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BREAKING: Sudden And Major Escalation With Iran

The news began late yesterday afternoon when major media outlets reported that Iran was strategically moving short-range ballistic missiles by boat throughout the Persian Gulf (source), in preparation for a possible attack on U.S. forces.  Subsequent reports via military analysts on Twitter indicated that boats may have also been moved via river into Iran and Syria and into the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Israel.  Just a few hours later, news broke that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suddenly canceled a diplomatic trip to Berlin and made an unannounced trip to Iraq to meet with the Iraqi Prime Minister regarding Iran (source).

Then, overnight, Iran suddenly withdrew from key parts of the Iran nuclear deal (officially: Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), while Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced the country would withdraw from the deal entirely in just 60 days if a new deal is not made, which means the nuke deal is now dead since a new deal is an impossibility under current Trump administration policy.

All of this news comes three days after it was announced that the U.S. was deploying a carrier strike group to the Middle East in response to unspecified threats from Iran, which will be supplemented by a contingent of strategic bombers (source).

This is the greatest escalation with Iran since the George W. Bush administration, possibly even since the Iranian Hostage Crisis in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution.  The immediate effect is that war is likely and Iran will now be openly racing to acquire nuclear weapons (though no doubt it was already working towards them to some degree in secret).

All of this brings us back to the massive rocket barrage on Israel from Gaza this past weekend, which was the largest attack on Israel since 2014.  Approximately 700 missiles were fired.  The picture is starting to get clearer regarding the attack.  Hamas was certainly involved, but Iran's proxy, Islamic Jihad, played an oversized role in the attack.  Iran may have even ordered the attack or been instrumental in instigating it.  The Iran-Israel proxy war that has been going on since 2005 may quickly spill over into full armed conflict.

I will keep you updated as things develop.

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  1. And tomorrow (May 9) is Victory/Independence Day in Israel.

    And we are 33 days from Pentecost (Shavuot) June 10

    1. Yep! High watch. Rapture or major prophecy, or perhaps both. Getting closer.

    2. We have been on high watch since the Rev12 Sign, yet no one knows the day or time. While I greatly enjoy this site (and others), I have taken myself off high watch. It's great to have all these data points and information, but I prefer to "occupy" and enjoy each day.


    Israel population hits 9 million

    Source, i24news.tv


    "45% of world's Jews now live in Israel, with immigration still a driver of population growth."

  3. And 9 is the number of Judgement.

  4. I am especially watchful as May 9 is the anniversary of Israel’s Independence. Today is the last day of their 70th year!

    Also I am especially drawn to Isaiah 21, could the Independence Day Events on May 9 be “the night of my pleasure he hath turned unto fear unto me”?

    Isaiah 21:

    1 ¶ The burden of the desert of the sea. As whirlwinds in the south pass through; so it cometh from the desert, from a terrible land.
    2 A grievous vision is declared unto me; the treacherous dealer dealeth treacherously, and the spoiler spoileth. Go up, O Elam: besiege, O Media; all the sighing thereof have I made to cease.
    3 Therefore are my loins filled with pain: pangs have taken hold upon me, as the pangs of a woman that travaileth: I was bowed down at the hearing of it; I was dismayed at the seeing of it.
    4 My heart panted, fearfulness affrighted me: the night of my pleasure hath he turned into fear unto me.

    It certainly seems this could also lead to sudden destruction......

    1 Thessalonians 5:1 ¶ But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.
    2 For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.
    3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

    Keep looking up!😇

  5. Replies
    1. Hamas will be completely disarmed. No wonder, Iran is stoking the flames now and Hamas is attacking.... maybe they got word of this deal.

    2. Should it come to pass (doubtful), we know that Hamas will only be disarmed in principle, not necessarily in practice. You know, just like drugs are illegal, but still readily available.
      And, since when have they ever played "fair". They consider their agreements with infidels a form of Takia... you know as you've written about it.

  6. amazing to see the Bible... the only real truth just the way God promised unfold before our very eyes just as He said. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life.

  7. As Sunday May 12th, Pentecost, according to the Torah calendar, approaches, things are really heating up.

    I have read comments that point to May 12th very strongly. On Sunday April 28th this young man gave a testimony of how on the 28th he heard an audible voice which said "in two more weeks" which was repeated 3 times.

    Another person wrote a comment on Pastor Tim Henderson Channel just a day ago where they received the word from the Lord "3 a.m. Sunday" which here in the United States is in the middle night while in Israel, it's in the middle of the day.

    I just love the parallel between Pentecost and the body of Christ. Pentecost is the Festival of the Harvest, we could say the main Harvest and the body of Christ is considered to be the main Harvest. Of course we all know that first fruits is the celebration of the first harvest which Jesus was the first harvest or the firstfruits of those who sleep and who will be Resurrected.

    I believe that Pentecost still needs to be fulfilled by Christ himself.

  8. Chuck Missler often spoke about Enoch being a "type" that symbolised the Church. He also explained that Enoch was raptured on his birthday. Isn't Pentecost the Church's "birthday?" Maybe history will repeat itself. Maranatha!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.




    This will happen on May 14-15 , RIGHT IN THE 71st BDAY of ISRAEL.

    Look at the keywords : Christchurch , MACRON , G7 and while these might be conspiracy'ish' just understand the motive and goal of controlled internet in the future.

    So, there you have it. CHRISTCHURCH SUMMIT in Paris with MACRON.

  11. At https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-5507717,00.html "Minister: Iran could strike Israel if U.S. standoff escalates".

  12. Ezekiel Ch.38
    Today's understanding of the territory of the land of Magog is that this refers to Russia. But, I don't think that is the case. Although the territory of Magog was occupied by, and was once a part of the
    USSR, history has seen to it, that what used to be is no longer the case. These territories are all Moslem territories.
    The land of Magog, along with the lands of Syria, Togarmah (Turkey), Meshech and Tubal, were all doing business with Tyre, six centuries before Christ. That territory was part of the Moslem Empire also, and as such, carries more weight in that context than does Russia, when it comes to this prophecy.
    The correct Hebrew translation of Ezekiel 38:3, should read: "Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the prince, (pause) chief of Meshech and Tubal.
    All atlases of the Bible printed before the 1940's show the land of Magog to be in the northern part of Iraq, just north of Baghdad, and Meshech and Tubal are in the area that today is Turkey and portions of northern Syria as well as northern Iraq.
    From this it's clear that Gog (Antichrist, the Chief Prince), will be from Iraq and that he will become the Chief Prince (once again) of that portion of Turkey and the northern part of Syria along with Iraq, which again is the former Seleucid/Hashemite Kingdom, the kingdom grown out of the Moslem Empire, the seventh Empire on the land out of Babylon.
    The seventh kingdom, represented by the Feet, on Nebuchadnezzar's great image, historically, becomes the Moslem Empire (which was also split into two parts), and the toes, growing out of that Empire will be kingdoms, loosely united, from within the Roman portion of the Grecian Kingdom, that will fulfill the remainder of the prophecy of Daniel and Revelation.

  13. This prophecy is describing the Antichrist's kingdom! Gog, the spiritual prince , who is the chief of the lands that describe the Seleucid/Hashemite Kingdom, is who God is against, not Russia. It's Antichrist who comes down on Israel, not Russia. Russia may be allied to these nations, but in the end, Antichrist double crosses them all, and they wind up at Armageddon.
    This is borne out in the correct Hebrew translation of Ezekiel 38:3, which should read: "Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the prince, (pause) chief of Meshech and Tubal. (Gog is the Prince of Grecia - out of the pit) And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth - It's God who will control the movements of Antichrist.

  14. God turns the Antichrist back when He swallows up the army chasing the Jews into their hiding place in the wilderness, and then puts a hook in his jaw and brings him forth (Michael gives Satan the boot) to continue his outrageousness (Satan was wroth with the woman, so he went and kicked over their altar, and proclaimed himself as God, in God's temple, and slaughtered the remnant of them in Jerusalem who were worshiping Christ) until it leads to the show down at Armageddon. Frankly,
    what does Russia have to do with any of that? The Antichrist would have to be Russia?
    How long is it going to take everyone to come to the realization that this all comes down to the Jews against the Muslims, and who, is defending who, at the final battle. So, all the nations will be involved in the conflict.

  15. But this can only happen in a time when the United States and Briton, Ephriam and Manasseh, come together, committed to Israel's life and security. It's at that time that the ten kings out of the old Roman area, will have come to power, and the little horn will have grown, but not yet fully matured.
    Daniel is coming to pass before our very eyes - we have reached the edge of time! The vision of these events were locked up in time, by God, to be seen only when it was their time to occur. Our time is the time for the fulfillment of Daniel's seventieth week to begin!
    The evidence of what has happened, since the formation of the state of Israel, which was the event that began the era, of the future end time of the Jews, to the present day, continues the fulfillment of prophecy that comes right out of the history of the region as spoken in Daniel.



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