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Trump Administration May Release Peace Plan Before Israeli Election

With the dispatchment of Trump's new special envoy Avi Berkowitz to Israel (who has replaced Jason Greenblatt), there are growing signs that the administration may be doubling down and set to reveal the new Middle East peace plan, colloquially called the "Deal of the Century," within the next eight weeks.  While it can't be denied that the peace plan has been shelved several times, this time may be different as summarized by author Joel Rosenberg:

It's simply an issue of timing.  The third Israeli election will be held on March 2nd, the outcome of which is unclear.  And U.S. elections are in 10 months.  If the Trump Administration truly intends to unveil the plan, the next eight weeks may be the only time to do it if they want it revealed in Trump's first term.

Now we're left wondering, if the plan is indeed released before March 2nd, how might the timing coordinate with other prophetic events?  On April 3rd the world will witness a historic conjunction of Venus and Pleiades that I wrote about here.  May 14th will be the 72nd anniversary of the reestablishment of the nation of Israel, and a marker showing that when factoring in the seven years of the coming Tribulation, time is quickly running out if we apply the upper length of a generation (80 years; see Ps. 90:10) and Jesus' Parable of the Fig Tree.

As if a tragic reminder that this final generation is passing away and also that the timing pertains to Israel, a 72 year old man was swept away and killed by historic flooding in Israel on Sunday.  And as I've mentioned before, Psalm 90:10 explicitly defines a generation as "70, or if by strength 80."  The Parable of the Fig Tree is about Israel's final generation that will be in the land when their Messiah, Jesus Christ, returns.  Israel's Prime Minister is currently 70 years old and the country's President is 80.  This incredible "coincidence" only persists until September 9, 2020.

It does seem that God is drawing our attention to this year.  2020 started off with a bang in the form of the Iran-coordinated attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad that began on New Year's Eve and ended on New Year's Day.  The U.S. response was the killing of the world's top terrorist mastermind and highest ranking general in Iran, Qassim Soleimani, on January 3rd.

Iran subsequently promised a major retaliatory strike in the coming days and weeks.  This past Sunday, January 5th, President Trump warned Iran that any further attacks would result in a disproportionate attack against 52 strategic and cultural Iranian targets.  That same day, the possibly Iranian-linked terrorist group al Shabaab struck a Kenyan naval base housing American soldiers.  Three Americans were killed.

At the same time, the largest wildfires in Australian history continue to rage.  Over 32,000 square miles have burned, resulting in a massive plume visible from outer space.

That's a scorched area the size of Portugal, not much smaller than England.  Not only is the fire the largest and most widespread in Australia's recorded history, but it has also become the third largest ever recorded on earth, only surpassed by the 2003 Siberian fires and the 1997 Indonesian fires.  It may surpass both.

Also, with the landslide victory of Boris Johnson's Tories in the U.K., Brexit looks like it is set to occur on January 31st.  The E.U. will experience its first major rupture, which could pave the way for more countries to follow, including Poland.  And as I mentioned earlier, so far in 2020 Israel has been experiencing historic flooding.  In the country's largest city of Tel Aviv, the area has received 20% of total annual rainfall in just several hours.  A number of people have been killed across the country.

The "Flood" is coming.  Get on board the Ark.

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  1. Won't surprise me if they do...

    🚫 🍇

    1. 🚫 🍇🚫 🍇🚫 🍇

  2. I have trouble figuring out what this deal could possibly be at this point. It's not supposed to include a Palestine State. Not supposed to give the Western Bank to the Palestinians. Not giving them money or other economic factors (that's already been "released" and, as far as I know, fizzled) so what could Trump possibly offer them in exchange for peace that they'd actually want? I just can't think of anything. Anyone else have an idea?

    1. I think there is a lot of head fakery going on with the peace plan, so no one besides the Admin and top Israeli leaders know for sure, but I definitely think it will be of huge proportions. From everything I've heard so far, it *will* establish a Palestinian State, but also give Israel recognition for tons of settlements in Judea and Samaria.

    2. https://m.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Lebanese-TV-publishes-draft-of-Trumps-Deal-of-the-Century-report-611134

      A lot, Palestinian airport, and seaport, a rail line entire ME. Palestinians get a State. Jewish settlements remain part Israel. China builds highway between Gaza and West Bank. Saudis control Temple Mt. And more. Everybody getting in on it.

    3. Could you all please be more clear. There are no "palestinians". No palestinian passport, currency, language, historical artifacts, no palestinian art form, no palestinian music, dress or anything that define culture or people groups.
      There are Jordanians, and Lebanese and Syrians and Iraqis and Egyptians and Pakistanis and Turks.

      The term "Palestinian" was a propaganda tool used to create a fake victim group since the Arabs have no historical claim to the land.
      95% of the people who are in the Gaza Strip are Jordanian. They speak Jordanian and they have Jordanian passports.

    4. The Jews would do almost anything for a temple- including a section of land , West Bank or Gaza to the establish a Leprechaun state, in exchange for a temple.
      Ive read multiple reports that say the "deal" includes tens of millions of dollars to Jordan to take back thousands of it's own people who are currently living in the West bank and Gaza- the Leprechauns, in exchange for a third temple.
      The plans are already in place/ drawn up.

      Could we please stop using Muslim propaganda terms created to make a fake victim people which doesn't exist.
      The reason Arafat created the term pa********n was because the arabs have no Biblical or historical claim to the land.

  3. A regional war in the Middle-East, triggered by Iran, will wreak havoc in the EU. Think about sky rocketing oil and fuel prices, massive civil unrest, or even a civil war in Europe. That will cause 10 European nations to form a military federation under the ruler ship of the antichrist to establish a false peace and security in both European and in the Middle-East.

    Are the current tensions between the US and Iran meant to distract the geopolitics from the Brexit?

    1. Could be. It's also looking increasingly likely that Poland will leave. #Polexit.

  4. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10694515/red-devil-horns-sunrise-photos-captured-rare-solar-eclipse-mirage/

    1. Could that be a sign of what is going to happen in the Middle-East soon?

  5. You have to see it at Drudge. Eerie.

  6. See Jerusalem Post articles about going ahead w Peace Plan now ahead of Israeli elections.


  7. AMEN brother Gary!! GREAT read... Barry

  8. AMEN brother Gary!! GREAT read... Barry

  9. I'm just saying!
    November 11, 2001 King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan authored a peace initiative that he called the "two basket plan" and secretly presented it to President Bush as the solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. His plan has evolved into what we know today as the President's "Road Map" to the solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    By this action King Abdullah has placed himself in a position of fulfilling the person being referred to in Daniel 9:27: "he shall confirm the covenant with many…", and by so doing will one day wear the ominous crown of Antichrist.

    1. I don't know if he is or isn't the AC, but I saw this interesting tidbit today:




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