I had this thought, the next day I came into work, and the 1st thing one of the new guys who had just started at the company where I worked, said to me, "feast or famine". I said excuse me?, He said it again, then followed up with, 3 job recruitment agencies called me yesterday, about jobs, it is either a feast or famine".

    But all I could hear was a confirmation to what I felt would happen in the end times. i.e. the trib mirroring the story of Joseph.

    Then I tried to work out when most countries came out of recession after the last big recession of 2008, and most countries emerged from recession in 2011 and 2012. Which leaves us bang on time (around now) for "the big one, and last recession to hit"

    1. This was part of my thinking in that the recession ended in those years and the economy really started growing thereafter. Couple that with Trump's win a temporary reprieve against secular humanism and globalism and 2014-2021 is a very practical range of "plenty".

    2. I think it's prudent to focus on 2012 to 2019 instead of 2014 to 2021. If it eventually comes to that we'll cross that bridge if it comes.

  12. Something to consider:

    If the trib does not start until 2021, this does not necessarily lock the Resurrection/Rapture to 2021. :)

    If we continue with the Joseph typology, Joseph took a Gentile wife (early on) in the first 7 years of plenty.

    He reunited with his father and his brothers in the middle or towards the end of the 7 years of famine.

    It is said that this year 2018 is the year of "the Open door", and others have said that next year is the year of "the Closed door". I find the Psalm 118 and 119 transition very interesting here also, if they do indeed have meaning for the years we find ourselves in.

    I find it interesting also the messages given to the churches of both Philadelphia and to Laodicea, and their diametrically opposed characteristics, blessings and warnings.

    I agree with those that feel they exist at the same time, and that one is blessed by escape from the trial coming upon all who dwell on the earth (Rev 3:10), while the other finds themselves in a dire situation behind that same door now being closed, yet with still some hope, though now very costly (Rev 3:20).

    It also mimics the end condition of the 10 Virgins too, 5 enter in, 5 are left knocking on the door, with the message to depart from Him.

    In Rev 3:7 it is clear that this door is opened or closed by Christ Jesus alone.

    To the one (Philadelphia), a door is opened that no man can close. (Rev 3:8 -> [Isa 26:20?])

    And an encouragement to Hold On! (Rev 3:11) Though their strength is but little and hanging by a thread, because they have kept His word, and not denied His name (also Rev 3:8).

    To the other (Laodicea), the door is closed already by verse 20, since Christ is on the other side knocking (so there is some hope here). Prior to this was a caution to get straight, repent, or he will spew them out of His mouth.

    We still see a form of "All who call, will be saved" here, though it is now too late for the blessing of Resurrection and Rapture that has already occurred.

    I believe very strongly that we are at this transition spoken of in many ways and prophecies that make up the whole counsel of God in the Word.

    I find it very encouraging and a source of great hope for the near future.


    1. Yes, that's a very important point. The rapture is pre-tribulational, but pre-tribulational could be 1, 2, or even 3 years before the Trib and still fit the definition.

      I see the initial War of Gog and Magog as necessarily occurring before the Trib, thus some gap makes perfect sense.

  13. Still thinking how thrilling it is that so many are getting saved in these last days and now God is opening the eyes of the scientific community with the "discovery" that all of mankind descends from two parents.


  14. Very upset to find out a red laser dot was painted on President Trump's face during his Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Where was the Secret Service ?


  15. Gary,

    I've been reading your articles on Unsealed for a little over a year now. I think that you have had interesting insights and observations about Biblical end times theology. However, there has been a disturbing trend as of late.

    I noticed in this article (and in past articles) that you have suggested that the Rapture could most likely happen in 2021. Also, I was very surprised that you are trying to formulate a theory to support that (7 years of plenty, 7 years of famine). No where in the Bible does it teach anything about 7 years of plenty before the Tribulation. Whenever the Tribulation is mentioned, it is 7 years of hell on earth. I know you are "speculating," but it sure isn't encouraging. Besides that, the Rapture is imminent. I'm sorry, but to believe or suggest that we even have that much time (or time at all) is ignorance.

    In one of your more recent articles, you mentioned Dominionism and how it's not Biblical. This further confuses me in view of your current article, where you purport the world having "7 years of plenty." I think it is very dangerous to be adding to or reinterpreting Biblical prophecies. This can be very confusing and misleading for believers and new believers alike.

    This is not meant to be accusatory, but the Bible says that teachers will be judged more seriously (James 3:1). I know that we are human and I myself am far from perfect, but the fact that you are teaching that the Rapture is *most likely* this far away is very disappointing. This isn't a "I'm right, you're wrong" argument. All I know is that 1) the Rapture is imminent, 2) everything Jesus and the prophets told us what the end of the world would look like is our world now and 3) the birth pangs are intensifying by the day (earthquakes, the sea--political or natural disasters, geopolitical matters, etc.).

    Me and hundreds of other believers online feel in the Spirit that Jesus is having us let go of our lives, even our FUTURES because it's time to go home. If--according to you--we get raptured around 2021, I honestly don't know if I would make it. I would probably kill myself with the way things are going--not just in my life, but also in what is happening with the world. I'm not being melodramatic. I do not say this lightly.

    On another note, I don't remember reading anywhere in the Bible that we need to be calculating calendar or feast dates to determine when Jesus' ministry started or how many years it's been since ____________(fill in the blank). While this can be compelling, it seems like a waste of time. We're supposed to be looking and watching for the things Jesus said would happen before the end. I also find it strange that you are putting a lot of hope into this "September 23rd Sign." I believe it was most likely a fulfillment, but if it was so critical, I think Jesus would have told us to watch for it. I think a lot of people are getting hung up on this. Is it fruitful? I think not, as it's causing a lot of confusion. Jesus was telling us about birth pangs on earth, but never related them to celestial events. I'm not saying it's not important, but I don't think it should be a main focus.

    I do not plan on reading yours or anyone's speculations, predictions or calculations any more. This will be the last article I read on Unsealed.

    ...“When evening comes, you say, 'It will be fair weather, for the sky is red,' and in the morning, 'Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.' You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times." -Matthew 16:2-3

    I can discern the signs of the times--can you?

    1. With my current situation, especially Financial, all I can do is live month to month and I'm quickly running out of months. I know that God provides, but at the same time God more often lets us live in the natural without Supernatural intervention. If Jesus doesn't call us home soon I'll be forced to file bankruptcy. I think many many people are in the same boat as myself.

    2. Isaiah, God is using all areas of HIS Peoples lives to create a perfect heart in them so they will be ready to stand before Him. Ive missed out on many opportunities to prosper financially. I know if I had about 300,000 dollars in the bank, I would see the rapture as a hindrance to me from buying stuff. So remember Jesus words matt.6:21. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Thank you Jesus for lost opportunities. I feel if I lived in time 50 or more years ago it would've been different because of my giving .

    3. Jaclyn,

      I hear from your comment that you are struggling. We bear this burden with you. I want to encourage you and intercede on your behalf. I know my God is able. Your situation and trials are not too great for the Maker of heaven and earth. It is He who holds you lovingly in his arms and carries you through darkness. Trust Him even if it means there is time as we know it before the heavens open up to us. He can make a way for you. Everything around you can bear this truth. I encourage you to meditate on Philippians 4:6-8 and Romans 12:2.
      None of us knows everything and that's a really big deal. That means that everything we do is our best guess at the details, even sometimes regarding what to focus on. It is the heart that matters most here. Don't give up because another believer's critical analysis doesn't line up completely with what you hope for. We have all hoped and been disappointed. This is one reason why our hope in Christ is so precious. He NEVER disappoints. And He will not disappoint you or anyone else as we long for him whether we wait another three months or three years.
      We always need to test our thoughts and feelings against the scriptures. Gary has made no promises or guarantees in what he has said. But he has made some hope-filled observations. It jas brought joy and strength to my spirit. I know that if you have visited here and come back, that you see that hope too.
      Fear not for He is with you. And He can take you much farther than you think you can go. Be encouraged and filled with His spirit. This is my prayer for you, in Jesus name.

    4. Good prayer Daniel. Amen to that.

  16. Everyone - Jaco has shared an article from "Kim". I am not familiar with her previously, but had a strong witness in my spirit to her video. She warns the Altar ceremony with a blood sacrifice and 70 nations in Israel could quite possibly be the Covenant with Death and Hell. This is very similar to Paul Dawson's take on Altars. "Strange things happen when people erect altars." That's been ringing in my ears since I listened to Paul and Kim's video is a 2nd confirmation for me. It's 24 minutes, you can listen on 1.5 speed and get it. Very worthwhile - I think tomorrow is very significant, whether sign or event I have no clue, but we should be warning everyone we know to steer clear of the ceremony tomorrow. Blessings - Sherry Click Here for Last Day of Hanukkah. Altar, Blood Sacrifice, Covenant with Death and Hell?

  17. Hi Sherry ;

    Very interesting, however, I think it is the antichrist that confirms the covenant.

    1. Maybe putting the Covenant with many into place has nothing to do with Trump or macaron, think about it, what if the Jews themselves or the Sanhedrin actually initiate the Covenant with many and then while they are saying peace and safety sudden destruction comes upon them and they will not Escape, after all they have invited representatives from the 70 Nations which represents the nations of the world. That sounds like a very possible Covenant with many that later the man of lawlessness strengthens (confirms) Daniel 9:27

  18. I think that the antichrist's New World Order won't be socialism at all, in stead corporate fascism with a harsh neoliberalism as an economic model with almost no social protection for those in need. Neoliberalism involves austerity on social and public services, privatization, deregulation, love of money (capitalism), slavery and exploitation of socially vulnerable people, etc. The secret societies like the Freemasonry, Bilderberg which are involved in building the New World Order, are neoliberal. When you read Revelation chapter 17 and 18 about Babylon, it is all about a harsh and brutal neoliberalism/capitalism. Socialism involves a well-developed welfare state for those in need like disabled people, and the antichrist won't protect the needy at all. He will try to get rid of them, just like his predecessor Adolf Hitler did with his Aktion T4 program which involved involuntary euthanasia on disabled people. More about Aktion T4, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aktion_T4.

    Ordinary people are fed up with the current neoliberalism which started in 1979-1980, but the antichrist will be a fascist who will arise from a right-wing populist party. These parties are extreme neoliberal, but try to hide it from the public's view.



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