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Watch The Great South American Eclipse Live HERE

You can watch the Great South American Eclipse live tomorrow right here on UNSEALED.  Make sure to bookmark this page and pay careful attention to the times listed below.

Totality begins over the Pacific Ocean: 1:01 PM Central Time

Maximum eclipse: 2:22 PM Central Time

Totality reaches South America: 3:38 PM Central Time

Totality ends over South America: 3:44 PM Central Time

You can read more about the significance of this eclipse here.

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  1. Can't paste link for some reason, but DRUDGE has a story about Israel striking Iran soon.

  2. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1147520/Iran-news-US-war-Israel-Tehran-Iran-uranium-nuclear-war

    1. Several interesting articles in there. Thank you for sharing!

    2. Pastor Rich, very welcome.

    3. Not the US who will attack Iran, but Israel in stead.

  3. Thanks for the reminder.

    I read an interesting article today at Israel National News about Israel renewing ties with Oman. What really caught my eye was the following:

    "The head of Israel's intelligence agency Mossad said Monday his country was renewing ties with Oman and had an "unprecedented opportunity" for a thaw with other Arab states...That is only the visible tip of a much broader secret effort," he said, adding that in addition to Israel's historic treaties with Jordan and Egypt other Arab countries had discreetly joined "the states of peace, some of them in an unseen manner."

    This made me think that, "when they say peace and safety," it might be spoken behind closed doors and not necessarily made public for sometime.

    1. Could it be that the 10 nations coalition of the antichrist won't be the EU at all, but 10 nations in the Middle-East?

    2. Moin, It looks like to women to lead the EU? Am I reading that right?

      Thinking out loud, and with an admitted pre-tribulation mindset, it matters not *who* is in leadership positions prior to the Resurrection/Rapture (RR). Once our blessed hope occurs, who will fill-in the gaps?

      My point exactly.

    3. Ursula von der Leyen will lead the European Commission, prime minister Michel of Belgium the lead the European Council. See https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-48847200, Christine Lagarde the ECB and Josep Borrell as the EU foreign policy chief.

      None of these will be the antichrist, because he will be a young and a very weird person who talks very deceitful. At first a 10 nations coalition must be formed and after that, the little horn rises out of these 10. There is no 10 nations coalition in the EU yet, but it can rapidly change after the Brexit, by a regional war in the Middle-East or by the Rapture itself.

  4. The Sunni Gulf States are united in their fear of a nuclear armed Iran. The uranium enrichment rubicon may have been crossed. It behooves them to cooperate with the peace deal and then quickly deal with Iran by letting the IDF use their airspace etc to bomb,use an EMP, etc Iran’s nukes to shreds.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth Archangel. I saw the same article on Israel/Oman and immediately thought of the strikes on the reactor complexes in Iraq and Syria by the IDF. An open corridor of airspace to the east would be a logical head start if for considering any next steps toward a kinetic response.

      We all know the cyber response has already been delivered and is being delivered.

      I would think any action that may be taken would occur on an overnight in the early morning hours...early to mid evening for those in North America. Now that the IDF has the F-35 they have a platform from which to conduct SAM suppression in these high threat environments. I'm sure my friends at EDCO and ELTA have been keeping very busy.

      Syria's S-300's may be nothing more than practice for what is yet to come. Not that I am beating the drums of war; but some things seem rather obvious.

      Prophecy unfolding.

  5. Pastor Rich, Israel’s good relationship with Azerbaijan helps enormously since it’s on Iran’s northern border and would be easy for the IAF to refuel there and use their runways. I remember the leader over there saying his relationship with Israel was like the tip of an iceberg; 90% underwater. Also, the Dolphin nuclear submarines are deadly. Israel has long prepared for a three pronged fight with Iranian proxies on their northern and southern borders. No doubt, Iran will call on Hezbollah and Hamas and Putin said he would be on Iran’s side in a war with Israel and the US. No surprise there.

    1. Yes, the Dolphins. I forgot about their German built submarines. Potent weapons indeed but I had not heard about Azerbaijan.

    2. Pastor Rich, we weren’t supposed to know, but Israel’s foes in the past administration ( Obama, Brennan, Comey, Klapper, take your pick) leaked the info. I knew immediately it was info that I shouldn’t be reading.


    3. Very interesting article! Thank you again!!

    4. Very welcome, Pastor Rich. Be blessed.

  6. The Arab nations have spirits over them, same as Iran. So think Prince of Persia, yes that Prince of Persia that hates your prayers, except now he's all nuke-ified.

    Few of the neighboring territorial spirits have nukes. What is their likely disposition towards Iran?

  7. A super interesting article about the eclipse and day tomorrow tied in with the woman's soccer game in France. Via dailycrow.com HIGHLY INTRIGUING!



  8. Jon, thanks for the link. Fascinating.

  9. Thanks for posting the live link Gary.

  10. Pastor Rich. I am using an app called skyview. Looks like the sun and moon are in Gemini during the eclipse. Right?

    1. Right!

      The Sun and Moon are both in Gemini while Mars and mercury are near the Beehive Cluster in Cancer.

      ...but MUCH more to share!


    The LORD has really been speaking to me today...first related to (Revelation 20) and now the events of today. I was in North Georgia when the Great American Solar Eclipse took place on Monday, August 21, 2017. There was an eerie (supernatural) feeling in the air that day.

    Today had that same air. Eerie and supernatural.

    Prior to the event I had no comprehension of symbolism but now? Here's what just came out of my mouth talking about today with my wife...

    I was surfing looking for photos and data on the eclipse. AccuWeather.com has a page on the event with handy pin-points for greatest totality and the accompanying time.

    The time of greatest totality occurred over the Pacific Ocean at 1922 (UT) or 7:22 pm Greenwich Mean Time if you prefer. Converted to Israel Daylight Time that would be 2222 (IDT) or 10:22 pm in Jerusalem.

    Note the prevalence of the number two!

    Where in the sky did the greatest totality occur? In the constellation Gemini. The twins!

    There's another instance of two.

    Gemini is Latin for "twins" and was described by the 2nd Century astronomer Ptolemy as one of the 48 constellations identified by him. The constellation is dominated by two bright stars, Pollux and Castor, twins themselves from Greek mythology. Gemini's unicode astronomical symbol is II -- like the roman numeral for two.

    How many two's are we up to now?!!

    This is the last total solar eclipse of 2019. What day is today? Tuesday, July 2nd! Put another way, second day of the week and as such is "twice blessed!" Remember in the creation week that God double-blessed the third day? He called it "good" twice!

    10 God called the dry land
    Earth, and the waters that
    were gathered together he
    called Seas. And God saw
    that it was good.

    (Genesis 1:10 ESV)

    12 The earth brought forth vegetation,
    plants yielding seed according to
    their own kinds, and trees bearing
    fruit in which is their seed, each
    according to its kind. And God saw
    that it was good.

    (Genesis 1:12 ESV)

    Verses 10 and 12 both record that God called this day "good" twice -- thus being twice blessed.

    There's another two! And while we're here we might even say that verses 10 and 12 are divisible by two! Double the two's!!

  12. A PIN-POINT: DEUX (Continued)

    The eclipse was waning over the coast of Argentina as the FIFA Women's World Cup Semi-finals game ended. Team USA beat England 2-to-1 in regulation time...two days before the United States marks it's independence from England via the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

    More two's!

    Looking to the Hebrew calendar, directly applying today's Gregorian date 7/2 to M7D2 on the Ecclesiastic calendar equates to Sunday, September 1st and Monday, September 2nd or what we otherwise know as YOM TERUAH or the FEAST OF TRUMPETS!! The second day of the DAY OF SHOUTING!!!


    The time of greatest totality was 19:22 (UT) remember? Overlay that value on the Ecclesiastic calendar where 19:22 equals 7:22 or 7/22 and what do you get?

    M7D22, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

    ...Shemini Atzeret, or the "Eighth Day Solemn Assembly." Shemini Atzeret is a Sabbath day separate and distinct from Sukkot. It is an appointed time the day after Sukkot on which Israel assembles. One tradition says Jacob married Rachel on this day.

    ...and WHAT day is the BEST day for a Jewish wedding? TUESDAY of course! It's twice blessed!!



    And WHAT happened on the 22nd day of September in 2017? The Autumnal Equinox occurred at 2001 (UT). The Autumnal Equinox happened at 2301 hours in Israel thus the equinox was counted as on September 23, 2017.


    Gary, We need to talk about opening up the pipeline for posting more than the current allotted Kilobytes of text. ; )

    ...and what day precedes Sheimi Atzeret ending at sunset?

    M7D21, Saturday, September 21st

    Two years to the day of the BEGINNING of the Great Sign of Revelation 12, Day of Shouting/Feast of Trumpets/Yom Teruah, 2017 -- the BEGINNING of the study timeline I have been slowly sharing with you.

    MORE TWO'S!!!

    ...and *perhaps* more importantly...

    M7D22 is right in the middle of the timeframe which my model suggests for the Resurrection/Rapture. Anywhere from M7D21 to M7D22 after the sun sets in Judea. Why sunset? Recall,

    13 Now when they had departed, behold,
    an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph
    in a dream and said, "Rise, take the
    child and his mother, and flee to Egypt,
    and remain there until I tell you, for
    Herod is about to search for the child,
    to destroy him."

    14 And he rose and took the child and
    his mother by night an departed to Egypt

    (Matthew 2:13-14 ESV)

    Type and anti-type...Dare I say, MORE TWO'S?!!

    Finally, I am among those who believe Christ Jesus our Lord was physically conceived (born) on earth on September 11, 3 BC. This day equals M6D30 to M7D1 of the Ecclesiastic calendar. Did you catch that?!


    And what day does this total solar eclipse point to?

    Yom Teruah, M7D2 this fall.

    Sorry for all the shouting, but this is too good not to get jacked-up about!!!

    Blessings to you and your's, forever,

    Pastor Rich

  13. A PIN-POINT: DEUX (Conclusion)

    M7D2 and M7D22 are days that the sign of today's eclipse *MAY* be pointing to. May! The potential tie-ins are striking and clearly point back to the LORD.

    Some who have shared this space would say that today's sign also points to a person of interest as the AC. If that were true it certainly would make sense. As many of you know, I am not one to point fingers at candidates for that "distinction"; although I will call-out AI (Sophia) as the second beast in a minute -- another story for another time.

    One of my most loved verses in Scripture is,

    15 For thus says the One who is
    high and lifted up, who inhabits
    eternity, whose name is Holy:
    "I dwell in the high and holy
    and also with him who is of a
    contrite and lowly spirit, to
    revive the spirit of the lowly,
    and to revive the heart of the

    (Isaiah 57:15 ESV)

    Here we see the Godhead, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit together and who did the Son come for?

    1. The lowly, meaning "humble"
    2. The contrite, meaning, "broken-hearted"

    More two's. Two of the most important things we can be. Humble and contrite. Why? Because of two other things,

    1. Jesus loves me this I know
    2. Because the Bible tells me so

    As for 9/22/19 as being the day? It is only my study time-line. It is based on Bible study and the pin-points I laid-out earlier. It was not started so as to find the day and time of our blessed hope. It was started as a Bible study to fit together the pieces of puzzle given us in Scripture by the LORD.

    The date is a consequence of that study.

    Today, I felt it proper to share that final bit of information. Now you know...



    1. All the 2s surrounding this eclipse connected a dot for me.

      The Great American Eclipse was surrounded by 3s:

      "The August eclipse occurs exactly 33 days before the Revelation 12 Sign, beginning in the 33rd state (Oregon), and ending in South Carolina at the 33rd parallel. The eclipse occurs on the 233rd day of the year, which is 33 weeks and 2 days into 2017. It occurs 133 days before the end of the year, takes 1 hour and 33 minutes to cross the nation, and ends on the 33rd second. I've personally verified each of these details (see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). Can you really chalk up the significance of this to pure coincidence or confirmation bias? It's been noted that an eclipse like this hasn't happened in 99 years. That would be 3 x 33 years. What might God be communicating?"

      And the third blood moon of 4-4-15 was surrounded by 4s:

      "The date is April 4th. Totality lasts for 4 minutes and 44 seconds. So a Total Lunar Eclipse, lasting for 4 minutes and 44 seconds, occurring on the 4th day of the 4th month, is happening in less than three days. I mean maybe I'm crazy, and I don't like number games, but that seems kind of more than coincidental... as in maybe God had a say in this... Partial eclipse ends on 44th minute of the hour... and 4th shortest lunar eclipse in 4,000 years... and during the 44th term of U.S. president."

      What does this mean? Is this a countdown of sorts?

      4... 3... 2...

    2. That's 4s in 2015, 3s in 2017, and 2s in 2019.

    3. Yes Rich...there is more. And Gary, looks like a countdown to me.

      Ok Pastor Rich. Get this. Today my twin brother and I stopped for some frozen custard to get out of the rain. As we stood eating it under an awning a woman comes walking by and on her right shoulder: a tattooed heart that says twins.

      It struck me immediately, felt it in my gut. When I got home, I felt lead to look and see where the eclipse had occurred in the constellations. When I saw it was Gemini and Venus was at the foot of Gemini. I felt it was significant. Taurus' horns right below and Mars and mercury right above in cancer. Just all looked very striking. But what does it mean? If you have followed the discussion . Rev 12 the past months, you know that "twins" comes up extraordinarily frequently. So I'm going to look at the twins in the Bible and see what I may be missing.

    4. WOW!!!

      Twos and twins are plenty in the Bible. Here's a few hints,

      1. Red yarn
      2. Hairy arms
      3. Grafting
      4. Witnesses

      I concur on the countdown. It sure has the makings of one!

    5. Wow Miguel. If I were in your shoes I would have chills. That's pretty cool.

    6. ...and concerning a countdown...

      If 2015 was "4" and 2017 was "3" and 2019 was "2" then may 2021 be "1" and 2023 be "0"?

      Not to beat my own drum but this model suggests the AoD in April, 2023. Note the two-year interval. Too many pin-points to explore; too little time.

      An occupational hazard for me.

    7. Well I looked up the Gemini here:


      And found some interesting things-

      Made up of seven stars...reminds me of some things in Revelation

      "The heel" is one of the stars

      "Red giant" reminded me of the dragon

      The geminids occur in December and have been on our radar before.

      It means twins and the Greek version of the story has them as great horsemen, one who was good with a sword.

      Jupiter was their father.

      Some interesting numbers associated with it as well. Perhaps someone else will take a look and see if their is some other useful connections.

      Still working on the various twins in scripture. Just the little brain dump for now.

    8. Twin 9-month-old boys found abandoned near railroad bridge in Worcester, Massachusetts!!

    9. "All the 2s surrounding this eclipse connected a dot for me."

      Me 2. Max eclipse was 2:22 p.m. Central Time. I live in the Central Time Zone, quite near the S. American continent. My blog address contains the number 222.

  14. A PIN-POINT: WHY M7D22?

    I can outline the answer in six (6) steps. Seven (7) if you include the total length of time of the time-line. How appropriate!

    1. 9/22/17 + 2 Prophetic Years (720 days) = 9/11/19, R12S + travel time of the Maji
    2. 9/22/17 + 2 Solar Years (730 days) = 9/21/19, R12S + travel time of the Maji
    3. 9/28/19 + 42 months (1,260 days) = 3/11/23, Parashah Bereshit to Purim +3-1/2 days
    4. 9/28/19 + 1,290 days = 4/9/23, Parashah Bereshit to Easter Sunday
    5. 4/10/23 + 42 months (1,260 days) = 9/21/26, Unleavened Bread Day 6 to Yom Kippur
    6. 4/10/23 + 1,335 days = 12/5/26, Unleavened Bread Day 6 to Hanukkah I

    7. Total length of time-line: 9/23/17 to 12/5/26 = 3,360 days

    3,360 days / 360 (1 prophetic year) = 9-1/3

    Express 9-1/3rd as months, that would equal 9 months 10 days if for 30 day months.

    9 months * 30 days/month = 270 days
    9 months * 1/3 month = 10 days (rounded up)
    270 days + 10 days = 280 days
    280 days / 7 days/week = 40 weeks
    40 weeks = Average length of human pregnancy

    40 weeks...about how long Jupiter was inside of Virgo in the months leading up to the Revelation 12 sign.


    1. (Matthew 2:16-18 ESV) NOTE: For the Jews (Cultivated Olive branch)
    2. (Matthew 2:16-18 ESV) NOTE: For the Gentiles (Wild Olive branch)
    3. (Revelation 11:3 ESV) NOTE: This point is pending further study
    4. (Daniel 12:11 ESV)
    5. (Matthew 24:15-16 ESV), (Revelation 12:6 ESV)
    6. (Daniel 12:12 ESV)

    NOTES: From the suggested day of the RR to the coming of the two witnesses there is a gap of seven (7) days. I am not convinced yet of the two witnesses coming before the AoD -- this is a point that requires more study. The study model was build in Calc (a freeware version of Excel) and can be made by anyone to review, confirm, bunk or debunk.

    PLEASE FORGIVE any typos. I really should be working right now but had to get this out of my head and into ASCII for you here and now without further delay. I would be pleased to answer questions with the up-front understanding that this is an exploration of the Word and NOT DATE SETTING!!

    Honestly, if you ask me? I believe it is flawed as I am a flawed human being. So take it all with a grain of salt but an eye on diving into the Word! After-all, that's what it was made for and from. Diving into the Word for love of the Word! Thus why I invite input and questions. The Word of God is meant to be shared -- not kept to ones self.

    Happy hunting!


    1. PR, you do need your own articles here. Gary? Dont you think so?

    2. He's got some good stuff, doesn't he?

      PR, I'm chewing on your "2s" discovery with today's eclipse. That really might be part of some sort of countdown in light of the sequential 3s and 4s (2017 and 2015, respectively).

    3. [insert blushing here]

      Thank you for your support and vote of confidence Miguel. I am blessed to share and be a praying member of this community.

      NOTE: There is a typo above,

      "9 months * 1/3 month = 10 days (rounded up)" should be,

      "30 days/month * 1/3 month = 10 days (rounded up)"

      See? I told you I'm human! : )

    4. Thank you for your support too Gary. This is a GREAT community and I am blessed to participate in it. Kudos go to you for maintaining this space and the inspired teaching you bring. Not an easy job...but wholly a labour of Love!

  15. Wow, PR, the floodgates opened up for you today!

    1. From Rev 12 sign to July 2nd, 2019 is 647 days...and
      Strongs 647 is......interesting...


    The day count from...

    1. 7/2/19 to Yom Kippur (9/10/19 thru 9/11/19) is 70 days**
    2. 7/2/19 to Hoshana Rabba/Shemini Atzeret (9/20/19 thru 9/21/19) is 81 days**
    4. 7/2/19 to Parashah Bereshit (9/27/19 thru 9/28/19) is 88 days**

    **NOTE: According to Torahcalendar.com and the Ecclesiastic calendar)

    Also of note is that item #4 above also falls on the Civil New Year's Eve or Erev Rosh Hashanah. (Not the Spiritual calendar). This is the date on my time-line that begins a 1,260 day count based upon (Revelation 11:3 ESV).

    Another pin-point that *may* be of interest is (Genesis 5:23 ESV). This verse records the age of Enoch when he was taken. We see that the number of his days was 365 years. Treating years as days provides a pattern or type by which we calculate the days of the Gentiles from the R12S. In this case, Gregorian (solar) days. If Enoch is a type of the RR, which we know he is, then what does it look like if we apply this pattern to the day count from R12S forward?

    First we need to know how many 365's to add? In the case of my model it was 2 365's or 730 days. Why 730 days?

    (Matthew 2:16 ESV)

    The wise men told Herod that the Christ child was, "two years old or under".

    It is interesting to note that Enoch was 7th from Adam. The Bible (and Torah) record Enoch's age at his being taken in verse 23. Seven, twenty-three. 7/23? M7D23? What day is this on Torahcalendar this year?

    M7D23 - Monday, September 23, 2019

    This date is two-years to the day after the R12S and is marked by Torah readings of (Genesis 1:1-2:3 ESV). That last verse of the Torah reading is certainly interesting!

    3 So God blessed the seventh day
    and made it holy, because on it
    God rested from all his work that
    he had done in creation.

    (Genesis 2:3 ESV)

    Is it me or is there a tie-in here between,

    1. Enoch
    2. RR
    3. The number seven (7) for days/weeks/years/generations
    4. The number 23
    5. The count Book (1), Chapter (2), Verse (3)
    6. The 7th day (holy) -v- our blessed hope (holy)
    7. The 7th day (rest) -v- our blessed hope (rest)

    A most interesting feature of 9/23/19 is that this is the Autumnal Equinox. It occurs at 0751 (UT) on the morning of the 23rd. This day is Simchat Torah meaning, "Rejoicing with the Torah" or "Rejoicing of the Torah".

    John the Apostle teaches us through the Holy Spirit that Jesus is the Word,

    14 And the Word became flesh and
    dwelt among us...

    (John 1:14a ESV)

    So for us, Simchat Torah may be understood as being "Rejoicing with Jesus" or "Rejoicing of Jesus!" Or have I been staying up way too late and past my bedtime?



    Remember the time of greatest totality of the eclipse yesterday? (7/2/19) The number 22 is a stand-out as is the month in which this event occurred. If this is indeed a sign for the Gentiles, which I believe it is -- and we are consistent with the way we apply these dates/times symbolically; what do we see in the numbers "7" and "22"?

    1. Seven is the number of physical and spiritual completeness
    2. Twenty-two is the total number of letters in the Hebrew alephbet

    The letter "ת" (Tav) is the 22nd letter in the Hebrew alephbet and is said to symbolize a "mark" or "seal". Ancient Hebrew rendered the character as something looking like our letter "x". It is the "mark" that was placed upon the faithful as recorded in (Ezekiel 9).

    Hmmm...so we have two numeric values that represent completeness and perfection. Together!

    That's interesting!

    I think I have exhausted the pin-points I was given today. My weary eyes seem to agree! Hopefully all of this will provide some triggers for your greater study and consideration.



  17. Some date intervals to note:

    6/9/19 (Pentecost) to 7/2/19 (Eclipse) = 23 days
    6/9/19 to 9/28/19 (New Moon and possible correct date for Trumpets) = 111 days
    7/2/19 to 9/28/19 = 88 days
    7/17/19 (pending Mueller testimony and 2 year anniversary of Jews worshiping on Temple Mount) - 9/28/19 = 73 days

    9/28/19 + 2550 days (1290 + 1260) = 9/21/26 (Projected date for Atonement according to torahcalender.com)

    According to Daniel 12:11, there will be 1290 days between the abolishment of the daily sacrifice and the abomination of desolation. If we are the "daily sacrifice", then we can expect a 30 day gap between the Harpazo and the initiation of Daniel's 70th week.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    1. Confirmed. These dates fit in the model and save the Mueller testimony, had already been noted in the time-line. Even the 111 days from Pentecost to Parashah Bereshit. (6/9/19 to 9/28/19). All dates above are per the ecclesiastic calendar and not the civil calendar.

    2. Pastor Rich, Blessings. Unpacking the day count between Todd's (@UNFINISHED)'incident' 10/10/18 and Paul's recent taking being 260 days, revealed H260 as 'reeds', as in (1st): Gen 41:2 When two full years had passed, Pharaoh had a dream: He was standing by the Nile, 2 when out of the river there came up seven cows, sleek and fat, and they grazed among the reeds. After unpacking a kinds of stuff about this, along with Sheila B., over at Rev12 blog, it hits me, this morning, I missed the "After TWO FULL YEARS" Parallel to OUR WISE MEN's Journey of same. I posted on that and there's more for you to go check. Notice its Genesis 41:TWO? Ofc, then I pop back over here and your falling over yourself covered in '2's, oh my, Maranatha!

    3. A CLOSER LOOK AT 9/28/19

      Timeanddate.com has excellent tools and has this to share about Saturday, September 28, 2019. This day equates to M7D28 and begins at sunset on the night before. (Friday, September 27, 2019) Sunset on the 27th is at 6:29 pm in Jerusalem with official nighttime coming at 9:27 pm.

      Looking at the skies on that evening we see (left-to-right),

      [image width="88%" height="88%" src="http://www.firstflightmedia.com/unsealed/IMG_8107.jpg"/]

      1. New Moon exiting Leo about to enter the head of Virgo (conjuncting Mars)
      2. Mars in conjunction w/Zavijava at the head of Virgo
      3. The Sun clothing Virgo
      4. Venus has just entered the womb of Virgo
      5. Mercury in conjunction w/Spica (also in the womb of Virgo)

      I believe this would be a solid candidate for the earliest (darkest) time being M7D28, the Sabbath marking the beginning of Torah reading for the year, Parashah Bereshit or "In the beginning" over Judea by the Spiritual calendar.

      The Civil calendar has this as New Year's Eve (Erev Rosh Hashanna) and the 51st Torah reading of the year, Parashah Nitzavim meaning, "You are standing", or "You stand this day."

      Here are some helpful links to understand the Torah readings for this Sabbath for both calendars,

      Bereshit in a Nutshell
      Torah Reading for Bereshit

      Nitzavim in a Nutshell
      Torah Reading for Nitzavim

      It's most interesting how these Torah readings line-up (per their calendar, civil and spiritual). It's almost like those who are looking, observant and watchful will see the coming of the Word, "In the beginning" -- while others more worldly and less watchful will see, "You are all standing this day before the Lord".

      Two verses come to my mind in this moment,

      15 "And if it is evil in your eyes
      to serve the LORD, choose this day
      whom you will serve, whether the gods
      your fathers served in the region
      beyond the River, or the gods of the
      Amorites in whose land you dwell.
      But as for me and my house, we will
      serve the LORD."

      (Joshua 24:15 ESV)

      28 Wherever the corpse is, there
      the vultures will gather.

      RED LETTERS, (Matthew 24:28 ESV)

      Joshua and Jesus (Yeshua)...the same name.

      The choice that Joshua spoke of is a choice we are called to make daily. Each day we are called to choose and be faithful to that choice. The picture that Jesus paints is of the dead seeking out and feeding on death -- shunning life. It is a stark reality and one we all share in.

      Blessings as always,


    4. Boy, I'm full of typos! (From above)

      "Looking at the skies on that evening we see (left-to-right)"

      should read "Looking at the skies on that evening we see (right-to-left)"

      Sadly, I err'd yet again. Nothing new there.


  18. Meaning the Harpazo is possible in August (civil calendar)? Sorry, I am confused by those different calendars and I can't tell which date overlaps which dates.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. That's why I use Calc (Excel) to build these models as a spreadsheet. I will try to build a "user-friendly" version of my model to post here.

      As for August? Imminence means any time as in any second now. Remember, this study is not to find the day/time of our blessed hope. It is a model of times and timing given in the Bible.

  19. A PROGRAM NOTE ON 9/23/17 & 9/28/19

    The Sun will be in the same part of the sky in 2019 as it was in 2017. Almost the same spot as a matter of fact. The same planets are in play too (save Jupiter) with Mars, Mercury and Venus. Keep in mind that wherever the Sun goes so does Mercury and Venus. It's Mars that's interesting!

    Will be praying about meanings to these signs and post anything I learn.

  20. Ummm...what was the date of the eclipse? Today, July 3rd was my birthday. I had one of my best days of this year!Thank you GD!!


      ...and many happy returns!

      The Great South American Solar Eclipse 1.0 was 7/2/19.

      Here's a review of what happened, Photos: Sky darkens over South America during last total solar eclipse of the decade from AccuWeather.

      It began at 1801 (UT) at Pitcairn Island and ended east of Buenos Aires at 2044 (UT).

      Hmmm, Pitcairn Island. The inhabitants of that island are descended from mutineers from HMS Bounty in 1789.

      Apostasia anyone?!


    2. Well, I took the time to see where Pitcairn is on the track of the eclipse. It was right on the path but about 1/3rd the way into the event. (Not at the beginning). Still, the fact a tiny island like Pitcairn is in the path of such an eclipse is interesting.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. TWO'S AGAIN!

      I just found this while searching photos of the eclipse,

      [image width="100%" height="100%" src="https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/vtj9y8jUnLYuDj8YF7tLP3-650-80.jpg"/]
      Twofer! Total Solar Eclipse, Hurricane Barbara Spotted From Space (Photo) Category 4 storm, Hurricane Barbara, the first of the hurricane season is seen above the shadow of the moon as the total solar eclipse of 7/2/19 traverses the globe.

      You certainly don't see this everyday!

      Another two!!

      I am trying to confirm if Pitcairn Island is the first landmass that fell under the moon's shadow. If it is that could have an interesting symbolism.


  21. Hi brothers and sisters in Jesus! Does anyone know about this article? I do not know what to think about it. http://themostimportantnews.com/archives/somethings-up-american-and-russian-leaders-are-suddenly-pulled-into-emergency-meetings-as-war-rumors-escalate

    1. Hello, yes, I read the article and had already been digging on these topics. I don't know about the sinking of a US Navy submarine -- that is a work of fiction until some news comes out in the mainstream. Kinda hard to hide that one.

      If there is a US sub reported lost via an "accident" then we may know that something is up.

      Otherwise, I suspect the fate that befell the crew of AS-12 was in work related to what used to be called "Status-6". Whatever they were working on, it has been surely set-back or at least delayed because of the loss of crew and equipment.

      I see a potential picture of Israel with their back against the Red Sea with the chariots of Pharaoh bearing down on them playing out again.

      (Exodus 14:13-18 ESV)

  22. Psalm 90:10 speaks about a generation being 70-80 years. From 1948( Israel becoming a nation again), 80 years puts us at 2028. Jesus will return no later than 2028. I hope you agree.

    It is my belief that Jesus has his appointed times for ALL mankind, not just the Jews. It is hard to imagine that Jesus would rapture us up on just any day. The 1st 4 appointed times are done. The next one to occur is FOT. That would mean that the rapture would have to occur on FOT either in 2019, 2020 or 2021. This would allow for the 7 year Tribulation to occur. Only in 2019 does the day count work. 2550 days total from beginning of Tribulation to Jesus’s 2nd Coming (30/1260/1260). So, this would be Rapture on FOT 2019, AOD by Antichrist at end of Passover 2023(perfect timing), and 2nd Coming on Atonement 2026.

    I believe the Rev12 sign was a 2 year warning. The days between FOT beginning and Atonement( 7 days ) will represent 7 years for Tribulation. One correction to your video. It is my opinion that JESUS confirms the covenant(new covenant) with many(Israel) to start the Tribulation, not the antichrist. I don’t exactly know how this will happen, but I feel it will. This would allow Rapture and beginning of Trib to be on the same day.

    Please bear with me. �� When we look at the Mazzaroth( Gospel in the Stars, not astrology), in 2017, Jupiter(Jesus) was in Virgo(1st constellation in cycle). I feel Jesus was telling us that this is the final lap for Jupiter. �� Jupiter enters Leo(Lion) in mid-2026, ending the constellation cycle and bringing on his 2nd Coming.

    Your thoughts please.

    1. I agree completely. Ive had my eye on FOT 2019 for several months now. It is incredible to me that God has allowed us eyes to see all these amazing signs and wonders. If you cant see it you must be asleep. Very evident our time to go home is at the door. Such exciting prophetic times!

      I get hung up and determining whether or not we will see Damascus fall in a day prior to our departure. Sometimes I read it and I am sure that event happens first then other times I read it and it seems it may be just after. Would love the thoughts from those who have studied more in depth and understand more clearly than I.

      Nonetheless, scripture will play out as it is written. And I for one am so glad God chose me and you!

  23. Huge earthquake in California on THIS day ?

  24. In my humble opinion...if everyone that thinks that Damascus is going to be forever uninhabited and destroyed in one day...that is very true...but read all of Isaiah 17.. and not just cherry pick the first few verses. Clearly much of the area is devastated..including much of Israel.
    At that day shall a man look to his maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy one of Israel.

    Woe to the multitude of many nations rushing in like the rushing of waters. This is at the very end of tribulation when all the armies are coming into Israel...and in that day shall God rebuke them. Damascus then gets obliterated never to be inhabited again.

  25. Stan, I agree the whole chapter must be read. What stands out is how quickly Damascus is wiped out.

  26. Nobody can answer me about the link I gave above? Thank you to the believers who will take the time to answer me about these urgent meetings of the White House and Russia yesterday.

    1. It’s very much on my mind along with the dozen fighter jets President Trump sent as he builds up the military presence near Iran and his display of military power today. Maybe a strike on Iran by Israel is my guess and Russia trying to stop it.

    2. Thank you for your answer! :-)

    3. Very welcome !

    4. Unknown,

      I had meant to answer you earlier but have been on holiday. My answer to your question is this,


      Look it up.

  27. WOW! I learn as much from the COMMENTS section as I do from the articles! Thank you - to EVERYONE!
    Pastor Rich, when you responded that you had a lot to "spill", you were not exaggerating? You guys have been incredibly blessed to be able to make all of these connections and the good Lord knows you're being a blessing posting it for all us of eager to watch and read as events unfold. Again, thank you!

  28. Thank you Pastor Rich! Thank you Unsealed for being a great bunch of scholarly brainiacs
    who are gifted by GD to watch & TEACH His Word! Much love to all my beloved brothers & sisters! May our King 👑 come soon! 8^)


    It's funny because before the Dutch and the Swedes played last week; I told my wife who would win. I asked her, "Which team seems most representative of, 'as in the days of Noah?'" She didn't get that. I told her the Dutch would win and that the US would win the cup.

    Four time world champions, TWO World Cups back-to-back on the first day of the SECOND week of the seventh month. A lot of two's again.


    7/2, 7/22? On the Spiritual Calendar that is Yom Teruah and Shemini Atzeret.

  30. I happen to be a Dutch man but was not moved so much by this football saga or triumph. Depends from which nation you come. More interesting to see that wonderful connections in the stars (eclipse, world cup and America) when America beat England in France with that connection to the day America became independent from Britain. Well I don’t understand the spiritual significance of this yet but I do see that The Almighty Creator who designed the stars already knew who would win and loose the football matches before he created the stars just to show us that He’s in control. God knows the end from the beginning, hallelujah. Besides it makes the South America Eclipse more significant as being a true heavenly sign of something must greater, a heavenly countdown to the rapture and the Day of the Lord .

    I was surprised at the discovery of the common 4s , 3s and 2s and there truly appears to be that heavenly designed countdown. It all happened with these celestial signs: First the blood moons (4s) , then The Great American eclipse (3s), then the Great South American eclipse (2s). Please note that these were all solar or lunar eclipses and even the Rev 12 sign was not part of the countdown. All we have to do now is look for the next two solar or lunar eclipses that should have ones (1s) and zeros (0) in common. I suppose countdowns do not end with one but zero. The countdown should then end in approximately 4 years looking at the previous points. At the end of the countdown we should either arrive at the rapture or perhaps the middle of the tribulation if the rapture should be this year. My question to the real scholars on this blog. Are you able to find upcoming solar and lunar eclipses with common ones and zeros within the next couple of years? This may remain a mystery for some time to come but we should be able to figure it out.

  31. Hi Abel, you may be right in that the tribulation, or great tribulation, would be in 4 years with the zero count. If the departure of the Church is this year of course. Because the count may not be for our departure, but it would be for the great tribulation. Come quickly Lord Jesus Christ !!!

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. I like your point that the countdown may not be unto the rapture (since that would take away the surprise element). Furthermore, I also considered that the countdown might end at the day the daily sacrifice is taken away and the abomination of desolation is put in the temple. This day is a very significant day since Jesus quoted this prophesy of Daniel and this day in particular (Matt.24:15). As for Israel, that is when their real tribulation starts and the beast will also be given power over all the earth for 1260 days. From the day the daily sacrifice is taken away … 1290 days will expire (Dan.12:11). Somehow even another 45 days until the 1335 days (Dan.12:12). I think the last number of days may refer to the coming of the Lord Jesus on mount of Olives. “Blessed is he who waits and comes to the 1335 days”. What I understand is that there is no other milestone in history from which we could know exactly a number of days. But when the daily sacrifice is taken, those who remain on earth at that time can know exactly the remaining number of days before Christs’ coming.

  34. A WOW PIN-POINT!!!

    We were coming home from seeing "Toy Story 4" tonight and heard that there is a major black out in Manhattan.

    Quoting, BBC,

    "The widespread power outage extended from Fifth Avenue west to the Hudson River, and from the West 40s north to 72nd Street"

    "Mayor Bill de Blasio said the New York Police Department had confirmed there was no foul play. 'This was a mechanical issue,' he wrote on Twitter."

    Here's what's interesting! This black out comes 42 YEARS TO THE DAY of the 1977 New York City blackout. "42" as in 42 months? On the 13th day of the month?

    5 And the beast was given a
    mouth uttering haughty and
    blasphemous words, and it
    was allowed to exercise
    authority for forty-two

    (Revelation 13:5 ESV)

    Check-out the coincidence of numbers...but there's more!

    ...and let us not forget,

    1 Then I was given a
    measuring rod like a
    staff, and I was told,
    "Rise and measure the
    temple of God and the
    altar and those who
    worship there"

    (Revelation 11:1 ESV)

    Anyone else around here been seeing "111" all over the place recently? I have. Now we have "42" and "13" connected tonight.

    Forty-two is a number that is clearly and directly connected with the coming of the AC. Forty-two 30-day months equals 1,260 days which should be familiar to virtually all visitors to this site by now.

    Has a VERY clear signal been given us tonight?

    Let's look a little deeper. Recent events *may* be pointing to 9/28/19 and Yom Teruah/Rosh Hashana on the Hebrew civil calendar. How many days is it from tonight to 9/28/19?


    What is the PRODUCT of 7 and 6? What is seven times six?


    Want more?

    The 1977 blackout began on the 13th and stretched into the 14th. What MAJOR event happened 2,920-days before the New York City blackout of 1977? Almost 8 years to the day?! 800% of a common year?!!


    The first of a series of landings on the moon for which we are now celebrating a jubilee of years! IT'S 50 YEARS SINCE THE LAUNCH OF APOLLO 11 SENDING NEIL ARMSTRONG, BUZZ ALDRIN AND MICHAEL COLLINS TO THE MOON.

    A jubilee of years!

    American is preparing for a 2024 return to the moon. What is the name of the new moonship that will follow in the footsteps of Apollo?

    The next manned missions to the moon will be named for the SISTER of the Greek god Apollo. What is her name?


    Hmmm, that name may be familiar to you. Has anyone here been reading in Acts lately? Say in chapter 19?

    35 "Men of Ephesus, who is
    there who does not know that
    the city of the Ephesians is
    temple keeper of the great
    Artemis, and of the sacred
    stone that fell from the sky?"

    Artemis! Also known to the Romans as the goddess "Diana!"


    ...and what was the rallying cry of the crowd as they were stirred into a frenzy as Alexander, a Jew, tried to make a defense to the crowd in verse 33? For about two-hours the mob chanted,

    34 "Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!"

    (Acts 19:34 ESV)

    ...or dare I say, "Make Artemis Great Again?"

    Much more digging to do here.



    1. ...I didn't finish the quotation of (Revelation 11) above. Here's the rest which is of interest,

      2 but do not measure the court
      outside the temple; leave that
      out, for it is given over to
      the nations, and they will
      trample the holy city for
      forty-two months.

      (Revelation 11:2 ESV)

      ...and John, via the Holy Spirit, continues,

      3 And I will grant authority to
      my two witnesses, and they will
      prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed
      in sackcloth.

      (Revelation 11:3 ESV)

      Here's an interesting pin-point from the study time-line I have been working with...

      What is 1,260 days from Rash Hashana (Yom Teruah) on the CIVIL calendar this year? According to Chabad.org, Purim is on Tuesday, March 11, 2023 -- the 1,260 days lands during the season of Purim, "one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar". And during which Jewish festival do observant and secular Jews usually party and give gifts?


      And what does Scripture say of the two witnesses?

      7 And when they have finished
      their testimony, the beast that
      rises from the bottom-less pit
      will make war on them and
      conquer them and kill them,

      8 and their dead bodies will lie
      in the street of the great city
      that symbolically is called Sodom
      and Egypt, where their Lord was

      9 For three and a half days some
      from the peoples and tribes and
      languages and nations will gaze
      at their dead bodies and refuse
      to let them be placed in a tomb.

      10 and those who dwell on the
      earth will rejoice over them and
      make merry and exchange presents,
      because these two prophets had
      been a torment to those who dwell
      on the earth.

      (Revelation 11:7-10 ESV)

      We've been seeing a lot of TWO's lately! Now this?


      Forgive me as this is rushed, I have a busy day today and must turn-in!




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